After an hour or so through traffic the cab finally dropped them off at the building where ChunLi lives.  

"Nice." Ken was heard saying when he peers upwards.  

Ryu just kept quiet. He wasn’t sure why but there was a feeling he can’t quite shake off ever since he left the dojo. The further he had gone the stronger the uneasiness was. And now that strange air was practically suffocating him. He wondered if Burning red eyes was at fault.  

"Are you sure your dad won’t mind us crashing at your place? I can always check us into a nice hotel and you can play tour guide for us." Ken had continued.  

Ryu gazed up the tall building only to be blinded by the bright noon sun. He turned away from the light and thought he caught a glance of Burning red eyes from the corner of his eye. Just what is wrong with himself? Why is he hallucinating?  

Follow you around? Hmmphh!! I rather follow her.  

He jerked to alertness on hearing his dark half’s voice. No he can’t be losing control of himself here! Not here!  


"What my house not good enough for a pampered rich boy like you? Can’t sleep on the common cotton mattresses that I prepared especially for you? Want to kick me out of my comfy bed instead?" ChunLi retorted, there was a bit of challenge in the air.  

"Dare I? Ryu would kill me since he had already laid claim to your bed. Who am I to kick you out of your bed. I’ll always be on the losing side of this little triangle." Ken smirked seeing ChunLi blush slightly.  

"Shouldn’t we pay some kind of courtesy call to your dojo first?" Ken shook his finger at her.  

"There’s no hurry. I want you guys cleaned up first and looking your best." She pressed the button for the lift.  

"Ho Ho! You do have something plan for Ryu! Naughty Chunny." Ken stuck his tongue out at her.  

"What jealous now?" ChunLi throws a punch at the annoying blond.  

"Whoa little sister! Not the face." He ducks grabbing her in headlock and began nudging the side of her head with his fist.  

"Ryu!!! Help meee!!!" ChunLi squealed, flailing her arms about.  

"Nuh-uh Princess Leia. Ryu’s not allow to interfere. Its just you and me mano el mano."  

"Hey! Owww! Not my hair! You do not pull my hair! Ryu!! She’s cheating Ryu!! Spank her! Ryu!"  

"Ah so now you’re bringing Ryu in! Stop changing the rules blondie!" ChunLi finally manage to free himself when Ken saw that Ryu had somehow remained oblivious to the commotion they had just create. ChunLi waved her hand in front of Ryu and all he did was sigh.  

"Ryu? You okay?" She asked placing a hand on his forehead to check if he was running a temperature.  

"Huh? What? Oh. Just tired, I guess." He said weakly. She didn’t believe him of course, the worry in her brown eyes said it all.  


He was trying not freak out in front of her when he thought he saw Burning red eyes reflected in her eyes instead of his own reflection. She was about to say something about his uneasiness when he smiled to assure her. It threw her off enough to distract her until the lift arrived.  

Even though the lift ride was smooth Ryu had a queasy feeling in the pit of stomach. He missed out a large part of his friends’ conversation. Largely made up of one challenging the other. Ryu knew had never had any problems with long travel or life rides but by the time they reached the top floor he was nauseated.  

What is it about this place and the qi he felt within the air-conditioned building? Why is Burning red eyes so agitated by being here? Why is Burning red eyes demanding that he be cautious of this place? This place where ChunLi lives. The odd heat  was making him perspire, the stuffy air robbing him of much needed oxygen.  

Ryu tries to calm himself by focusing on other things. Like the yellow talisman with red curious writings above the door. Instead his heart beats faster. He then tried to calm himself by breathing in the scent from the lighted sandalwood joss sticks stuck in the little red urn by the door .  

To his horror it was not working at all. He couldn’t call out to his friends who were stuck in an animated conversation. His breathing became more rapid while his vision blurred. Ryu reaches out to grab somebody for support but his trembling hand caught the hem of ChunLi’s jacket. He got her attention by the time he fell.  


"Ryu!!" ChunLi screamed as Ryu pull her down while Ken turned in response. Ryu was short of breath and wheezing away as ChunLi tried to help him up. His panicked grip on her wrist was so strong that she needed Ken to support Ryu as she unlocked the door with her free hand.  

Hurry! This way to my room!" she ordered, shouldering Ryu on one side while Ken took the other.  

"Hang in there Ryu!" she comforted him as her free hand rubbed his back as they move along.  

"I’ll go get help! Stay strong!" Setting him down on her bed, she had to pry off his hand before rushing off.  

"Be quick!!" she could hear Ken yelled as he opened the windows and switch on the fan.  

ChunLi rushed down the stairs leaping down a few steps at a time. Just around the corner lies the dojo where she was trained and where she hopes her father would be right now.  

"Hey Simui!" A hand reaches out and tries to stop her.  

"No time! Not now!" she ducked out of the way and resume running. She didn’t see or care about whoever that was. All that she knew was to seek help for Ryu. With a push of her strong legs she leaps over a row of larger earthen flowerpots and up the short steps like a well-trained hurdler. Right inside is where they’ll be. They have to be there.  

She skidded to a stop, bumping into the table sending chess pieces and teacups crashing to the ground.  

"Daddy!!… Gen Sifu!!!" she panted, her heart pounding away partly in fear and worry.  

"Calm down Li! What’s wrong?"  

"Daddy! Ryu needs help! Gen Sifu! Please come too!! Hurry!" The two men follow immediately.  

"What’s wrong?!" She heard someone asking, there was no time to explain she kept hurrying the two older men along. She hopes Ryu would stay strong for her.