Day 6  

Interlude 1  

After paying their respects to Gouken the trio picked up their bags and left, although Ken stayed back a little longer to check with Gouken for any further instructions.  

“Just remember what I told you.” Gouken said and let the blond boy return to his friends. He watches as Ryu stepped out of the dojo’s gate and suddenly stopped and sneezed. He seem to have frozen in his tracks until ChunLi snapped him out of whatever trance that held him and dragged him downhill.  

“She  still intends to meddle to the end.” Another voice said from the shadows, but Gouken did not answer.  

It was a strange feeling watching the two boys leave the dojo again. Especially Ryu, since he was the one who brought Ryu up. He always wondered how was it that he managed to keep Ryu alive through the years.  

To keep him from Gouki at times and to teach him all that he knew. It was rather incredible that he who was entrusted with a newborn would now be looking at a young man with a bright future. He was almost afraid that somehow he would mess up and disappoint those who trusted him in this. And once again this is being put to the test.  


Would there ever come a time to see this young man in his full warrior glory ? Would he ever chance to see this young man wed? Perhaps to that remarkable young lady? Would there ever be the day that he get to carry this young man’s offspring. The currents that surround this pair of bright beautiful children. Could they survive it?  

“You do realise that this may be the last time you see the boy alive.”  

“I know.”  

“Sho would say you worry too much.”  

“Sho wasn’t the one who had to bring him up.” A little upset that all his brother cares about is fighting the boy, while the others  only seem to care about what the boy would choose when the time comes for him.  

Perhaps he being the one who brought him up cares too much about how each path would affect the boy?  

“Take meeeee!! Take me with youuuuuu!!!” A flash of pink appeared.  

“Sensei!!!! Let meee go with them!!!!!! Guys!!!! Wait for meee!!! Don’t leave meeeee !!!!”  

“Hmmph. Is he going to keep that up?” Gouki growled as he got up.  

“For a while. Why?” Came the answer.  

“Maybe you should get out of the dojo sometime. Don’t you have a hometown somewhere?”  

“What and let you run off to annoy Ryu?”  

“He’s not ready yet.” With his cryptic reply Gouken was left alone once more.  


Interlude 2  

Hong Kong  

It was evening and the streets were busy, hawkers of tented stalls yell out for attention to their wares while customers bargain down the prices. All this Fei Long ignores as he strolls.  

On a fine night like this, he felt he should not be alone in this life-changing season. What with his career taking off as soon as his movie premieres. But then he was not able to get her to go to the premiere with him. She would not be back so soon, his little simui had gone on her first solo vacation.  

He didn’t dare ask her father where she went. Her friends in the dojo had vanished as well. Gone for their own vacations. He alone was the only student of the dojo this season. It would have being a great opportunity to spend it with his simui except that she wasn’t here to spend it with him  

If only she had not being in such a hurry to rush off to whereever she had gone to that day. He could have asked her to be his companion for his coming premiere. She should be greatly impressed enough for him to further their relationship. He smiled again thinking of his sweet little simui.  


"Would you like to know your destiny. The stars favour you." A lovely voice stopped him in his tracks. A heady fragrance of some exotic roses guided him to the stall where the owner of that voice sat. Fei Long made a mental note to seek out the perfume or a lovely bouquet of such roses for his equally lovely simui . Violet eyes studied and welcome him.  

"Your career is on the rise." She told Fei Long. But he believes that anyone who reads the papers could tell him that.  

"Yet the love you so seek is harder to grasp." Her words made Fei Long narrowed his eyes, his attention fully on her now.  

"She’s a beautiful and charming little lady. Very lucky too. You career will soar because of her." Hypnotic violet eyes took in his malleable soul.  

"But she needs your help. She needs you to help her away from him. Ah yes, you do know him. You met him and you alone saw him for who he really is – Burning red eyes!" She could see the shock in his eyes as he was reminded of that memory. She could feel him wondering to himself how his simui had come into contact with that dark warrior.  

"Do not doubt yourself, do not wait. Help her escape. The more she loves him, the more harm would come to her. The poor misguided girl knows not that she would lose her life because of him. If you truly love her, be strong for her, she only sees strength. " Violet eyes closed and broke its hypnotic spell.  

Fei Long just stood up without words. He had a bad feeling in his gut ever since he saw that young warrior with the dual personality. Never would he imagine that his simui would get herself into such trouble. He must find her and warn her if its not too late.  

"Thank you." Fei Long said hastily and a slotted a wad of money into a red packet and left it on the table before rushing off blindly.  


Rose sighed as she sipped her tea and watches the young man vanish into the crowd. Could this young man be strong enough to go against the boy . Could this young man tear the children’s union apart? She knew she was selfish for dragging an innocent unknowingly into the currents.  

But he was the only one she could find who could possibly win her away. Young master Ken would have being useful in this but he had being warned against her. His loyalty to the children would in fact work against her. It was risky but she had to try, the worst she expect to happen is have burning red eyes unleashed in crowded Hong Kong and condemning all warriors to death by going up against him.