Chapter 22 

The explosion of Ryu’s fearsome qi drowned out the screams of those who were watching the scene unfold. All is lost; there was no way the girl could survive this. 

The young man who she brought in to break up the children’s relationship was muted with horror, for all he had done he done, he had fail to keep the girl safe. The anguish of his failure hurts him more than his leg, a slight tinge of regret fills Rose on the fact she brought him into all this. All is lost. The society that this young man lives will soon crumble. 

She smirks seeing uncertainly in the face of the blond boy. They obviously never told him something like this would happen to his friends. How is he going to face himself knowing that the blind faith he had in those men had caused such great harm. Another pawn lost to the currents of that pair of beautiful children. 

What about herself? Powerless to stop it all, all she needed was just Gouken to change it all but she can’t even persuade the most crucial member to her side. The more things she had tried to change the more things stayed the same. Was it fate? The poor children had to pay a terrible price for the scheming of foolish men. Soon she too shall lose her life to the boy. 




She felt the crash of his fist shattering part of the wall behind her. Had she disappointed him by dying even before the fateful impact of his mighty fist hit her? There was no impact. Where was the impact? Why was there no impact? 

She opened her eyes only to see the wicked wispy qi lustily licking at the side of her face. His mighty fist hanging in the air less than an inch away from the side of her face. Her gaze moved from his fist and up the veins ridden arm. She forced herself to look at his tortured face. 

Staring into those burning red eyes, the horrid twisted grin greeted her lovingly, such irony that she had always love the way he used to smile. Or perhaps he was amused by the fact that his fist had missed her? And of course it was hard not to miss the equally deadly left fist poised for attack. 

< He’s still in there… > she thought 

“Ryu.” She whispered his name once more. 

He roared at her and let fly his looming fist. But it never even touched her. All it did was shattered what’s left of the wall. Now spent, he stood with both arms dangling by his side as he heave with each breath. Burning red eyes still fixed on her in what she believed to be in a possessive manner. And she herself was unable to break contact with those burning red eyes. 



“Then let me make up your mind!” A voice sliced in, his shadow cuts a trench between the predator and prey, eventually he seem to materialized from thin air. He stared down a challenge into the crazed warrior’s burning red eyes. To him it was like looking a mad bull in the eyes. Such a delight to be so close to something so dangerously beautiful. 


“OLE!!!” he suddenly yelled, grabbing the prize he came to take. 

It triggered a barrage of fists from Ryu but all that hit was empty air for he was faster and had leapt out of harm’s way with a pretty rabbit as a prize. 

“If you want your little rabbit. Come get her! Eh Heh heh heh” he laughed, leaping up a tree as the crazed warrior warped towards him to reclaim his prey. 

“Let go of me!!” She screamed, struggling to free herself from him. The Master wants her alive and most of all with that brute chasing them for that matter. 

“No kiss for the one for save your sweet life? What ungrateful senorita you are. My pretty rabbit.” 

He had stopped on one of the trees some distance away. Peering back to keep an eye out for an approaching Ryu. 

“What are you?! Some Zorro wannabe?!!” 

It annoyed him but he made no reply. He liked her though oh he liked her when she plays hard to get. All the more thrilling when it comes to breaking her. 

“Stop struggling little rabbit. I might drop you and the big bad lobo eat you up.” he cooed at her, sending a shudder down her spine when his clawed hand played with the ribbons in her hair. A lovely floral scent from such a lovely golden girl. 


“Your lobo wants his prey, pretty rabbit. He is so hungry no? On we go.” And he leaps ahead as soon as Ryu came into view below them. She kept struggling in hope that somehow he would lose his grip on her. Oh he would never lose his grip, not on such a pretty one. 

“You’re a feisty little rabbit. I like.” 

“Let me down and I’ll show you feisty!.” She hissed. 

The sweet venom in her voice sang to him. How long had it being since he met such a woman? And she does remind him of a certain pretty little kitten that belongs to the master. 

Perhaps that is why the master wants her? To replace the dolls he had damaged during training sessions? But she’s older than the dolls, training one her age has its difficulties, do-able but time consuming. 

This one would make a lovely match with or against him though. Maybe when the master catches that raging beast he could wheedle this little rabbit as his own pet. He has plans for her, if she survives him. 

The Master was impressed with his skills after all. Why else was he chosen for this task and not the useless big tree trunk that is vengeful Sagat or that bumbling fool Bison(Balrog). So what is one little rabbit to the Master . 

“Tempting but I have my orders.” 

Turning quiet once more. The sweet scent was alluring, all the more reason that he had to concentrate. If that beast catches him, the challenge would be much more thrilling but recapturing the sweet little rabbit that might seek out that beast in protection might proof troublesome. 


Eventually they came to a clearing and he laid her in a jeep. ChunLi leapt out of the jeep the moment he turned his back but he was quick enough to shove the claw right under her neck. Would the little rabbit be stubborn enough to struggle on? 

“My comely little rabbit. You want to see your poor papa no?” Forcing her to go back into the jeep. It worked against her, the notion of her father who she came to seek. He drank in her despair, sweet and most delicious. She will be so much sweeter when he have his way with her. 

“You have my father?!” ChunLi almost screamed. 

“Drive.” He ordered the driver, making sure that Ryu had them in sight. 

“You have my father.” ChunLi repeated once more. 

“Do not look at me with such eyes. Little rabbit. So unbecoming of you.” he leaned in close to her, face to face. He could taste her fear and that was most heady indeed. 

“No wonder your lobo like you so much. Such steely eyes. Not like weak papa no.” Not caring to answer. 


For the whole journey he had his clawed arm around her shoulder so she would not be so silly as to seek escape. There was her father in the mix too if she ever wished to see him . 

Being so close to her there was no way he could resist touching her lovely face and her strong firm arms. Too bad he could not taste her sweet tears, he could not chance the ugly driver seeing his beautiful face. 

From time to time he made sure that she could see Ryu dropping off in exhaustion or gaining a sudden burst of speed. The thrill of the hunt indeed to mock the enraged beast so by having him so closes to his prey and then ripping her away. 


In time they arrived at a military compound, right before they enter, he ripped off a piece of bloodied cloth from her tights to ensure that Ryu does not lose his directions. Such smooth skin beneath, much more fools will suffer to have her. How could he keep her unspoiled for himself. 

Once inside the main building, a few turns in the corridors later he shoved her into a cell. He smiled deeply seeing that she was startled to see him in the same cell. 

“I, Alejandro Antonio de la Vega (blame Antonio Banderous for the name) to you, charming little rabbit. And Balrog to the unworthy masses. Ironical name for such a vision of loveliness. And like a Balrog, I can ignite you to passion or leave you sightless in the deep shadows. ” He removed his white mask and bow before her. 

Standing up straight he let her take in his wonderful glory. He was definitely good looking, where that Ryu had rugged good looks, he is beautiful enough to give that blond pretty boy(Ken) a run for his money. 

The grace in the way he carried himself. To have his attention would make any woman swoon. But there is only one man she knows of who can make her swoon, unfortunately he’s neither here nor particularly sane at this point in time. 

Too bad for her. But she should be grateful that he deigned let her see his magnificence and have his time and total devotion to her loveliness. 

“You do not look honored to have seen my beauty, my sweet little rabbit.” He approached her and smiled at her in a charming manner, loving every detail from the top of her bruised head to her somewhat bloody feet. 

Her curves are mesmerizing, considering the attire that she wore. Hiding what needs be hidden yet giving promises of what lies beneath to the lucky one. A lovely little present waiting for the right man to unwrap. A shudder of delight went down his spine. Such a fine little present he will have. 

He knew from her look that alarm bells were screaming in her head , the smart ones always feel this way and yet they eventually fall to him. They could never resist the sense of hidden danger that conflicted with the seductive beauty he exuded. 

The smart, cautious ones are always the best to be had. The resistance they put up makes it all the more worthwhile as he breaks their defense piece by piece. No woman alive could resist him. 

Perhaps he was the second man to so fascinate her and maybe he would have the honor to be the only man who truly know how to worship a beauty such as her. Who cares what the Master had said, he had brought her back alive. He deserves this one. 


“What is it about you? Little rabbit. That makes such delicious prey to the lobo? Does he make you scream? I could make you scream louder. I would love to hear you scream my name in ecstasy. Or make you scream like your papa had screamed.” the blades of his claw was uncomfortably close to her neck, it drew a little blood. 

“Could it be your soft skin?” he slid the claw downwards forcing open her little vest. Such sweet perfection indeed, she was no little girl but a young lady knowingly in womanhood and flaunting it openly it for a certain dense young man. 

How many guards will die tonight because of this luscious little morsel. How many would actually succeed if he lets them? How many could her strong legs resists before he would intercede. How many would it take to break her. Should he break her first? Would the Master have his head should he break her? Decisions, decisions. 

He withdrew the claw and slowly licks the blood off the blade. Savoring the coppery tang of her blood on metal. He forced her into the wall, unclawed hand blocking off one side while his claw arm hung casually by his side. 

Naturally he towers over her, it intimidates her but still she does not cry in fear and clung to the one hope that’s her berserk boyfriend or the other two boys who flutter around her. She was stronger than most women he had dominated. Oh he does so likes her and she will need a strong, strong man not some pretty boys. 

Weak as she was he noted her trembling fist charging her qi. How much of her own qi still remain? Does she know of the tainted qi that was in her? Does she know using the qi of that mad beast could kill her? 

Such sweet desperation. Dear beloved mama, may her soul rest in peace. Where had this little rabbit been all his life? 

“From feisty to frightened that is how a trapped little rabbit should be. Just like dear papa no?” 


“SENRETSU!!!!!!!!” She screamed, diverting her qi to her kicks, a trail of blood escaped from her nose as she drew upon the tainted qi that Ryu’s dark half had once marked her with. 

At the end of that she stood unable to move, now feeling her earlier injuries. Of all times it had to be now when she had the chance to escape. Her downed captor laughed most vindictively at her predicament. 

“Imbecilic rabbit!!” Balrog(Vega) rose shakily and backhanded her across the cell. 

“You ruined my most beautiful face!!” he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her to her feet. Enraged that she still taunted him with those steely eyes. 

This little rabbit will take time to skin and he will do it most slowly and painfully. He would loved her most passionately if she simply submitted to him or does she believe in submitting to only one man alive and that man only, be he berserk or sane? 

“Sweet little rabbit. You made me lose my temper. Play nice little rabbit. Do not make me hit you again. Desire my love, you know you burn for my passion, my sweet little rabbit.” He cooed at her, holding his anger. He could kiss her. This little rabbit is starting to become such a seductive little thing with her helpless resistance that he could kiss her. 

“… Desire..this!” 

She grinned most wickedly and forcefully smashed her knee into his groin . Making him scream in agony instead. 

Blinded by rage he stabbed his claw into the thigh of her offending leg, lengthening the wound as he drags the claw downwards as slowly as he could, she hissed in pain but would not scream for him. He will not be denied! 

Those steely eyes still glared at him. How he despised those eyes. Eyes that he should had blighted the sight from regardless of what the Master said. He shuddered, turning his head slightly to look behind him. Cold steel poked the point between his shoulder blades. 


The mop of brown hair and those cold brown eyes. The unmistakable uniform that marked her rank and status. She had gotten herself a new katana to play with. And she had to come here poking her nose and sword where it was not welcome. For a doll her good timing was terrible. 

“Go away little ferret. I am not having a good day.” He returned his attention to ChunLi. 

His prey recognized Satsuki, A look of slight pain was etched upon his face as Satsuki pokes him between his shoulder blades with the tip of her blade again. The unworthy ones always demand his attention. 

“Harm her and die. ” 

“Stay out of this. She is rightfully mine!” The Doll was making him even more irritable. What is it with girls who wish to draw his blood but not in pleasure. A pair of girls does not intimidate him. 

“Harm her and die. The Master wants to see you.” The cold voice hissed, she tilted her head to the right. 

“Go away Satsuki. Do not test my patience.” he glared his threat at the unfeeling Doll, the effect was lost on her. 

Stuck between both, the chance that his sweet rabbit might take advantage of the situation occurred to him. Where does Satsuki stand should the little rabbit retaliate? Would Satsuki take the opportunity to do away with him and claim the rabbit as her coup? 

“The Master wants to see you.” she repeated, completely ignoring his threat. 

“I will return for you, my sweet little rabbit. Await my passion most eagerly.” He sidesteps the sword, replaced his mask and bowed to ChunLi. 



In a blink of an eye the doll parried his claw, her expressionless face had remained unchanged. He hissed a curse of annoyance at her. To fight her would simply waste his energy, she was programmed to fulfil her duty at all cost. They could stand here and compete the whole day, but he would be the one to get into trouble with the Master should he delay any further. He hissed an annoyed curse and broke off. 

“Watch your back. Satsuki. I do not fear you.” he said as he passed the girl. Of all the dolls this one he dislike the most, there was something about her that he found disturbing. He knew full well that Dolls were not suppose to have any personality, but flukes like the little kitten(Cammy) sometimes happen. But this Satsuki is hiding some agenda, something about her reminds him too much of the Master for comfort. 



With the masked psychopath gone, Satsuki sheathes her sword and watched as ChunLi’s legs finally gives in and slumped down to the cold floor. Placing a small package of food and medicine on the floor, she stood there studying the prisoner. A little smirk of satisfaction appeared and vanished as quickly when she saw ChunLi accepting the package. 

Satisfied by the lack of resistance from ChunLi, Satsuki then retreated out of the cell and locked the gate, moving to the opposite wall she sat down crossed legged and placed her katana on her knees. 


Its occurred to ChunLi that whoever’s in charge gave her a guard to make sure that when Ryu arrives she would still be in relatively good condition as a bait. Taking this opportunity ChunLi decides to rest and charge up her qi, A certain masked somebody had hell a lot of pay if she ever gets her hands on him.