Chapter 21 

Standing up he caught the Japanese Doll’s glowing fist in his. From behind him, the battered ChunLi was practically trembling. There was something about Ryu’s that was different. Something terribly wrong. She reaches out for him to let him know that she was alright. 

He half turned, burning red eyes caught her in her tracks, and a maniacal smile as his fist caught her in a backhand, sending her tumbling across the compound! 

"SIMUI!!!!!! Damm you RYUU!!!!!!!" Fei Long screamed in rage as he bounded towards the berserk warrior.  




"Psycho Shot!!" The Doll yelled throwing the palm of her free hand towards Ryu, the Psycho Power qi ball increased dramatically in size as the qi tendrils on her right fist vanished.  

He howls as the vicious qi touches him. The impact of which ejected the Doll from his grip. He roared, the pain from twisted qi confused him even more. 

"A pity my host is still too young. Next time boy. Next time." The Doll ran a hand through her messy hair and bowed. 

"Ladies. Our job is done." The other Dolls regrouped and saluted Ryu before bounding over the temple walls. 


The raging Fei Long took over where the Doll left off. Taking advantage of the immobilized Ryu to deal one fierce blow after another.  

"How could you treat her so!!!??. How could you treat her so!!!???"  

It fuels Fei Long on seeing that Ryu was still standing with each blow taking each blow as it meant nothing. 

"HOW COULD YOU TREAT MY CHUNLI SO!!!!!!" Gathering his qi in to this one flaming kick that he exploded upon Ryu. 



She knelt down by the semi-conscious girl’s side. A well-manicured hand brushing away stray locks of hair. 

"Poor child. To be used as a pawn in men’s foolish power games." She whispered. Carefully she help the young girl up, best to spirit her away before he even realized that she was gone. The boy must not find her. 


With a flick of her annoyed wrist she deflected the projectile towards the berserk boy. She almost forgot about the blond whose rain of kicks and punches force her away from the girl. He then took up stance between them. 

"You doomed your friends. Young Master Ken." She fended off his advancing attacks, he was driving her away from the girl. She then caught his arm in the tangle of her scarf. Ken struggled to free himself but the scarf tightened instead.  


Burning red eyes snapped to attention as his dark qi flared. A hand shot towards the flames of Fei Long stopping the flaming kick by his shin. The two glared at each other eye to eye. Ryu laughed and smashed his fist into the back of Fei Long’s knee.  

A loud crack and Fei Long grunted in pain. His struggle to free himself was futile as the twisted warrior slides forward bending the knee forcefully inwards. A straight punch forced the younger man staggered back, his right leg dragging.  

Burning red eyes consider the threat of the wounded warrior and turn away, striding towards his intended prey. He dragged her up by her collar, the stirring girl who’s qi drew him. 


"No!!!!" Rose screamed, she released the struggling blond and fired off a soul spark. He warps aside with his prey and it blasted the injured Fei Long instead. Taking advantage of his situation Ken begins another barrage of attacks at the distracted Rose. She blocks instead and took the opportunity as Ken descended from his Shoryuken to entangle him in her scarf and then hurl him towards the escaping berserk boy. 


The raging qi of the blond naturally triggered Ryu’s defense, dropping ChunLi he intercepted Ken with a Hadoken, blasting the blond away. 


Finally she was able to regain her senses to see the insane Ryu blasting Ken away. She advances and leaps when Ryu sensed her, his burning red eyes tracking her movements. She descends ramming her knee into the back of his head. 


It annoys him greatly as he staggered, he turns, fending off the lightning barrage of her kicks . His little prey was living up to the promise of a good fight indeed. Blocking with one hand he caught her foot with the other.  

Releasing her foot he smashes his fist into her, the force of which drags her across the grounds. He was proud that his little prey was still standing. Once more he advances getting into another dance of fists and feet with her. 


"KIKOSHOU!!!!" she yelled, blasting him in hope to stop his advance, she could hear him screaming as much as her heart aches to do this to him. But she had to stop him if she was to help him. 

Her eyes stung as the dust cloud covered them, but he advanced as even as tendrils of her qi burned off him harmlessly. A horrid twisted smile upon his face acknowledge her. She dreads to know what was going through his deranged mind. 

One hand shot out and grabbed her by the throat, lifting her like a rag doll. He slammed her against a solid wall, glaring at her with those unreadable burning red eyes. In such inopportune time, a romantic tale of some leading lady dying in the arms of her leading man sprang to mind. And this happening to her is not only ironical but also ridiculous. 

Her attempt had annoyed him. The wounded ones at his back he had chosen to ignore. She knew he could take them down with ease, so if she dies, they would have no chance of survival. She knew she had wanted him to focus his attention on her, but this kind of attention, she had no proper words to describe it.  


"Ryu. Don’t be frightened." She called out to him. 

"I know you’re confused. Let me help"  

Slowly reaching for him. He screamed at her, forcing her to look away as the wispy qi on his fist flashed brightly. She never thought that it would be his fist that would end her life. She stood mesmerized as his fist raised into the air, in readiness to attack her. 

The unbearable brightness of his qi, forces her eyes shut and to expect the inevitable impact of his fist. She could already feel the tendrils of qi rushing towards her face eager to grace her the kiss of death.