Chapter 20Day 10 


Leaping down from the wall ChunLi found that they were outside of town. She scanned the area in frustration, she feared that with no thanks to Fei Long she might have lost track of the Dolls. Such an annoying hindrance. 

“There!” Ryu spotted them, she caught a glimpse of the Dolls and shot off like a bullet towards them. Slapping away low hanging branches over what seem like a well used trail. Could this be a trap? Even if it is, if it leads to her father she will follow! 

Almost stumbling upon a rotting log, his familiar hands shot out to keep her balance, with a silent thanks to Ryu, she sped on. She can’t lose track of those Dolls. 

The forest trail seems to widen and eventually they ran across a wooden bridge and beyond them the walls of a crumbling temple greeted them. She saw the Dolls vanished over the walls. She skidded to a halt with Ryu almost losing his footing because of her sudden halt. 

Standing by the end of the bridge staring at the crumbling ruins, she smell a trap and yet. Footsteps jogged to a halt beside her, Ken has arrived it seems. 

“Simui!!!” he slowed down behind her. 

She sprang into action, choosing to ignore him as he reached out for her. She shot towards the wall with Ryu in tow. Using a few large blocks she scale the wall with the duo naturally following her. The moment she landed in the temple grounds the sight shocked her. 

“DADDY!!!!!!!!!” She screamed. No response came. What have they done to him?!!! 

Her father, bloody, bruised and ragged, flank by a Doll with a medic armband and another with a feathered bandana. Aboard a helicopter with a winged skull emblem! Their quarry – the Japanese Doll was reporting to the Doll with the quartertaff. The latter caught sight of ChunLi and smiled menacingly at her.   

“So you came for this useless man. Zhen hai kwai loi (such a good daughter).” She said in a low voice. The Japanese Doll followed with an odd little laugh. 

Slapping the metallic plates of the helicopter’s hull. The pilot started the blade’s rotation. The two Dolls that flanked the captive gave the Quarterstaff Doll a salute when she moved some distance away from the helicopter.  

“DADDY!!!!!!!!” ChunLi screamed again, watching in a mix of anger and despair when the helicopter started to rise. She started a run but skidded to a halt when eight shadowy figures leapt out of hiding and took up position between her and the rising helicopter!! 


“Well. I believe things are going well to your liking, Master.” The Japanese Doll ran her hand over her hair as she commented to the Quarterstaff Doll. 

“Hmmph. Can you handle this?” she asked in a stern voice, her arms folded, a wicked smirk upon her face as she contemplates. Her pupil-less eyes never once left ChunLi.  

“No better time to try out this borrowed host.”   

“Good then I leave things to you. And don’t damage my Dolls.” The quarterstaff Doll tossed her companion a pair of the odd looking blue-ish scaly half-gloves  

Her very presence starts to shift and soften while her eyes returned to their normal brown color. In a split second she seems like a different person and took up ranks among the eight Dolls. 

“Well then girls. You heard the Master.” The Japanese doll smiled wryly and took up stance with the Dolls. Thin wispy blue qi ignited from her hands. 

As if one body they shot towards the quartet splitting up into pairs to take each one down. Ryu blocks the flying kick from one only to suffer the flaming fist of the Japanese Doll. The impact of her fist on him send him staggering.  

One of the neighboring Dolls broke off from Ken and Spiral Arrow towards Ryu, her spot replaced by another who uses the same hit and run technique like some strange game of musical chair, throwing Ryu off balance and keeping his companions away from him. And each ambush allowed the Japanese Doll to pursue him with her own attack. Each kick and flaming punch forcing him to react rather than think. 

Forcing him not to think about Ken who definitely can hold his own. Another flaming fist smashing into his face cut short his concern over ChunLi, who was fighting quarterstaff Doll with much rage. He had to bring down the Japanese Doll who seems to be the leader of this. 

“No thinking!” She laughed when two neigbouring Dolls caught him between their Cannon Spike.  

“Cannon Spike!!!.” The Japanese Doll joined in on the aerial assault.  

“That’s do-able. Satsuki. That’s do-able.” The Japanese Doll seems to speaking to herself. Landing on her feet she spied Ryu a little distance away. She sped towards him as he attempts to rise. 




“Smasher!!!!!” the other nine dolls broke away from whoever they were engaging and converge upon Ryu unleashing hell on him. A barrage of kicks shooting at him from all direction, unable to fight back, unable to block. Ryu was like a ragdoll bouncing off one deadly kick into another. Somewhere within the melee the ghostly blue qi filled punches kept raining upon him. Even as he falls she pursue him relentlessly 

“Kisatsu! Saigo!” She hissed, smashing her fist into Ryu’s chest using gravity to drive him into the ground. Ryu’s landing caused small crater and a huge dust cloud. The Japanese Doll somersaulted out of the crater and into formation with the other Dolls. All ready for another round. 

“Ryu!!” ChunLi screamed rushing to him. Holding him close trying to shake him out of his stupor. 

“Perfect. Encore!” The Japanese Doll started 





The ten Dolls begin their assault once more, this time a new target. Chun Li stood and took them on, fending off one blow but suffering the next sting. Still she took the brunt of it off Ryu. 

“KIKOKSHO!!!!!!!!!” She screamed, unleashing her raging qi upon them deflecting the remaining attackers. A quick glance to her feet where the semi-conscious Ryu lays. She looks back up and into the sly smile of the Japanese Doll who deliver another punch to her gut driving the girl back. 

“Still standing? You do so take after your father.” The Doll laughed at the rage in the steely eyes of the Chinese warrior. 

“A gift for you. My pretty Elder Missy. Kisatsu!!! Saigo!!!!!!” A fist full of wispy blue qi shoots towards Chun Li. Aiming for her heart.   




As he fell he saw his burning red eyes like beacons in the night, awaiting him at the bottom. A hideous laugh welcomes him as he hit non-existent ground. He lay there, feeling weak and tired. He still had a task but he just can’t find the strength to stand. Why can’t he move?! The pain was real. The continuous pain that kept stinging him over and over again. 

The sound of bare feet crunching non-existent grass approaches him. All he sees were feet before his face., Feet that he had known all his life. A dark colour hem of a pair of karate pants. He knelt before Ryu, an overly familiar hand lift Ryu’s chin forcing him to look upwards. That hand shook him roughly demanding his attention. Why can’t he move?! 

Staring into a face that was his, he resembles Ryu all the way save for that the burning red eyes and that twisted smile. His other half broke into a laugh, the glow of his burning red eyes brightened. One single chain shackled the wrists of Burning Red Eyes. With great care Burning Red Eyes ease Ryu into a sitting position,  

Enfolding a helpless Ryu in his arms, his other half drank in his fear and panic. Sensing Ryu’s unease, his dark half stoke his head. 

“Free me.” His other half whispered into the ear of a tired Ryu, a hand on his shoulder applying pressure. The touch of his other half feels all too real. How did it come to this?! Where’s everybody else? ChunLi’s in danger! He panicked and tried to move but why can’t he move??!! 

“Ryu.” A familiar female voice called to him. It was not ChunLi but someone he remembered vaguely. Both his dark half and him sneezed, the smell again, making him heady, making him weak. 

“Ignore her!! Free me!!” Burning red eyes whispered as they sat cheek to cheek., urgent and somewhat fearful, Who is she that makes both of them feel so uncomfortable? 

Ryu could feel the dark qi eating away his resistance. Summoning his strength to move but it failed him, his dark half chuckled the futile attempt, still holding Ryu close and stroking his cheek with his cold hand. 

“Our Chunny need us. Free me.” There was frustration in his voice. He kept looking away. Ryu tried to see what his other half was looking at. All he caught was a glimpse of ChunLi looking at him. He need to get to her but why can’t he move??!! 

“Fight him, my dear boy. You must overcome. Or she will be your first victim.” 


“She lies. I would never hurt our Chunny.” He shook Ryu again to make a point. 

He tried to look around but all he sees was mist. Summoning his strength but he can’t even feel his legs!! Why can’t he move? 

Pain and he caught a glimpse of ChunLi taking a blow for him. And she came to them. This purple hair woman whose face held much pity and sadness. She touches his tired face only to have her hand slap away by Burning Red Eyes. 

“Resist him.” She whispered again, her violet eyes mesmerized him deeply. Trying to make him forget. Trying to make him submit to her will. 

“Chunny need us!” His dark half urged him once more. Trying to shake him out of his stupor. It was getting harder and harder to resist with his strength now seeping away. 

“Damm it Rose! Stay out of this!” A third voice and it jerk the purple hair woman to her feet.   

“How could you do this her?!!! How could you use the both of them like this???!! Answer me Sho!! Where are you??!!” 

“Chunny needs us!!!!!” His dark half roared, dumping the weakened Ryu to vent his frustration upon the distracted purple hair woman. 

Ryu felt so tired, so weak he could not even move a muscle. The pain was biting at him again, his head about to explode, there was no way he could keep it all in. For a moment his heart nearly stopped when he thought he saw ChunLi in pain, he thought he saw his dark half laughing, he saw the purple hair woman disappearing. He saw the chain that shackled his twisted half breaking. The pain of it all was so much that all he do was scream and let it all out. He had to. There was no other way….. 

“Forgive me….”