Returning to the dojo. Ryu bought ChunLi to the study to pay respects to Gouken sensei. ChunLi handed the letter and a parcel from her father over to the older man.  

"Daddy sends you his regards."  

"Is your Father well?"  

"He said he would have come for a little stay. But he’s tied down by some project of his."  

"Ryu. Once again you will have the task of taking care of ChunLi’s needs. Tell Ken to come see me when you run into him."  

With that duo left Gouken to read his letter.  


"What’s so funny?" Ryu asked when ChunLi finally broke into laughter.  

"Oh nothing." She winked at him, preferring to keep it as her little secret. Giggling away at some private joke at his expense. Reaching the guestroom Ryu slides the door open.  

"Well. This is your room. If you need me—–"  

"He’ll be in that room right behind yours!!" Ken leaps into view pointing out the window that peers into another room less than a stone throw away. It seems that the guestroom has been meticulously prepared and a hot bowl of Wanton noodles with a cup of warm tea waited for ChunLi by the little table to the side.  

Ken got up and strides to ChunLi. With a showy flourish he bow before the smiling girl.  

"I’m Ken. Kenneth Masters the Third at your service. But pretty lady you can call me anything you like." He winked at her.  

"Don’t look at me like that. Its only natural that you’ll chose this room for her. So that you can dramatically burst though the windows should she need you around." Ken wagged his finger at the frowning Ryu. Placing an arm around his frowning brother he continued.  

"I make it my business to make sure your cute little girlfriend is comfortable during her stay. It reflects well on you." Ken whispered and released Ryu.  


"So this is your little girlfriend." Ken whistles as he circled ChunLi studying her. Ryu grabs him by the arm but he simply brushes his hand off.  

"Relax bro. I’m just borrowing your little girlfriend for a while." Ken put his arm around her shoulders and dragged the slightly amused ChunLi with him. Ryu followed them but Ken made sure Ryu was only a few steps behind them so all he could hear were a few words here and there. And there the three of them were circling the little room round and round.  

"Whisper….whisper… and him together …. *Whisper whisper*… *hint hint*. Didn’t you?"  

"No!!!" ChunLi blushed heavily and that made Ryu worry some. Once again Ken made sure he was way ahead of his buddy.  

"What about….. *whisper whisper*…"  

"Well yeah….That’s hard to resist…."  

"*Whisper whisper*…. Was he rough on you?"  

"Not really…*giggle giggle*… "  

"What?!!! No fair !!!……. *whisper whisper*…..Ryu’s butt…"  

"Sigh….he won’t let me…." ChunLi stole a wistful glance at Ryu and stuck her tongue out at him.  

"How about if….*whisper whisper*… you know…. Ryu."  

"You’re obsessed." She shook her head.  

"Well so are you. Chunny Whunny Oh wait he’ll get jealous. Hmm Chun-Chun…Chunster… Bad idea. CL then."  

"I had not even tell you my name."  

"Its my business to know everything."  

Somehow Ryu started to get the feeling that bringing his best friend and his childhood friend together may be more trouble than he could handle. A bead of cold sweat formed upon his brow as the duo stop in their tracks. They turned and fell into battle stance bringing their fists right under his nose. His eyes moved from their fists to their face, the slightly obsessed look upon them seem to confirm one thing.  

"I Ken!" Ken started  

"And I ChunLi!"  

"Hereby swear that we will do whatever it takes to KICK YOUR BUTT!!!!!" The duo said at the same time. Sticking their index fingers out they practically poke the sides of his nostrils. The duo broke into a frightful laughter.  


"Sensei wishes to see you!" Ryu said the only thing he could think of.  

"Spoilsport. Ah well. There I go. See you in the morning. Don’t let Ryu eat your noodles. I especially prepared it for a cute girl like you!" Ken shuffles his way towards the door. He turns towards the duo and a cushion landed upon his face.  

"Alright I get the idea that I’m not wanted." He winked and left the duo alone.  


Breathing a sigh of relief Ken headed towards the study. He kind of wished that the letter had arrived a day earlier and gave him enough time to prepare. But at least now he would have someone to help him deal with the melancholic Ryu. Even the invincible Ken can get exhausted once in a while.  

Reaching the study Ken knocked gently and entered, his sensei was reading a letter but he looked somewhat pale.  

"Sensei? Is something wrong?" Ken knelt down by the table.  

"No. How is she settling in." Gouken sighed and kept the letter. It was obvious that he is greatly disturbed by its contents  

"Like she rules the household. Poor Ryu’s gonna have his hands full with her around. But she does a better job at it than I do." Ken poured a cup of tea for them both.  

"You notice then. Tell me more."  

"Well you know how Ryu’s been in this deep funk.. I mean mood since we came from back Thailand. And however hard I try to lift him from his moods all I done was chip through his dark armor. But she comes along and bulldozes her way in like she’s been doing it all her life. He simply has no defenses against her and I don’t think he intend to put up any." Ken took a sip of tea before continuing.  

"I don’t know about you Sensei but I appreciate the fact that she was sent here now of all times."  

"You a sharp lad."  

"Aww you’ll give me a big head. Sensei."  

"Keep an eye on both of them, Ken."  

"Sensei!! You don’t mean what I think you mean!! I just left them alone in the room!! No offense but dense old Ryu would never take advantage her! And I know she has a crush on him but she’s not that bold!!" Ken leapt up and defended.  

"Sit down. I did not mean it that way. And I thought you were sharp." Gouken frowned and shook his head.  

"Orrr… My bad. Sensei." Ken sat down, scratching the side of his head.  

"While the chance of that happening to two hot blooded teenagers may occur. I was referring to something else. Still you should keep an eye out for that. We cannot afford the Implication to add on our problems."  

"Sensei…. Its starting isn’t it? And they’re the ones involved? Aren’t they?"  

"Yes. Things may happen. But they may be too blinded to see it as they’re just too involved in it."  

"And that’s where I come in."  

"Indeed. And I need you to take them out of here.. Head to Hong Kong… Her father wants to see him."  

"Gouki sama is gonna do a major werewolf this time. Isn’t he?"  

"I’m afraid so. What with Ryu going through his. We can handle one but two at the same time…."  

"Its not a problem. Would it be okay to enlist her help in this?"  

"If you think it will help our cause."  

"Don’t worry Sensei. Ryu’s putty in her hands. If she says he has to go to Hong Kong with her. He’ll be nowhere else."  

"Good then I’ll leave things in your hands."  

"Yes Sensei." With that Ken left the room.  



"There is no stopping this." Gouken said and then he sneezed.  

"I see, It extended its protection to you as well." She mused as she walks into the room. The breeze played with the loose tendrils of her violet hair.  

"You can put it that way." Cleaning his hands, Gouken offered her a cup of tea.  

"You could have prevented the children from meeting! Why didn’t you help me?" She accepted his tea and sat down.  

"It is a chance to spare the boy from following Gouki’s path. It is worth a shot. Besides if the children were fated to meet. No one can stand in their way." Gouken mused, the letter had predicted the arrival of violet eyes and here he thought that the writer was just being paranoid.  

"You men and your conspiracies…" she fumed  

"If you know of a better way to do this, then share it with us. Another way that prevents either child from dying. He was right, you worry to much to see beyond your nose."  

"And you have too much faith in him."  

"At least he has a plan. Here this one is for you. He said you should try Lavender instead of your roses if you wish to sleep better." Gouken handed her one of the boxes from his parcel.  

“You will give me no help?” Accepting the parcel with an accusing look.  

“I owe it to him and Sho.”  

“Fine. Then I’ll go it alone. Do not regret your choice.”  

“But if you harm the children I will not let you off.” Gouken warned, but no response came, even the scent of roses vanished with her.