Chapter 15


Alighting at the next stop, the colours and sounds practically swallow them up. Lost in the maddening crowd Ryu let ChunLi dragged him around. 

“Are you up for this?” 

Ryu heard ChunLi challenging Ken, there was a smirk on her face as she directed them to a contraption called the ‘Top Gun’. It was as tall as the Ferris wheel a little way back but it had only one spoke attached to a cabin that would allow ten people at one time in it. The spoke when powered up would swing the cabin round and round (I rode one a long time back) 

“Whoa!” Ken commented 

“Come on then.” 


“What chicken? You guys are capable of the Shoryuken and the Tatsumaki and you afraid of a little ride? Would you like to ride the teacup instead?” 

“That’s not related.” 


“I’ll go on if Ryu tags along.” 

“Fine! Come on Ryu!” 

ChunLi dragged Ryu towards the first two seats while Ken took one behind them. 

“See there’s nothing to it. Hang on tight.” 

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Ryu mumbled. 

“Ah. You worry too much.” ChunLi commented as the machine started the upwards swing and the speed slowly accelerates 

“Yeah there’s nothing to worrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiii———“ 

“Told you it be greatttttttttt—————“ 


“You!” he exclaimed 

“Good. You remembered.” He smashed his fist into the agent’s abdomen and ignited a qi blast that sent the man hurtling towards the wooden door that shattered upon contact. 

He strides towards him and smashes his boot into the agent’s back just to check if he was still alive. He smiled on hearing a scream of pain. With one hand he grabbed the agent by the collar and hauls him to his feet. 

“Where is the package?” 

“I don’t know.” 

“Wrong answer.” He hurled the agent against the glass coffee table. He took in the look of pain when shattered glass pierced the agent. With one heavy boot on his victim’s bleeding hand he asked again. 

“Where is the package.” 

“I don’t know. I never had it.” 

“Perhaps this should jolt your memory.” He crushed the man’s hand, enjoying his screams. He alone continues the torture of the agent while others watch on. 



He thought it rare that the Master would take interest in an interrogation. More often than not, the Master would leave things to him and sometimes watch the proceedings. To conduct one himself was most rare indeed. 

Since he was not needed, he took the opportunity to explore this quaint little abode. Pictures on the wall drew him. He recognized the girl immediately. So the golden girl of Gen’s Dojo lives here. Such a happy life for a pretty little rabbit to be the apple of papa’s eye. 

“Ah.” He noted in astonishment. He assumed this is the latest picture of the pretty little rabbit. She was between two young man, a look of disgust appeared on his face on recognizing the blond one as the one who stole his lamb. 

But she seem closer to the dark hair one on the right. A filthy, ragged commoner who caught her eye. And then he remembered where he seen this dark hair one. It was that peasant who scarred Sagat. An uncultured and wild warrior. 

“Pfff. Such poor taste for such an exquisite beauty.” He commented. And then he felt it. The cold stare upon his back that seems to burn him. Turning around slightly he caught the eyes of the Japanese Doll with the sword glaring at him. 

He smiled at her, wagging a finger at her. The Master will not be please with that if he came to harm due to her negligence. There was something about her, some thing about this Doll he wasn’t particularly fond of. Was it her shoulder length messy mop of hair that seems to disgust him? Or that cold stare. Or the fact that he didn’t like ferrets for some reasons. 

“You have an unhealthy interest in my Dolls. Balrog (Vega).” 

“Master!” he saluted, he noted that the Japanese Doll had looked away. Did she set him up for a lecture? 

“This one is exquisite.” The Master commented, taking the picture from his hand. 

“Yes, A princess among commoners. I like this one.” 

“Do not touch her.” The Master warned clearly the Master seen through his interest in the little rabbit. 

“Master? You intend to acquire this little rabbit for you collection of Dolls?” 

“Do not touch her, I need her to lure the boy to me.” 

“The unworthy one shamed Sagat?” 

“Yes. So mind yourself.” The Master turn and walked away. The battered agent was gathered up as well. 

“As you command Master.” He choked down his anger. He saw that the little ferret smirked on seeing him chastised. He mumbled something incoherent in Spanish at her as he followed the rest of the entourage to the roof top. 



The machine known as the Top Gun was spinning in a clockwise manner. Amongst screams from certain passengers a certain conversation between the trio went like this: 

“I don’t feel so gooooooooooooooooddddddd—————“ 

“I’m gonna puke soooooooonnnnnn————-“ 

“Dammn you Chuunnnnniieeeeeeeeeeee———–“ 



He took in the evening air of this quaint little training ground. Much heart had been put into the making of this place. A pity that it came to ruin like this. He watches indifferently when the Master plucks the agent from the rubble of flower pots and marble table only to deal him a few more qi filled blows. 

The Master seems to be in a strange mood where this agent is concern. Under most circumstance the Master could simply grab any information directly from an agent’s mind and kill him in the process. But toying around with this agent like this is rare indeed. 

He gasped when the agent went hurtling past him, the acceleration was too great. If the agent hits the fence– Instincts took over when he sprang into action with one leap, racing towards to the edge. A hint of blue caught the corner of his eye, why is that little ferret competing with him?! No matter, the life of the agent is more important. 

The agent crashed into metal fence at a speed so fast that fence could not withstand the blow and burst outwards. With a vice like grip he caught the wide-eye agent by the shirt collar while he himself grasped a metal pole with his clawed hand, it bend dangerously at their combined weight. He looked back, the ferret was back by the side of the Master. 

“Good. I see you’re still paying attention.” The Master smiled. It was a test? Why is the Master doing this? 


“Yes Master?” the ferret answered. 

“Check the shed as he describe.” 

The Japanese Doll saluted her Master and trotted off to her task. Balrog by now back on the roof tossed the agent at his Master’s feet. 

Back there 


The trio left the Top Gun feeling somewhat dizzy. Ryu rushed straight for the bushes and expelled a large portion of his lunch – mainly the soup he had drank. Straightening up, the two people who gotten him into this mess were vomiting as well. Serves them right. None of them commented any further as they head off to another section of the carnival.