You (part 1)


Part 1 of 2

There was once a time

When I had lost my way

An obsession I had found

Discarding all I’ve known

For the sanctum of unknown

All my life strife and pain

To others I wish the same


Lost in confusion

With chaos as my companion

Chasing a broken dream

Afraid to trust

Afraid to love

Afraid to lose again the one I love


In the sunset of my life

You taught me to live and laugh

Gave me a reason the fight again

Wild untame beauty of the waterfalls

Wildflower of the mountains

 My beautiful beloved crimson dragon


I fear not the storm

I fear not the wind

I fear not the demon

 I only fear losing you in this maelstrom

By your side I will stay

Through this battle of night and day

For together upon the warrior’s path we walk