The Wedding

th February 1993 

House of Warriors, Park District, Shadowlaw 


It was a cloudy day with a mild wind blowing, the scent of the blooms in the park hangs in the air. The area near the House of Warriors was abuzz with activities as people moved about busily. There seem to be some event going on, as there are chairs placed facing the fountain. Ken was sitting on the steps of the fountain watching his buddy paced back and forth nervously. 


"Ryu…Can you stop that. I’m getting a headache just watching ya." Ken said. "You weren’t this anxious when you registered officially a week ago." He continued. 

A group of people walked in, all wearing identical trench coats, this made Ryu more nervous, and he recognises trouble as it is. 


"The whole Inner Circle in this attire this cannot be good right? The other six Black Jackets as well? It’s a big one isn’t it?" Ryu asked Iwa who is member of the both groups, underneath the trench coat was Iwa’s ever present sword. 


"Would you just relax." She asked 

"How could I? If you seem to be dress up to tackle any sign of trouble." Ryu squatted down to speak to the short bespectacled girl. Ryu thought he saw a shadow darting by from the corner of his eye. "I still can’t sense her. Tell me honestly. How bad is it?" 

"I promise you that there won’t be any trouble. You would be able learn how to sense her in good time. Excuse me while I go and speak to my friend for a minute." Iwa headed in the direction where the shadow was. 


A few moments later Iwa return. 

"What did she say? More trouble?" Ryu asked. 

"She congratulates you on starting a new chapter in your life and promise you no trouble. She also said that Gouki is not in the vicinity. Oh man would you please relax. Your scarf thingy is mess up!" Iwa said slightly irritated 

"Cravat. Iwa it’s a cravat. Here let me." Ken came over to straighten Ryu’s tuxedo. 

"Congrats bro. I always believe that it would take one heck of an incredible woman to snag a dense guy like you. I was right. The strongest woman in the world got ya in her hands now. 

"Guys I want a photo with the two of you. I had one with bride earlier." Iwa tossed her camera to a friend. 


More guest arrive, nine of the Ten Grand Masters arrive with eight of the Ten Apprentices. They would not miss the wedding of these two Apprentices. 


"Sensei. I am honour by your presence." Ryu said, bowing slightly. 

"Ryu…I am pleased that you have decided to take on a new challenge in your life. I have not let your parents down. But remember. The Satsui no Hado is but a tool. One either use it well or be corrupted by it if misuse with evil intentions. I am proud of you my son. I am sure that Sheng Long and his wife are proud of you too." Gouken said with pride in his voice. 

"I will always remember your words. Sensei." Ryu said 


This wedding, held in Shadowlaw was to minimise the number of paparazzi that would hound them otherwise. 

Gen, Fei Long and the twins arrived and took their seats, Fei Long was pulling a long face the whole time. Sakura arrived all teary eyed with her friends by her side. She too sat down without causing much trouble. Fellow Street Fighters and others have arrive as well. 

The time has come and the guests are all here and seated, Ryu took his place at the fountain. The wedding march started to play. Amy the flower girl and Dhalsim’s son the ring bearer came forward first. 


The generated mist gathered as the door opens. Lord Vega (Bison) in military attire appeared with the bride by his side and Cammy the bridesmaid behind with two pageboys holding ChunLi’s train. Ryu’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her. 

A whole gamut of emotions hit him, The Shotoken warrior thought he could remain calm like he does before a fight but he was wrong. Words are hard to describe the feelings he has within him. Ryu swallowed the lump in his throat. He had never being so unsure of himself in a fight, but this is the first time he felt tense, happy, impatient, and a whole lot of feelings he couldn’t describe. 

"You’re not getting cold feet. Are ya?" Ken whispered. 


Some of the lady guests were unconsciously dabbing away the tears in their eyes, even the vain Spanish ninja Balrog was overwhelmed by the beauty he saw. There were ‘oohhs’ and ‘aahhs’ as the bride walk down the aisle. 

Wearing a long flowy satin wedding gown with a light blue tint. Her off-shoulders gown revealing her creamy skin. An elaborately design 3-tier sapphire choker around her neck, on her head was a sapphire tiara. She wore her long black with a brown tint in a braid. Though the veil cover her face, she was radiant, beautiful……. 


ChunLi was unable to describe her own feelings when she saw him, she was still wondering to herself how was she able to get to this stage with Ryu. 

After what seems like an eternity to the both of them. Vega and ChunLi stood before Ryu. That light lily based perfume and that gentle ‘qi’ hit him and made him feel like he was floating. He felt rather heady intoxicated by the beauty before him. 

<<  How can you remain so calm whereas I’m so nervous?  >> Ryu asked her. 

<<  You think I have it easy? I couldn’t really sleep last night!  >> ChunLi shot back. 

<<  If the two of you continue like this, this wedding will never end. I have a country to run. Mind you.  >> Vega interrupted. Vega had to do something or this two would just stand there and make eyes at each other. 

<<  Sorry…  >> The couple answered together. Vega handed over ChunLi to him. 


<<  Lei ho ho jiu gu ngo ge gwai luei. Múko.  (You take care of my daughter now. Son-in-law)  >> Vega said. 

<<  Ngo gen wui yong yun oy gu ChunLi. Lei mn sei dam sem kong dor. Gífu. (I will always love and cherish ChunLi. You don’t have to worry about that. Father-in-law)  >> Ryu answered. 



atisfied with the answer he got Vega return to his seat with among the Ten Grand Masters 


"Dearly beloved. We are gathered together today to witness the union of this man and this woman in matrimony." The Minister began. 

"Do you. Ryu Hoshi. Take this woman, ChunLi. To be your lawfully wedded wife. Forsaking all others. To have and to hold, to cherish and to protect. Through thick and thin, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. Till Death do you part?" 

<<  It goes beyond that. Do you so swear to love her always and forever. Keeping any and all secrets, sharing joy and sadness. Accepting who she is and will be. Defending her honour and life by taking over a large part of my job. >> A young voice added. Obviously she sounded more than glad to let Ryu take care of ChunLi. 

"I do." Ryu said answering both questions. 


"Do you, ChunLi. Take this man, Ryu Hoshi. To be your lawfully wedded husband. Forsaking all others. To have and to hold, to love and honour. Through thick and thin, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. Till Death do you part?" 

<<  Er…oh yeah. Do you so swear to love him always and forever. Keeping any and all secrets, sharing joy and sadness. Accepting who he is and will be. To release me from a large part of the vows that came with a large part of my job. And that you would only call upon me as a last recourse in dire straits.  >> The young voice added with a hint of glee. 

"I do." ChunLi said answering both questions. 


"If there is anyone here who has any objections or valid reasons why this man and this woman should not be join in matrimony speak up now or forever hold your peace." 

There was a silence as the people on the right look at the people on the left. Wondering who in their right mind would dare separate the couple. ChunLi gave Ryu a nervous look. Ryu squeeze her hand to comfort her. What seems like an uncomfortable eternity pass. 


"Would the Bride and Groom now exchange rings." 

There was a large sigh of relief from the couple, the Inner Circle and a large amount of people. 

Ryu took the ring from Dhalsim’s son. He noticed there is what seem like a small bluish-grey reptilian scale on the ring. Ryu slipped the ring onto ChunLi’s finger. 

ChunLi also noticed another little small bluish-grey reptilian scale on the ring. She smiled, knowing it’s secret. 


"By the Power invested in me by the laws of Shadowlaw, the Lord and Master of Shadowlaw, the Ten Grand Masters, the Seven Powers that be. I now pronounce you. Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride." 

Ryu lifted her veil, she simply took his breath away with that beautiful, bewitching smile of hers, her eyes sparkled with tears of joy. With his arms around her waist and her arms around his, they kiss to the applause of the crowd. 


In that little moment there was them and only them alone. Ryu could feel her heart beating in union with his. All thoughts of the future, his nervousness faded away. He feels that he could do anything for her. Even the impossible seems possible. He could feel her ‘qi’ coursing through his and nothing else seems to matter as long as ChunLi is with him. 

ChunLi hoped that this moment that this moment would never end, she felt so loved, so wanted by him. She could feel his gentle and strong ‘qi’ enveloping hers. Putting all her heart and soul into this kiss she could feel his soul as well. 


Iwa rubbed her eyes, she was not seeing things but that was a soft glow covering the couple. She raised an eyebrow to what she thought she saw. 

<<  You saw that! It accepts her just like that!  >>  Iwa said. 

<<  I know I see what you see. It was waiting for her. It knows who she is and what was seal within her. I think his dark side must be deliriously happy knowing he’s one step closer to uniting with his dark bride. Look. I think the Ten Grand Masters and people of high level ‘qi’ saw it as we seen. "Heh heh. Looks like our job is partly over. >> The shadow answered. 


The couple headed towards the waiting car. A large amount young ladies gathered in the open. Iwa watched with the Inner Circle. 

ChunLi threw the bridal bouquet behind her. Spinning high into the air as the ladies anxiously push each other. 

"Ryu En Bu!" Mai shouted as she created a fiery boundary. The other girls skipped backwards. 

"Nippon Ichi!" Mai exclaimed as she bounced in excitement. 

"ANNDDIIEEEEE! I caught the bridal bouquet! Andiiieee! I’m just so lucky!" Mai shriek in excitement. 

"Anndddie! Where are you Annddieeee!? Mai called. Andy Bogard was missing again. 

The newlyweds were driven to their hotel where they would rest before heading off to Singapore to start their honeymoon.