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Time: 1st issue 22 July 1995 Giant book    
Iwa’s Run-in: Same as above.    
Publisher: Wen Hua Fu Xin pte ltd   
Total Issues: 31    
Extras: The giant 1st issue, pin-ups    
Altrnative thing: Didn’t see any compilation books. Chen Wei Wen, Bai Qi and various other folks worked on this series.   
Some pics from the Man Huas    
Gallery 1
Basic infomation:   
– Chun Li the daughter of some guy who looks like Dan?!   
– CL has only 1 speaking scene with Ryu and nothing much happen from it.   
– The one series that Ryu and Chun Li has no relationship whatsoever   
– The only series that manages to make me quit reading and buying near the end only to repurchase another set 10 years later to complete hence the incomplete set that I had to offload. As bad as the series is, I still refuse to sell off my complete set.   
– Maybe because the plot moves from tournament to mafia-ish to something else and that’s why it confuses me?   
– Which is why to read this series I would need tons of motivation and I’m not too enthusiastic while reading this.   
– Quite possibly the only one of three series in the entire HK SF collection that Cammy not only appears in more than 1 issue(3 or 4 iss straight) but actually has lines and interacts with other fighters (Guile, Zangief and Blanka) before falling into some manner of plot blackhole. The other two being SFZ3 (scouting with Nash under Karin’s order and fought with Cody) and CVS (fought Rugal and receive major pounding)  

The nicer looking pin-ups of this series- CL, Cammy and Fei Long issue 3  
– CL and Cammy in swimwear issue 4 (Guile flashkick cover)  
– Gouki, Sagat and Vega(Bison) issue 6 (CL & Cammy cover)  
– Cammy and Guile go fishing issue 8 (I never realised that Guile is so tall )  
– CL and Ryu issue 9  


– Issue start off with Gouki fighting with his sensei(looks like Dan)   
– After setting the background we move to Ryu who fought Bison(Balrog), Balrog(Vega) and giving Sagat his battle scar   
– After that battle Ryu just walks away into the sunset without taking his title as champion   
– Some time after that 1st tourney a second tourney was held. Adon was beaten up by Gouki who demand that the best and most worthy fighter to face him must be found.   

– First storyarch starts with Ken and lady companion (apprently not met Eliza yet) on a ship bound for some tournament on an island. On the island with the initiation round of collecting tokens from beaten fighters. We have Ryu appearing and Ken going up the roof top to challange him.   
– In that Ryu / Ken fight. they remembered the past training days. Days of friendship and Ken meeting with the chess-playing Gouki.  
– Back to the fight. Ryu thought he sensed Gouki in the area and was distracted. With that Ken stop the fight and decide to fight him some other time when Ryu is back in top form.   

– After a whole lot of other fights later, Ryu meets Gouki again.   
– After some talking, Ryu starts the fight demanding vengence for his sensei.  
– Gouki tested Ryu and deems him unworthy to finish the fight. Demands that Ryu go train for a few days before coming back to fight him. And so he left a dazed Ryu standing there    
In between a whole lot of fights guile and Cammy go spying, guile had to deal with Gouki while Cammy nearly got eaten by Blanka. only to be captured.  

– As for CL she’s down in the sea doing her training with the sharks  (don’t ask)   
– While Ryu is challanged by T-Hawk but ends up rejected cause Ryu wants stronger opponent   
– CL then runs around the island challnging people so that she would get enough battle tokens to enter the tourney   
– Easy fight of course and she sense something fishy when some guy of immense power passes by her   

– Ryu now has to fight T-Hawk since its an official fight and CL vs Honda, Ken vs Guile   
– CL seems to be having a tough against Honda but she manages to beat him all the same   
– Fights all around. Vega(Bison) and Gouki got in a fight while various fighters watch.   
– Eventually the fight settled and the tourney continued with ryu vs CL and Blanka. But a possessed Ken (CL’s mysterious and powerful Dad) toss them aside to fight Ryu  
– Fight, fight, fight, Ryu gets major pounding, keeps on fighting. Eventually both unleash full force and attack each other. Double KO.  
– Gouki returns with Guile and the captured Cammy and hands them over to Charlie.  
– Gouki grabs the KOed Ryu and trains him  
– End story arch 1  

Story arch 2 is about Ken and his mafia family.  

– Ken’s run-ins with guys like Dee Jay and Bison(Balrog)  
– The death of his siblings  
– His relationship with a very out-of-character Eliza (bar-maid of sorts) whom he met after some folks left for dead.  
– Dee Jay vs Balrog(Vega), while Ken and Guile had a bout or two.  
– Ken taking over his mafia family and that end story arch 2  

Story arch 3  
– Guy vs Ken  
– We have Ryu in training and getting into a fight with gouki over the avenging his sensei. Ryu receive major troucing and Gouki declare him still unfit to seek vengence and left.  
– On the tail end of the series we have Chun Li withnessing the fight between her mysterious and powerful father (who is not Vega this time) and the mighty Gouki.  

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