In all sense of the word this is not Street Fighter. It never was and is not trying to beThis is a spinoff of a few plots that happened somewhere in the old SF man huas and Mr Hui and gang just used their fave characters – Ryu, Chun Li and Ken as a design guide. You can also spot the resemblence in their other works. Therefore it sort of a standard style.  

As I’m reading and typing this series I cannot help but laugh because I spotted some references to the SF2 man huas as well as the terms here that were spotted in the other SF books that were done by Hui Kim Sum and Lee Zhong Heng. the references are at the bottom as they contain spoilers. 


The man huas focuses mainly on the brothers – Chi Wu Ji and Chi Ying. With a never ending battle between eternal rivals – Zhan Shen and Mr Wu Jian. The theme seems to constantly deals with a bunch of invading Alien guys 


Disclaimer- In no way do I profit from putting this up run-down. If anyone profitted it would be the two comic shops that I rented this series from. I spent two weeks reading the entire series. Following the usual rules, this is only part of the storyline 


Qing Hui  

She’s the wife and also simui of the Saviour, daughter of the Western Queen, mother of Chi Wu Ji and Chi Ying. A later day disciple of Zhan Shen. In 2nd story arch her design bring to mind a cross between Lin Chin Hsia’s White hair demoness and Dong Fang Bu Bai (Invincible East). 

The Saviour  

Husband of Qing Hui, Father of the twins. Elder Shi-Xiong (brother-in-training) of the Northern Lord and Qing Hui. He wears a trenchcoat and fedora hat(cross Dick Tracy and HK Ryu) for the duration of the first storyarch and ran around with wild long hair, a cape and pants for the next storyarch. Nobody refers to him by his real name (there were hints that his name contains a ‘chi’ (red) and a ‘long’ (dragon).   

Note – I did not sneaked in a pic of HK Ryu as tempted as I was  

Chi Wu Ji the red hair older brother that was adopted by the Northern Lord, gets along really well with adoptive dad. Grows up to look like the red-headed version of that SF-Bioharzard crossover(book got canceled) Remy. Northern Lord named him Wu Ji (without limit) after one of the Saviour’s most powerful technique. He’s the leading guy but tends to end up absorbing a great deal of demonic qi every now and then 

Chi Ying Younger brother, grows up to resemble.. Dad . Is a noodle seller as well as a super hero of sorts. His skills is closer to his mom’s side because his main sensei is Zhan Shen. He grew up under his mom’s care but does not realise that she’s his mom and refers to her as Gu Gu (Aunt on Dad’s side, its her doing) for the first 2 story archs.  

His mother named him ‘ying’ (eagle) after the eagle who saved his life when he was a baby. He’s the cheeky one. But very quick where learning martial arts is concern. His two most powerful senseis are bitter rivals. Various powerful folks seem to take on a liking to him that they either teach him skills or give him their strength. Is closer to his parents possibly because Mom did bring him up and Dad was always watching from afar. 

The males in the family seems to suffer from some demonic qi syndrome  

Northern Lord – A powerful guy and one of the 12 warriors who survive the fight with the alien guys. Shi-Di of the Saviour, and 2nd Shi Xiong to Qing Hui. The red headed warrior adopted Wu Ji because all his offsprings are girls. Spent a large part of storyarch 2 as an invalid. Is also one of the important characters of the story 

Wong Fei – The other red cheongsam wearing, long hair young lady, adopted and trained by the Western Queen, also the love interest of Chi Wu Ji.  


Why I quit the book and why rent it now?   

As I said its not Street FighterBecause the characters look similar that’s why back then I suffer from a bout of confusion of which the only thing I could do was drop the book entirely and focus on other Street Fighter man huas.   

But a year ago in 2003. I came across an issue of the book that showed the parents finally meeting. That’s when my curiosity started to bugged me forcing to wonder why the drastic costume change? Why is he demonic?. That and a certain character looking a whole lot like HK Ryu. And now in 2004 I just had to rent the books becuase I want to find out what happen to that couple. And of course I don’t suffer the same confusion now   


Its no big surprise that I enjoyed reading the series so much that I did this little run-down. Spotting tons of SF related gems don’t hurt either. Oh and this is the longest run-down. 


Do not email me to ask me for more information about this series because I do not own the books. Therefore I can’t go check it up for information any time I like.   

Our story starts with two guys on the run after they had kinapped the brothers. Pursuing them the the leader of the the Easterm land – Zhan Shen (Zhan Hu type character). Eventually Zhan Shen stopped one but his rival – Mr Wu Jian interfered and the boy ended up back into the hands of his mother.  

The older brother was taken over to the northern lands and ended up being adopted by the Northern Lord (a red-headed Ken)  

A flashback.   

A epic battle between the good guys and some alien guys (a plot line that runs from SF issue 70 -100) had left most warriors dead, wounded or missing. The Saviour was one of those presumed dead. During that time apprently Qing Hui still believes that her husband the Saviour is still alive and partly because of that she went somewhat crazy, folks who try to stop her were killed in her rampage. Her wounded Sensei and Northern Lord were still too weak to stop her. By the time he eventually recovered his energy and tracked her down. Qing Hui had already given birth to a pair of boys (Which explains why she’s so cranky. One missing hubby and being pregnant for six years….)   

She bargains with her sensei that she is willing to let him put her to death if she could just see her husband once more. And she is willing to be imprisoned at the heroes’s tower to wait for him to appear. Zhan Shen agrees  

End flash back  


Six years later  

Apparently the saviour was not dead as someone had caught sight of the guy near the heroes’ tower but why he did not make contact with his wife or kids nobody knows. What more Qing Hui never acknowledge Chi Ying as her son while bringing him up, the boy mainly calls her Gu Gu (Aunt from Daf’s side of the family)  

As time went by Northern Lord took Wu Ji to the western land and left him them telling him to go see the world. While Qing Hui forces Chi Ying to leave for the southern lands to look for a friend of hers to take him in – Dai Si Jie.  

You think she would have some peace and quiet when her boy’s gone but some military type people from the western land turns up and haresses her. And who should turn up but a guy in yellow trenchcoat and fedora hat. He got rid of the those folks and frees his unconcious wife (because his dotted her acupoint) and left her again.   

*I gave up reading the series at this point back in 1993.*   

Zhan Shen on discovering that she is free, he went off to confront her. On seeing her Qing Hui exploited the loophole that she didn’t excatly ‘see’ her husband even though he did free her. And now she wishes to go find the guy and see her other son as well. A bit of punch pulling on her sensei’s part later the demoness once again roams the world  

We skip over to the Saviour side of the story, he went off to look for his good buddy the Northern Lord and explained to him how he survived and why he did not make any contact with his wife or kids. As well as warn his buddy on the return of Alien guy Li Jia and the chance that his darker side might take over(this sounds familiar) because of the side effect of a certain battle technique. After which they both went North to get rid of the Western Queen’s folks attempting to take over the Northern Lord’s land.  

And then a major bit of fighting later we shift back to Qing Hui who visits a good friend(reminds me of Maki) in the southern land and watches a fellow warrior trains her son.   

Feeling that her son is in good hands she heads up north to see her other son. While there she saves Tie Nan the Northern Lord’s daughter and finds out from the child where her son is. So she had to take the little girl west as well.  

Reaching the Western land she spotted her child and found out that the demonic qi is strong in this child. She attempts seal his powers by destroying his skills but the boy is naturally defensive since those skills were taught by his adoptive dad (Northern lord). Too make things worse the Western queen steps in takes her grandson’s side. Mother and daughter fights but mommy counters and captures Qing Hui and Tie Nan so that she could use them as hostages in exchange for her adopted son  

While the Tournament begins, the Saviour was up at the Arctic fighting off Alien guy Li Jia, but discovers this alien is not Li Jia but a more powerful alien guy Lei Zhe. For story’s sake this time the Saviour was no match and even ended up being iced (literally) in the process. Therefore Alien guy Lei Zhe heads off to the tournament to cause trouble for everybody.  

And with the tragic maiming of the Northern Lord the first story arch ends.  

The second story arch – Ten years later  

The Saviour regained conciousness and found himself in some sort of a lab and in the middle of someone else’s fight. the only thing he did was grabbed the captured Northern Lord (someone kidnapped him to use against Chi Wu Ji, that’s why he’s in the same place) and left the building, swearing revenge upon the Alien guy Lei Zhe. So with the Northern Lord, the Saviour ran off to some volcano to trained up and attempt to heal his buddy.  

Heads back to the lab for more information of how his buddy ended up like this. In the process he learns his elder son was culprit. Not only that he discovers that he himself is half dead and going demonic. (Which does explains why his sanity is a bit fuzzy). To annoy him further a guy named Kuang Hao who was impersonating his younger son for the last decade had learnt his devastating skills. Therefore ended up in another fight. Naturally he’s a whole lot stronger, so he beat the guy and forces him to take him to his older son.  

And due to more fuzzy sanity he forces this Kuang Hao fellow to go kill his older son. Which in his fuzzy thinking is because if he personally kills his elder son he may be able to do justice to his buddy but it would be very difficult to answer to his wife. So all he could do was send someone to do his dirty work while he watches his son fight. Naturally his son won. So off the Saviour went to seek out out Alien guy Lei Zhe  

Scene shifts to Qing Hui who agrees to help Da Si jie, take down Dai Si jie’s son Alien guy Lei Oh (father is Lei Zhe). Qing Hui’s mom pops by in an attempt to capture her and used her to force the Saviour to submit to her. But failed to capture her daughter as her skill had improved much. So off Qing Hui went to track down Alien guy Lei Oh.  

Meanwhile the Saviour reaches to Western land where Lei Zhe is thought to reside. the adopted son of the Western queen fights the Saviour once again (a decade ago the Saviour beats him handily). In this tough little fight, the Saviour finally went demonic, losing his sanity and practically destroying his opponent. Folks who try to stop him were duly destroyed. Top warriors who tried to stop him only annoy him further.  

Seeing his younger son Chi Ying only distracted him slightly, although it looks like his son is getting to him, the other warriors chose to take him on, but it only makes him more uncontrollable and powerful. to the point that the only thing he cares about now is fighting Lei Zhe, so he left these folks and seek out his opponent.  


And we go back to Qing Hui who had found Alien guy Lei Oh and intends to take him down for Da Si jie. but Lei Oh had captured Chi Ying from earlier. And in chasing Lei Oh she reaches the site where the Saviour is battling Lei Zhe. She would not sit and wait out it out, therefore she attempts to break into that qi barrier and meet her insane hubby.  

So there’s a very intense battle between the insane Saviour and Alien guy Lei Zhe. Making it almost impossible for the others to interfere. The rivals’ attempt to blast each other created a collective ball of qi between them. And then Northern Lord (healed by Alien guy Li Jia) pops by and attempts to break the fight as the explosive effect of the qi could destroy the earth. But still it was not enough therefore Alien guy Li Jia joins the fray. the duo work together to dispatch the qi ball away from earth.  


*And then I picked up this isssue that rekindled my interest in 2003*  

In the mean time Wu Ji joins the fight but Lei Zhe tosses the boy towards his insane dad!! But all the Saviour did was grabbed the boy and tosses him to one side and turns his attention back to Lei Zhe and continues the fight! Dealing even more damage upon Lei Zhe  

While it looks like the Saviour would soon destroy Lei Zhe, Lei Zhe’s retaliating blow just may take the Saviour’s life as well. Who should join in but Qing Hui! Who held onto her insane husband and said to him that if he were to die it would be pointless for her to live on (I guess her boys have no say in this).  

And as she felt the pain of the blow and her blood touches the Saviour, a few pieces of memories trigger within him. And notion of her being in pain led to a last ditch effort to disengage himself from Lei Zhe and therefore not harming his wife any further. And then they kiss in what seems like a dying kiss on the saviour’s part….. Is he dead? And why is she saying such weird things about fate not taking her along as well? Is he dead?  

Lei Zhe serverly annoyed and wanted to kill them both, Chi Ying of course intercepts him even though he know he would not be much of a match. It forces Wu Ji to take on Lei Zhe. Eventually Lei Zhe is destroyed but his death unleash some manner of toxic rain forcing less powerful folks to concentrate on surviving this rain. In this point Qing Hui grabs her husband (Is he dead?) and runs off, ignoring the protests of the Northern Lord and not hearing her younger son called her.  

Story arch 2 ends with Wu Ji suffering a bit of Demonic qi syndrome and running off to the Western land 

Story arch 3 continues 3 years later, largely deals with the good warriors trying to find Chi Wu Ji who is out of action for a while so younger brother takes over as leading guy for a while and found himself a love interest (Xue Nu, who is one of the soldiers of the guy who manage to kidnaped Wu Ji) who’s character design in general looks somewhat like CL.  

Only to lose her to another warrior, the former geeky Ryu type fellow – Fu Chun Wu Yi (forgot to scan his geeky days pic!!), disciple of Northern Lord and the resident swordman in the book.  

The story goes on with the remaining folks fighting off Lei Oh and another visiting alien – Digula. They recovered Wu Ji only to somehow lose Chi Ying!  

During this time a strange old couple pops in and out of the man huas. Something fishy about them 

While in story arch 4   

Turns out that in order to save Chi Ying (wounded by Digula), his sensei – Mr Wu Jian has sent him to his parents’s past to find a certain master. This in itself is a huge nod to the early issues of HK Street Fighter 2 man hua. Because  

– The Saviour using a major qi projectile attack in the train (nod to Ryu of issue 1 of SF2, repeated in issue 1 of SFZ3) against some hoodlum who asked for it. 

– The curly hair Northern Lord? Since HK Ken has nice curly hair  

– Ah Long (Saviour) and Ah Kin (Northern Lord) were in a bar brawl because folks wanted revenge (CL started one becuase some guy was bothering her)  

– One role reversal in which young Qing Hui saving young Saviour from nearly being raped,  (Ryu saved CL from Dhalsim during that said bar brawl)  

– Qing Hui is the si mui of the Saviour. (Technically yes since in SF2 CL’s real dad was Ryu’s Gen-ish sensei)  

– The gang joining some manner of semi official tournament and getting into trouble  

– A certain commander in red who possibly is one of the 12 Warriors 

– A Gen-ish guy who is the sensei of aformentioned folks.  

During this trip Chi Ying found out the real name of Zhan Shen and the source of his eternal rivalry with Mr Wu jian 

Chi Ying on being cured was sent back to the future and so end the 4th story arch.  

The fifth story arch 

The return of Kuang Hao and with him a strange stone. Guy runs around causing trouble. 

A strange old couple pops up where Zhan Shen is and fell off a cliff, in the process helping Zhan Shen learnt new technique. 

Mr Wu Jian demanding to fight Zhan Shen 

Another Alien guy Kwai Fong(Heihachi by design) drops in and causes trouble for everybody. 

The old couple somehow distracted Alien guy Kwai Fong 

Mr Wu Jian and Zhan Shen fighting on top of a gigantic beast (result of funky red stone) 

Wong Fei in hospital (blame Kwai Fong) and is healed by a visit from that strange old lady 

Alien guy Kwai Fong demands from Chi Ying the identity of the strange old couple. 

Said Alien guy later runs around branding various warriors with the ‘Tian’ word and his friend Alien guy Gu He joins the fray. Chi Ying got dragged around by them. 

So ends this story arch with the branding of Mr Wu Jian and Zhan Shen. 

The Sixth Story arch 

Kuang Hao does not understand the words ‘lie down and die’  

Wu Ji and his folks from the western land became refugees at the Northern land’s borders. 

The marked folks develop a taste for blood 

Chi Ying caught the attention of most powerful Alien guy Tian Sha (father of Li Jia) because of Digula’s power within. 

Wong Fei and Wu Ji teams up against Alien guy Kwai Fong, but Wu Ji ended being branded in the process of the fight. And sort of died. 

Branded warriors goes bad. A strange guy pops up to stop them. 

Wu Ji returns to life but turns bad boy due to the mark of Tian controlling him. 

Kuang Hao haresses Alien guy Li Jia then heads off to bother Northern Lord 

Gu He faces the strange powerful old guy who turns out to be the revived Saviour! (short hair, wearing shades and a dark body suit)  

Who had came back way stronger than before as he merged both the dark and light side of his powers. 

Thinking he had trapped the Saviour. Alien guy Gu He goes off the haress Northern Lord, ended up killing Kuang Hao and branding Northern Lord. 

The one who defeated Gu He turns out to be the Saviour but now he faces a bigger problem. Wu Ji! 

11 warriors affected by the tattoo had being remove to a safehouse. Qing Hui following her husband’s instructions to kill them if they should wake before he could destroy the two alien guys.  

Qing Hui manage to killed the ones with lower qi level but the high level folks overpowered her and Wong Fei instead. 

And the Saviour pops by, lured by Wu Ji, ended up fighting with quite a number of warriors of varying degree. And ends up being trapped. 

Elsewhere Chi Ying fights most powerful Alien guy Tian Sha (Gouki type design) 

When it looks like the Saviour is almost defeated, Qing Hui manages to free herself and save him by risking her own life. Wong Fei joins in else well. 

On getting free he has to fend off quite a lot of people. And even seem to have killed off Wu Ji!,  

Qing Hui in her concern for Wu Ji gets beaten up by some warrior, Saviour offers to help her up but earns himself a slap from his wife and has to continue the fight with the controlled folks with a nuclear bomb heading their way. 

The all mighty Saviour managed to protect some of the folks but earns himself a further beating from Mr Wu Jian and Zhan Shen 

Qing Hui went to check on her husband and this time the couple dies together no thanks to a certain brain-controlled red headed lad. Leaving the Northern lord to deal with the boy and the other folks. 

On Chi Ying’s part he mortally wounded Tian Sha for the next warrior to kill before joining his parents as well. 

Epilogue deals with Chi Wu Ji finally discovering the way to save the world and get rid of Tian Sha although there was a twist to it all. 


Gems that cross between this series and SF series that Hui Kim Sum and Lee Chong Heng were involved with (Not in chronological order ) –   

The creators of this series seem very fond of Chun Li’s design because Qing Hui(long hair), Wong Fei(long hair) and Xue Nu(buns) dress sense and looks are rather similar to HK CL  

Where as the Saviour, Chi Wu Ji and Chi Ying resembles HK Ryu.  

Geeky Ryu of CVS seems to have some roots here.  

Mainly because its the same artist. 

Some terms mentioned in SFEX and SF3 man huas were sort of nods in the direction of this series. 

Some terms mention in this series are nods in the direction of SF2 and some sword fighting novels like Return of the condor heroes  

The Saviour of the world theme.   

Cliff Jumping – some folks either fall off one or into a volcano. 

What?! No giant lizard this time? Only a little one and a guy termed as one. 

Guys in drag…. only a minor villian this time 

Saviour and Northern Lord are from the same school of discipline and as close as brothers   

A stance by the name of Ba Wang Ling sounds like the Ba Zhe Ling and Wang Zhe Ling technique of Ken and Ryu in SF2 man huas   

Demonic Qi Syndrome, enough said 

The guy called Zhan Hu(battle tiger) is named Zhan Shen in this series, also appeared in SF3 and fought Ken. This guy originates from a man hua called Long Hu Men under the name of Wang Xiao Hu (Little tiger Wong). Thanks to Flayn80 for this bit of info) 

The Northern Lord (Ken being some sort of lord because he took over Shadowlaw in a coup. A Zhan Hu type character also refers to Ken as Northern Lord in SF3. While in CVS he was a Southern Lord).  

Northern Lord’s late girlfriend is in love with some other dead guy who used to wear a mask (a reference to Eliza and Balrog/Vega of SF2 )     

The term ’12 warriors’ (the 8 warriors and the 4 lords of SF 2) teaming up against an alien guy. There’s a pic that sort of depict the 12. 

Is Da Si Jie a grown up version of SiSi of SF2? Since Da Si Jie also hang around a wild man and a beast man (Blanka being both)  


Very powerful men(some villians and heroes) tend to walk around bared chested and caped?  

Some folks have funny hair styles(both guys and gals) that make them look like they got horns (Hey! my hair is like that sometimes!)  

Evil in-laws? The Saviour’s mom-in-law has been causing trouble (directly and indirectly) for the the Saviour’s family (she won’t spare her grandsons either) at various points of the story. Makes you wonder why a nice girl like your love interest has such an evil family (whether adopted or biological)  

When you’re the wife of the saviour of the story or a rather powerful warrior its almost a guarantee that the two of you won’t be able to spend much time together as there is always one threat or another. (very much a reccuring theme in SF series as well)  

Therefore you end up either waiting for him to return (for normal girls and warrior girls as well) or end up fighting alongside him.  

Plus you have to be strong enough to fend off the folks who wishes to kidnapped you to threathen the aforementioned Saviour or warrior. 

Dying at the hands of an offspring (biological, adopted or result of divine retribution) 

When the woman you love tells you not to fight with her father, you do not fight with her father. If you want to fight her father, make very sure that she’s not around or unable to interfere.  

When a woman you love is willing to die with/for you, you do not let her die  

Chances are the woman you love would die right in front of you, in your arms or because of you (Ryu seen CL die in SF2, a flashback in SF3, SFEX and CVS, while Ken saw Eliza die in SF2, SF3 and a flashback in SF EX as well ) 

Drawings of certain guys kissing or hugging their love interests, certain poses are similar to that of RCL kissing or hugging in SF2 (issue 51) and one even made its way to SFEX issue 15  

The Saviour getting slapped by his wife for killing their son? (Ryu got slapped by CL for not saving their not_their_son)   

Lei Zhe vs Saviour in which Lei Zhe lost his arm and Saviour the better part of his life and that Qing Hui spiriting him away might have something to do with his recovery (Vega/Bison vs Ryu in SF2 and CL’s interference did sort of saved his life ) 

Alien guys coming to earth and messing about?   

Alien guy Li Jia’s first earthly lover’s design is another girl with them hair buns. A sort of reference to SF2’s Alien guy Gao Xi falling fall for CL only to get rejected by CL and one eye poked out by Ryu and killed by Ken.  

Somebody is a fan of The Crow  

Going to the past and back to the future (Ryu, Ken and Vega/Bison did that in SF 2’s issue 100 to 115).  

Artist liking the scene in the manga adaption of the SF animated movie. In which Ryu used the shoryuken to shake some senses into Ken. And when the smoke clears Ryu was seen holding onto an unconcious Ken’s hand. Here its Saviour and Wu Ji but did not seem to have that much of an effect on Wu Ji 

And thank you for making it to the bottom of this page.  

I have finally read this series after resisting it for ten years. Gotta say that I was almost a recluse for two weeks while reading the entire series while I was still interested about it. Its a rather nice series to read. 

Funny thing is that one of the female character’s name has an almost similar pronunciation as my name in mandarin although the Chinese way of writing it is different *laughs*