Iwa says – 10 years after the first and failed attempt to do an english language original SF comic. The folks at Udon took up the challenge and came out with this series. It introduces the characters and sets up theri backgrounds.  

– Like why Ryu took up the journey to improve himself himself.  

– Chun Li constantly on trail of Shadaloo. (teaming up with Gen and Fei Long) 

– The Ryu and Ken frendship.  

– Ken and Eliza’s relationship 

– Guile and Charlie 

– Sakura chasing down Ryu 

– Cammy and her past.  

It feels mostly Zero-ish with the appearance of Charlie, Sakura and the Dolls (yeah I like Satsuki.) 

Artwork smacks a whole lot like these guys actually watch the SF animated movie and used the SF movie perfect album as a character design guide. Therefore artwork is like a cross between that anime movie and Udon’s own style.  

Extra things –Powerfoil covers, Alternate covers, lovely fanarts, Vega/Bison and CL busts. Cheap shots reminding me of the SF 4 Koma mangas. And of course pics of my collection making it in issue 7. (Thank You for making my day. )  And these guys are the first SF comic I ever sent stuff to.  

Keeping my fingers crossed that these guys would make a long lived series to rival the folks on the HK side (Not too much to ask for right?).