All I can say is that the intoduction in SFZ3 says this is backstory for SF3. somebody’s life flashing before him. Partly Ryu’s, partly Ken   

Basic Information   

– ChunLi is the daughter of Lord Vega. Gen is her sensei and sort of Lord Vega’s trusted servant   

– Ryu is Gouken’s eldest disciple. Son of Sheng Long (Chi Sheng Long /Red Rising Dragon even though I call him Shoryu) Ryu’s name means Chi Long / Red Dragon because of that headband which comic wise was given by his father   

And Sakura is Ryu’s long lost twin sister ( ignore age difference) adopted by Guy’s master   

– Story starts off with the Ryu / Ken epic battle and somebody’s life flashes before him.   

– Ryu and Ken works at a construction company and as the day’s work is done, they collect their pay., they talk about the fact that its a pity their sensei don’t allow their to join. When Ken had a run-in with a bully who took his money   

– When Ryu stops Ken from picking a fight, a little lady rides by on her bicycle and as she passes the bully she took his money and shuffs it in Ken’s pocket.   

– The moment she passes Ryu time seems to stop for he caught a lovely scent from her. While she felt his headband touches her face. Ryu stood there dumbly watching her. she turn to face him with the loveliest smile that took his breath away. Such a strong feeling that he would never forget   

– It took an annoyed Ken to snap him out of his trance. So off they went home by the subway where Ken met Eliza(her name is usually Julia in the comics) and help her out of some trouble. Reaching home they have to fend off intruders. After which Ryu was shackled up as a punishment for disobeying orders.   

– Under Gouki’s order the duo started sparring. during which qi disruption in Ryu cause him to lose control but he manages to settle that. Gouken after testing him decides to let him and Ken go off for the tourney   

– In town, Ken saw Eliza and left Ryu alone. Where Ryu saw that bully confronting CL about her pickpocketing ways. But she manage to beat the crap out of the bully, but starts to feel the pressure when Adon joins in. Ryu being Ryu wanted to help her but Honda confronted Ryu (his men got beaten up by Ken in the incident with Eliza)   

– And so in two unrelated little fights. Ryu and CL bumps into each other and are surrounded on all sides. she rememebers him and they both made small talk But as luck would have it theat fight got disrupted by Balrog(Mr Claws) appreance who made it a point to humiliate Ken   

– At the end of it all, Ryu lost sight of CL before he could even talk to her.   

– And its back to a couple of Tourney fights   

– In their dressing room attending to Ken’s mild injuries, Ryu thought he sense a fiery pressence and left Ken to investigate   

– Scene changes to CL who is taking a bath after her training when she heard someone in the hallway (good ears). So grabbing a towel and her bracelets she places herself up the ceiling where a couple of rafters keep her up. Leaping down drawing first blood from the brazen intruder as he enters.   

– Ryu unleashes a roundhouse kick by instincts, ripping off CL towel in the process. Leaving her very expose and vulnerable!!! And Ryu saw more than he ask for (short of a nose bleed)   

– This is awkward. Ryu panics trying to explain himself. CL of course yelling at him to get out   

– Suddenly he sense that the pressence is near and seeks to protect CL (the towel is back on her now)   

– The room gets hotter and a tongue of flame knocks Ryu out for 40 winks   

– Vega has arrive to get some information of the other fighters from his daughter and gave her advice on her coming fight. On finding out that Ryu is nothing more than a mere aquaintence, Vega orders CL to kill the boy   

– CL didn’t want to kill him but orders are orders so she strikes. Ryu wakes in time to disarm her and pins her to the floor (*snickers* )   

– Things don’t look too good for Ryu as he tries to explain but in CL current position and Ryu uh.. proximity. CL reaches a conclusion that Ryu has designs on her and proceeds to beat him up   

– Using a spinning bird kick upon him.( There goes the DreamCast.) Ryu didn’t fight back but reminds her that she’s exposing even more of herself to him in the process. She stops and fumes. Ryu suggest they settle their score at the arena some other time when she’s more appropriatly dress. (*Laughs*)   

– So with a smile he left her room. Out of the frying pan into the fire. As Gen seeks to kill him for messing around with the elder missy   

– Fights Gen, get kick off the edge of a cliff, the now dressed CL leaps to his rescue tries to pull him up. Gen taps CL’s wrist making her let go and watches Ryu fall to his death. Unsure of why she feels a sense of lost for a guy who kind of violated her modesty   

– Sheng Long’s backstory. He and Guy’s master (Zeku ) are childhood friends. And were seperated when Goutetsu picked him as a student (already has Gouken, Gouki and one other guy name Hoken( Hao Quan but call him Hoken for story sake okay ) While Zeku went and study Bushinryu (Guy’s style)   

– When the boys are around their 20s. Goutetsu died, Hoken left the dojo, Gouki can’t run the dojo so Gouken sort of took over. Sheng Long decides to go out into the world to carve himself a niche in the world. And build up a territory together with Zeku.   

– When they met a lady named Yuki their friendship was tested as both loved her. But eventually Sheng Long married her and their got a pair of twins. Ryu and Sakura. Zeku dropped by and majorly injured Sheng Long.   

– Would have killed him but Yuki took the blow. Zeku was stunned by what he had done. Yuki urges Sheng Long to take the kids and run. Sheng Long in his hurry took Ryu. Yuki begged Zeku to not kill Sakura for her sake. That Zeku could do for her and Yuki dies.   

– Sheng Long left Ryu with Gouken and headed of into the mountains so he can curl up somewhere and die. But instead he survived though he can’t leave or be seperated from the roots that plunges themselves into his body.   

– But as fate would have it. Ryu dropped right into Sheng Long’s cave via a hole of some lake. Right into Zeku hands ( has fued with Shoto clan).   

– Twist of fate and some little fights later. Sheng Long learns that Ryu is his son. To save Ryu he rip himself from the roots and fend of Zeku. Do what he can to heal Ryu and taught him the Shin Shoryuken *shrugs*   

– Tearful Father and son scene later.   

– Sheng Long watches Ryu use Shin Shoryuken tto get out of the cave. Seeing Zeku trying to make his escape. Sheng Long grabs him and held him back as the rocksilde seals them off from the outside world.   

– While back at the arena CL takes on Birdie and Honda. She beats Birdie, short of being crushed to death by Honda. CL manages to survived when Gen helps her (the master will kill him if he didn’t). Other peoples’ fights later. The Shoto team (Ken and Dan as Ryu not around) won when Dan beats Blanka by pure luck   

– CL hangout at the park and broods. Getting into a conversation with Gen about Ryu. Sagat shows up and beats the stuffing out of them. Apprently had gone around beating people up as he wants to fight the best fighter around   

– As Ken can’t beat Sagat. Ryu joins the fray and faces of Sagat. When he leapt into the air to see if he could find Dan at the same time survey the damage. He saw unconscious CL amongst Sagat’s victims (which probably what sets off Ryu’s anger)   

– Ryu fights Sagat, fast and furious fight that it was. Until Sagat charges a large Tiger projectile that Ryu could not deflect but the worse thing is that CL happen to be in that projectile’s line of fire!! Using his hadoken to propel him to CL. He grabs CL and took the brunt of the projectile’s attack !!   

– Viciously Sagat continues to pummel Ryu. slamming him into walls and floors. Last ditch desperation, Ryu unleashes the Shin Shoryuken, winning the fight and scarring Sagat as well.   

– Lord Vega drops by and takes Sagat as his servant. while Bison collects master Gen and Elder-missy CL. Thats when Ryu realise that Vega is CL’s father. Vega turns his attention on Ryu   

-. Offers Ryu the chance of joining him and becoming his top aide since Ryu saved his daughter. But Ryu rejects the offer. And ends up fighting Vega. very nearly losing his life until he remembers Gouki’s advice.   

– Further fight with Vega. CL wakes to see Vega fighting Ryu. Then she saw Vega on the verge of killing Ryu! That’s when CL yells to Vega to please spare Ryu’s life. Ryu was spared but Vega planted a bit of qi in Ryu, ensuring that they will meet again. CL watches as Dan and Ken takes Ryu away   

– Back at the dojo there was an internal fight when Hoken came demanding the Secret Shoryuken-Hadoken manual (same one). Seeing the boys, Ryu’s life was the first to be threathened. Things got out of hand and the implanted qi within Ryu conflicted with his and drove him nuts attacking Hoken, anybody and anything   

– Back at CL. She seems to have trouble sleeping. Vega visits her and guess correctly that she’s still thinking of Ryu. He promise her that she’ll defintely see Ryu again because of what he did to the boy. And only he has the antidote.   

– And CL is tuck between worry for Ryu’s wellbeing and the knowledge of  meeting up with him again. Vega left.   

– Hoken left kidnapping Ken. while Ryu insanely attacks tree after tree…. Gouken manages to stablise Ryu but he can’t purge the fiery qi   

– Scene shifts to Vega where he and his gang starts a fight with his father and his lackeys (Guy and Rolento on the same team?!) Rose helping Vega? Fight, fight and more father-son issues. Fights. CL and Gen tires to help but no use. Gouken joins the fight because Ryu needs Vega’s antidote.   

– Vega’s save Ryu strikes another bargain. Help Vega stop his father and in return he would betroth CL to Ryu. Ryu rejected his offer as he didn’t like the notion that CL is nothing more than a bargaining chip.   

– He will stop Vega’s father but only because he has pay Vega back for saving his life. Gouki and Hoken joins the fray.   

– Big, messy and violent fight. Ryu gets his first taste of Satsui no Hadou. He defeats Vega’s father and sort of save Vega in the process   

– The currently weaken Ryu meets up with Vega. who spares his life. nobody owe nobody nothing. Vega tells him, he will conquer this place and the next time Ryu and him meet. He will kill Ryu (how the fued begins and the sad way it went in SF3 with CL being the one to suffer)   

– And thus begins Ryu’s journey to better himself. Begining the journey of his life with this pair of fists. A living legend of a warrior in his own right.   


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