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Time: The Book 1 July 1996 1st issue August 17   

Iwa’s Run-in : Around that point in time   

Publisher:King Comics (What Jademen and Jade Dynasty is now known as)

Total Issues: 1 book and 4 issues that continues the book   


Alternative thing: Hui Kim Sum and Lee Zhong Heng who work togther for SF2 worked together for this series   

Some pics from the Man Huas   

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The only one that sort of follows Capcom style story line. 

Basic Information 

CL works for interpol and she seeks the killer of her father   

Ryu is Gouken’s disciple   

– The book starts the story. It contains short stories of all characters 

– Gouken watching the fight between Goutestsu and Gouki and witness the death of Goutestu– Rose and her premonition of Vega/Bison 

– Ryu’s training days and his encounter with Sagat   

– Dan’s history and meeting up with Ken 

-CL getting a mysterious phone call about her father’s information and ends up fighting Charlie Nash. Blame Vega/Bison for making thew duop hallucinate that the other is Vega/Bison 

– By the end of the book all the fighters are at the arena, watching a major Vega and Gouki fight because Vega had stolen a year’s worth their powers to add on his in order to deal with Gouki 

– When the battle ends we have Ryu mumbling away about ‘The fight is all’ and embarks on a not that new direction in life. 

– The four issues starts on a three months later time line, 

– With Ryu revisiting the arena demanding to see Vega and getting into fights with Birdie, Sodom and Sagat. Before Vega comes along beats Ryu up and  a Psycho Shot later sends Ryu plunging into the the deep ocean where Gouki is.   

– Gouki decides to train Ryu to become the best warrior there is.   

– Some days later. CL became one of the various fighters that Sakura had rounded up to join her quest to beat Vega   

– Although they joined forces they were no match for Vega until the one guy who does came along   

– So Ryu fights Vega. Ken later joins in. Major fight and Ryu gets a taste of his Satsui no Hadoi, defeat Vega.   

– CL and the others wonder where Ryu had gone and cheered when Ryu and Ken shows up.   

– Book ends with Gouki wanting to challenge Ryu and Ken.   

– Its only four issues *shrugs*   

– RCL relationship? What RCL relationship? They are two people who just happen to meet during a fight. What relationship is there in a book and four issues? If there is one its between the pages or after the series   

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