Hello, read the history and published games of Street Fighter Series,

Street Fighter (1987)

The first title of the saga featured Ryu – player 1- and Ken – player 2- as the only characters to use. Sagat appeared as the last fighter to win.

1) This is the only game in the saga where Ryu wears shoes.
2) Even though Sagat was almost impossible to beat, in the Street Fighter II Game, this difficulty was drastically reduced.
2) The Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpu-Kyaku removed 40% of the rival’s energy, (even the Shoryuken removed 80% since it usually took two hits), so with two accurate and one blocked you defeated the opponent, while in all subsequent games, these punches did not take away more than a heavy blow.
3) Sagat had the particularity that when he was protected from a Hadouken or any special hit, his energy was not reduced at all, this also did not hold in the later games.
In the bonus stages, the only difference between Ryu and Ken was the color of his hair and pants.
4) When you were fighting Sagat, he had the patch in his left eye, but when you defeated him, his patch went to the right eye.
5) Despite the difficulty of the game, there was the possibility of using an infallible trick, which made the game extremely easy to defeat, this consisted in performing the Hadoken continuously, without stopping, even though the CPU tried to dodge it.

Street Fighter 2 (1991)

With this version, the saga jumped to the world-wide fame. In relation to the first installment, the number of characters to be chosen was increased, among which Chun-Li, Guile, Blanka, Zangief, Dhalsim and E. Honda stand out. In later editions of the game were added other fighters such as Fei Long and Cammy, to name a few, apart from making their first appearance Akuma (Gouki) – as a hidden fighter -.

This version was very successful because of the different fighters (each with their individual powers), good graphics for the time and the inclusion of a female character (Chun-Li) in the fighters’ squad, among others. aspects.

Street Fighter Alpha / Zero (1995)

This game had three versions. The first was launched in 1995. The two subsequent editions (1996 and 1998) had better graphics.

The most outstanding curiosities of the game are:
1) We have ten selectable characters from the beginning and three other secrets.
2) For the first time in the saga not all the characters have their own scenarios (corrected in Street Fighter Alpha 2), but all are new and have a new style closer to the anime, in fact the design is inspired by the anime based on the videogame.
3) Special Shadow moves of Super Street Fighter II Turbo are maintained, but all characters have new and more fanciful moves.
4) The Alpha Counter is added. It is a special movement that allows you to return an attack to the enemy while we are blocking his.
5) Now you can block the opponent’s attacks in the air
6) The player does not always face the end with M Bison or Akuma, now the final boss is the key character in the story, with Chun Li will still be M Bison, but with Ryu will be Sagat his former enemy.

Street Fighter EX (1996)

It was the first game in the series with 3D graphics. It had two sequels (released in 1998 and 2000).
Some interesting facts of the game are:
1) Most significant is that it has 18 different characters.
2) The characters marked with an asterisk (*) are created by Arika.
3) The versions that came out of the Street Fighter EX are:

Street Fighter EX Plus

In March 1997, came out improved version, and here you get all the hidden characters, unlocked from the beginning of the game.
and the

Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha

Launched on July 17, 1997, where all the characters of the arcade version of the EX Plus version were included, along with two characters exclusively for this version: Street Fighter II Dhalsim and Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha 2.
It could be said that before they were called versions to what today we call a DLC

Street Fighter 3 (1997)

This game has three different editions, and in each one more characters and some minor modifications are added.

Street Fighter III was the real sequel to Street Fighter II, starring Ryu and Ken’s duet. The game featured only ten characters, later others were introduced in the second and third edition of the game, which are:

Street Fighter III: New Generation In the marquee of the machine, only the title “Three” appears
Street Fighter III: Second Impact – Giant Attack
Street Fighter III: Third Strike – Fight for the Future

In a few words, very simple but innovative DLCs at the time

Street Fighter 4 (2008)

This game has graphics and 3D scenarios, although its mobility is lateral.
Street Fighter 4 regained the gameplay of the classic Street Fighter II, and the series returned great success they had in the 90 ‘.

Street Fighter 5 (2016)

Well, it is an upcoming one that is being developed by Capcom.
The game is scheduled to be released on the 03 of 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.