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All of us know Street Fighter. Some for a decade and longer, some in recent years. For those of us who loves comics. To have an SF comic, man hua or manga to read would really make the game more enjoyable. What more a story featuring CL or/and Ryu is always a good motivation for me to get a book. This section started off as an online catalogue for me. 
Part of the information is sourced from Dash Taisen. Whilethe other part is based on the books I managed to collect.Much thanks toDash Taisenbecause without his website I would never find the some of the books. Because the layout for manga is slightly different than the man hua info you might want to read the ‘How to find Street Fighter manga ‘ at the bottom before jumping in.And if you want the closest thing to canonical storyline try the Street Fighter Plot guideOr you could always email Capcom about it.

Japanese Manga Publishing companies


 From SF to earlier KOF series. A whole lot of untranslated and translated manga. And then I can






Nihon Terebi

Ohzora Shuppan

Shinseisha 1

Shinseisha 2


Sony Magazine

Studio DNA

Tokuma Shoten 


*Ching Win Publishing

Wani Heroes





This batch here are the official Capcom endorse mangas so don’t ask me why unofficial mangas never made it in. 
The comics are copyrighted to their creators and companies. In no way do I profit from this. 
It is not to be posted anywhere else without permission as I spent time sourcing for information from Dash Taisen and my own books so give credit where credit is due.
* A word of thanks to the folks on the Shoryuken forums. Because some of the stuff you guys discuss made me rummage through my collection and add on to the site information that i miss out (I tend to rummage through the net for information.)

*The only reason I put Ching Win Publishing in here instead of the ManHwa section because its already in small manga book format. Ching Win also does translation on certain Jap mangas.

My understanding of the stories is based on the pics and me trying to make do with kanji. Unless I read it from my Chinese editions of course. 
It is available to read for free.
If you have any question you may email me
* How to find Street Fighter manga.

– Go to your nearest Japanese book store 
– Go to your nearest Kinokuniya book store. A large pile of my mangas, illustration books and game magazine(the mags being shelf bought) were ordered from this incredible store. Check out the site to see if there’s one in your part of the country. Usually I give them thetitle and the ISBN numberto order the books for me. 
– Go to your nearest Chinatown and ask the comic shop guy for translated copies as well. Which is why for some I added the extra ISBN numbers (where available) for the translated copies by different publishers so that there will always be more than one source as far as I’m aware of.
– See if Udon will translate any more good mangas

– Try Amazon I got some information from there by just typing in the ISBN Number of the books or keywords like ‘Street Fighter’ ‘Capcom’ (copy and paste the words in Katagana from Capcom site because English words are likely to lead you to Udon books) and in one case ‘Chun Li’ (her name in kanji). Oh and the site is in Japanese
. Tip though, if you are going to Japan you could buy your books from Amazon and have them deliver to your hotel a few days before you arrive. Just make sure you’re staying for a few days in case you miss your delivery. If they don’t ship overseas try and see if Celga,Rinkya, Crescent shop, etc can buy them for you
– Go to ebay and search
– Try searching 7andy, Yahoo booksKoyudoBookoffJunkudo and Amazon again then see if Celga,Rinkya, Crescent shop, etc can buy them for you

– Go  Yahoo! Japan then see if CelgaRinkya, Crescent shop, etc can bid them for you
– Use search engines, who knows, you might find some online shop that sells manga. 

On vacation
– If you are going to Asian countries like Japan(the source), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia or Singapore. Or have friend going there, or live there. Hope that the books (in Jap or other languages) can still be found there. And bring a list with you.

– When touring Japan, visit 2nd hand book stores like Bookoff (Iga Ueno branch in particuluar), Junkudo, Mandrake(Nakano, Akibahara, Osaka),Gamers (Brocoli) I found a major haul of old old Street Fighter mangas from different shops while I was there.
– Hunt down old Shounen Jump magazines.
– Hunt down old issues of Comic Weekly/Man Hua Zhou Tan (Comic mag found in Singapore and Malaysia). Plenty of SF, Samurai Spirits and various good comics serialise within. Game news to boot. 
I wish you tons of good luck and plenty of patience 
Do not look at me. I am not selling my mangas.





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