Street Fighter Man Hua



All of us know Street Fighter. Some for a decade and longer, some in recent years. For those of us who loves comics. To have an SF comic, man hua or manga to read would really make the game more enjoyable. For the Hong Kong man hua. The summary mention will bewith regards to Ryu and ChunLi(This is an RCL shrine after all) relationship in these man huas. 
Some spoilers in the way the man huas ends. In no way do I profit from making this page. Rather I encourage you to go out there and find these man huas and buy them so you can find out more about Ken and other fighters’ side of the story ( that I left out ) And I am using Japanese names for the fighters. Lord Vega (Bison), Bison (Balrog) and Mr Claws: Balrog (Vega). Oh and the whole Sheng Long thing

I think most of you should know by now that the Hong Kong comics are not particularly canonical. But if you want the closest thing to canonical storyline try the Street Fighter Plot guide. Or you could always email Capcom about it.



With the exception of Chao Ba Shi Ji. These are the official Capcom Jie Tou Ba Wang man huas (Also known as Kwai Da Xuan Fong in Taiwan) that I’m know off. Unless there are pre Jie Tou Ba Wang 2(SF 2) man huas that I missed. Which is possible since I went into SF man hua around mid 1992 
The Continuity monster. Do not seek it as it would only confuse due to plot loopholes. Do not ask me or I’ll lose sleep trying to explain as I can’t explain it too well. If I do give an explanation its the one in the book. 
The summaries above are just part of the story and is written for the curious who wish to know what goes on in the man huas. It is not a full translation of the entire man hua. It is available to read for free

It is not to be posted anywhere else without permission and credit must be given since social life (I have one?) is greatly sacrificed. 

And you are not allow to alter or copy any part of the summaries. 

The man huas are copyrighted to their creators and companies. In no way do I profit from this.

* A word of thanks to the folks on the Shoryuken forums. Because some of the stuff you guys discuss made me rummage through my collection and add on to the site information that i miss out (I tend to rummage through the net for information.)

If you have any question you may email me


Man Wah (Cantonese), Man Hwa and Man Hua (Chinese), Its just a matter of pronouciation and what you’re used to. I was taught the words Man Hua throughout my schooling days so it sticks here. It translate as ‘slow drawing’ 


* How to find Street Fighter man huas 

– Go to your nearest Chinatown and ask the comic shop guy 

– Go to ebay and search 

– Go Yahoo! Singapore’s Auction, Yahoo! Hong Kong, Yahoo! Taiwan and Yahoo! Japan or just plain Yahoo! 

– Search Engines 

– If you are going to Asian countries like Hong Kong (the source), Taiwan, China, Malaysia or Singapore. Or have friend going there, or live there. Hope that the old SF2 books can still be found there 

– Do not look at me I am not selling my man huas