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Street Fighter IV Wai Zhuan



Time: 1st issue  25 Mar 2009   

Iwa’s Run-in: same as above   

Publisher:King Comics (What Jademen and Jade Dynasty is now known as)

Total Issues:


Altrnative thing:   Hui Kim Sum and Lee Zhong Hengand various others worked on this series   

Some pics from the Man Huas   

Basic Information 

Ryu and Chun Li does have a relationship.

Orders from Capcom stated that author of this series has the choice to stay with official game storyline. Or go creative and stray but the comic must be tagged with the words Wai Zhuan (Gaiden/spin off /side story) to indicate that its an officially unofficial storyline

Will update this back in the usual Ryu and CL viewpoint when I have enough issues to, so enjoy the extras.. But this is what I translated from one of the HK comics forum There’s mention in the comic that Vega (Bison) needs a new body so I don’t know how far they would stick to game plot where the relationship of Ryu, CL and Vega are concern.

Vega (Commander) collected the essence of all living things to create some super combo (Warrior’s strike/attack/Essence?) but it is incomplete and has side effects. On account of wanting to perfect this new combo he created a bunch clones as his own body supplies

Story starts off with 8 warriors challenging Vega and him using them to test out this new power of his by giving them each a portion of this new power. Ryu’s the only one (?) who suspect that its more trouble that it worth

6 months later the 8 warriors vanished. Sin and Seth (aka Taichi God) appears and takes leads the other 3 Shadoloo bosses and starts an SF tournament to draw out the 8 warriors so that he can collect the essence Vega gave them. But the 8 didn’t show.


So far – Guile got sucked in by Seth and spat out, truamatising Guile somewhat (what did Seth meant by he ‘created’ the Sonic Boom?) In alternate dimension Seth fights a Masterdon. Vega needs a new body? Ken and Balrog(claws Vega) acknowledge their fued but Seth shows up,is it Ken’s turn now? Ryu showed up at Thailand (there’s a scar on his back) ends up in a fight with Sagat.

Ken watches Balrog (Claws) got eaten by Seth, allowing Seth to fight a giant lizard crocodile (don’t ask. Please don’t ask) in said alternate dimension. Seth has his eye on Ken after ‘digesting’ Balrog but Guile manage to stun him and drags Seth back to some faculty. Ryu gets flashback in which Gouki gets philosophical with him and then slaps him around.  Back to reality Ryu and Sagat holds a truce and teams up to look for Seth bringing them to the faculty where Ken and Guile are holding Seth. But Seth has been transported away by Ken who is now linking up to Seth just to see what in the guy’s head.

Gouken and Rose shows up,  there was the mention of some funky martial arts stance call The fourth strike/stance and that the only person who might be able to effectively utlise it turn out to be Dan. And Gouken has to go look for him (and saves him from gettinmg a beating from El Fuerte)

CL shows up to attacked Vega (Commander) in his base (by throwing a fight with Abel and getting herself shipped over) and realised that he had weaken greatly. With her mission done. CL retreats only to end up fighting Crimson Viper(her name in HK is Red Flame) and Abel one after another. And after managing to escape from these two CL looks for Ryu at his dojo, only to get Shun Goku Satsu by Gouki………….

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