Sort of continues from SF3’s story (Don’t argue with me about 3rd Strike. Don’t chase the continuity monster ).Where Ryu struck a bargain with Gill. Gill succeeds in his evoloution and became some guy with a sword style cross on his face. He’s renamed as Shen-Wu over here.   

Basic infomation    

– Ryu and ChunLi are still husband and wife. They have moved house from that high mountain over to a lovely little valley (Drfting Stars valley – fireflies’ effect on field)   

– It seems that RCL do not believe in living in a house, favoring to covert a cave or move cave if it so fancy them. Short of piling their belongings on a cart and roam the earth. (whoops! LOB sneaking in)   

– And I would like to repeat myself by saying. That thing(Vulcana Russo) is not exactly their son. Do not make me hit the upside of your head with a rolled-up newspaper.   

– Story starts with fighting and some killing done by Gouki. then moving onto Ken getting into deep trouble as Shen-Wu (Resident villian) who has come back to seek revenge on Ken .   

– And then down at the Drifting Stars valley, its a lovely night with the full moon and stars in the sky. Ryu getting ready to do some caligraphy. He thinks that the mess in the current world us a result of his actions. And is pretty upset right now.   

– Drinking the tea she brew was the only thing that calms him down. Its CL! She has finally woken from that coma/death/thingy   

– So Ryu tells her that all this is his fault. And he wonders whether he should uh… you know. And CL being the type of person she is. Supports his decision that he should take back that which belong to him. And with that he left CL at home and off he went.   

– A little explanation about the rules of power being change (from colours to planets) and a lot of little fights between Ken and various characters later. Ryu shows up at Shen-Wu’s place gets into a fight with him as Ryu wants to know what Shen-Wu is up to using Ryu’s name to start a tournament   

– Because of that we get a flashback. To the time when Ryu helped Gill to evolve. And Gill kept his word and handed Ryu a ball of qi that could bring the dead back to life. But what’s creepy is that that ball of qi seems to be tainted.   

– Shen-Wu told him to take that qi and be reunited with CL. this would make them even and Shen-Wu wants to have no dealings with Ryu. End flashback   

– But to help Shen-Wu evolve is to tip the balance of destiny and nature. Everything goes haywire. And Ryu would get his punishment but that would be inflicted on his beloved wife instead   

– The permonition that Ryu sees. He sees Ken, Gouki and himself. the worst of all is that he sees CL sitting on top of a huge pile of skeletons. A very bad omen indeed. Shen-Wu then asks what is Ryu going to do since he’s suppose to be the saviour of this world and that his wife will be the one who ends it (*laughs!!*)!   

– And then scene shifts to CL. What the?! Huh?! How the!!? Is that an omen or is that CL worrying too much for Ryu? And to get her mind off things she decides to workout a little throwing around a few moves. She sense someone way stronger than her approaching this way. The best is to hide.   

– Turns out its Gouki who’s visiting as he sense something in the area. And joining him is his mortal enemy Shen-Wu who had came to collect CL. And that’s how CL got caught up in a fight between two powerhouses   

– While Ryu is so far away elsewhere. getting another bad omen of CL, doing further meditation and getting into fights and meeting up with his semi-dead disciple who tells him that there might be another way to save CL and Kairi is the key   

– Back to CL, who trying to keep herself alive fending off Gouki and Shen-Wu. Showing signs of sudden advance in qi. baffling the two powerhouses and herself. Shen-Wu wants to kill her before that thing within CL matures when who would have known Gouki decides to bail her out as he wants to fight that thing. Ordering CL to go find Ryu and shoves her off in a headstart while he fends off Shen-Wu   

– And as fate would have it. CL ran into Kairi who has Ryu’s headband (Ken took it in SF3 big fight). CL tries to be polite but ends up getting into a fight with Kairi over it. And Gouki comes along to break up the fight.   

– Making sure that neither killed each other since he will see them again at the Tourney. Oh yes and to inform CL that she’s expecting a boy   

– While Ryu is stuck at the Arena and as luck would have it Kairi shows up and since Kairi is key to saving CL. Ryu had to fight him and keep him around. Hopefully CL would show up at the Arena   

– CL is in some little town and had a run-in with a fortune teller (not Rose). Who told her the usual stuff. That CL is the daughter of a mighty general who rules part of the world. Met the love of her life when she was 17. Although she had an accident she was lucky to have survive it (uh.. kinda). Now leads a happy life with her husband.   

– And would soon have a child (the notion made CL pale). An incredible child at that. And everything will go well for her family. If that be a lie may he be struck down by a car.   

– All seems well as CL left thinking that that all will go well. And then, some drunk driver crashed right into the fortune teller killing the old coot on the spot………   

– And the arena fights begins. And around that time CL wanders up the special gallery where she found Ryu. RCL hugged, he comforts her telling her that he knows. He thinks he might have a way to help her. And that most importantly if anybody dares hurt her. He will kill the fellow without hesitation ‘Sat Mo Sai!’ (*laughs at the field day*)   

– So they joined the fray. Ken in SnH mode attacks Ryu at which CL jumps in and took that attack for him. Ryu’s reaction was to beat Ken up to prove his point when he said Sat Mo Sai to CL (*wipes a tear*)   

– Even though CL is okay because of that thing in her. Ryu still can’t forgive Ken, so slipping into his SnH mode he starts a fight with such intense anger. Sat Mo Sai!!!   

– Fight, talk, fight, talk, a series of subterfuges, SnH Ryu and SnH Ken working together against Shen-Wu, more talks and more fights later. That thing within CL was born and Shen-Wu took it and adopted it.   

– CL still thinks that its her child and wants SnH Ryu to get it back. But Shen-Wu explains it best   

– Explain. When Ryu took that tainted qi(because the powers that be punishes those who tips the balance) and bring back CL, that was when the seed of calmity(the baby) is planted. A vessel of power like CL to nuture this thing into being. Its nobody’s child.   

– So one major qi explosion later everybody left the building   

– Some forest clearing where RCL are. Because of maternal instincts and her disrupted qi. CL still thinks that the child is hers and demands that Ryu bring it back. Ryu manages to drive CL into wild anger by saying that thing is not their biological child (not an RCL product). And that earn him a major beating and left him in search of that not_her_son herself.   

– Meanwhile the little guy was given the name of Wu-Tian( aka Vulcana Russo) by Shen-Wu. And the kid grew up some and is quite taken with Shen-Wu   

* Hope you readers are not confuse. Because Wu Tian / Vulcana Russo (the way the comic went okay) is who the child looks like when he grows up( Him or Dan judging by the weird fringe). Rapid growth   

– As for CL driven by mildly insane by maternal instincts and disrupted qi, went as far as to steal someone’s kid. Killing people who dares stop her. But the mother’s bid to take back her child sparks a moment of sanity but deepens the need to find her not_her_son   

– Everybody has quite a few fights and some issues later. Ryu finally met up with Ken and fights Shen-Wu. Wu-Tian shows up now a 5 year old kid and calls one of the fighter ‘Dad’ but is he refering to Ryu?   

– Gouki and Kairi joins the fray. they want the boy’s power   

– While CL is running around elsewhere destroying stuff while searching for Wu-Tian. Had a fight with D-Dark and makes him suffer some as he was one of the fellows who wanted to kill her not_her_son back at the arena. And five clones of dead fighters(five guys died in SF3) shows up   

– So CL has to fight Vega, Sagat, Balrog (Mr Claws), Guile and Dhalsim. But her calling Vega’s clone ‘father’ trigger some memories of his past life.. So now Vega, CL and the four clones head off to find his not_his_grandson   

– Back at Ryu. Shen-Wu is more concern over the injured Wu-Tian than Ryu (can’t blame him) could be. As it turns out that Wu-Tian does not recognise Ryu as his father (!!) That sent Ryu temporarily out of action. While everybody else gets into another fight at which Gouki kills Shen-Wu.   

– A teary death scene between Shen-Wu and Wu-Tian in which Wu-Tian acknowledges the Shen-Wu as his father.   

– Gouki, Kairi and Wu-Tian got locked in some kind of a powerball where only one will emerge with his full powers. Ryu wanted to save his uh… son but Ken stop him as and continues an unfinished fight with Ryu   

– Major Ryu Ken fight. Vega and gang shows up. All CL could think about is finding Wu-Tian, with Vega  they attempt to free the boy from the power ball but no use.   

– Gouki the first to steps out of the ball but he ain’t the chosen one. Ryu came back got into another fight  with Ken. Kairi steps out and turns out he’s not the one either. that would mean……..   

– After Ryu won his fight with Ken An adult Wu-Tian steps outs. CL rushes over to Wu-Tian. Guess what?   

– Wu-Tian does not recognise CL as his mother and kills her. throwing CL’s body over to Ryu. Ken’s dead, CL’s dead. The world is screwed up because of Ryu. There is no other choice than to fight. A battle so intense that reality starts to shifts and stuff.   

– In the end of it all. Ryu found himself back CL’s tomb. At which he prays that she supports him and then destroy the place.   

– Last 12 issues of SFEX’s story arch. Which up to some point I don’t quite get the story   

– Where Ryu found that Wu-Tian with god-like powers sent him to a world of his making.   

– In which he got stuck in fight after fight.   

– Until he finally meets up with Wu-Tian (dressed as Vulcana Russo should ).   

– For this last fight.   

– Don’t ask me why Ken had to die as it is the only way to give Ryu the understanding in order to take down Vulcana   

– Don’t ask me why he acknowledge Vulcana as his son(because the powers that be says he must). Don’t ask me why Ryu cries. As its suppose to be part of a new stance’s side effect.   

– Ryu unleashes a souped up Hadoken at Wu-Tian locking him in a dimensional trap made by the powers that be. And so Ryu technically dies off.   

– In that sense Ryu’s job is finish. the Wu-Tian saga ends. The balance is righted again and the world is as it should be while Wu-Tian langiush in his lonely prison by himself, powerless, alone.   

– While Ryu goes back to where he belongs. With CL, Ken, his friends and his enemies   



And thank you for making it to the bottom of this page.   

Confuse about continuity? Don’t read too much into it. Don’t chase the continuity monster.   

Apprently the introduction in the SF3rdstrike-Bio Hazard crossover Man Hua. Mr Hui Kim Sum himself stated that SFEX2 is to continue that unfinish storyarch. But EX2 is still EX2 and the end results aren’t too ideal (his words not mine). So SF3BH is his thrid attempt at making a complete series