Unable To Resist Coloring And Using Udon

Street Fighter comics

Unable to resist coloring and using Udon

All of us know Street Fighter. Some for a decade and longer, some in recent years. For those of us who loves comics. To have an SF comic, man hua or manga to read would really make the game more enjoyable. 

The English language comics compared to Japanese Mangas and Hong Kong Man Huas used to be harder to come by owing to the fact that there was more mangas and manhwas produced. Added a list of translated mangas to the Udon section since they have been translating some of the mangas.And if you want the closest thing to canonical storyline try the Street Fighter Plot guideOr you could always email Capcom about it.

Comics Publishing companies
Udon Street Fighter
Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Street Fighter IV
Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li
Translated Manga list and other books
Books i don’t have


This batch here are the official Capcom endorse Comics that I know of, so don’t ask me why certain comics in other languages never made it in. 
The comics are copyrighted to their creators and companies. In no way do I profit from this. 
It is not to be posted anywhere else without permission (yada yada yada)I know there are sites out there who can do this section better than I can but to leave out this section is somewhat of an injustice since I had already done the other 2 comics section. 
It is available to read for free unless you wish to send some money my way to pay for my bentos, coffee, Udon CL and Vega (Bison) busts, Ryu power foil cover. 
If you have any question you may email me 
Or post up a message  if you don’t wanna email me. 
* How to find Street Fighter comics 
– Go to your nearest comic book store 
– Try Diamond Comic distributor 
– Go to ebay and search 
– Go Yahoo! Singapore’s Auction, Yahoo! Hong Kong, Yahoo! Taiwan and Yahoo! Japan or just plain Yahoo! 
– Use search engines, who knows, you might find some online shop that sells comics. 
– If you are coming to Singapore. Or have friends going there, or live there. Certain sets can be found here. 
I wish you tons of good luck and plenty of patience 
Do not look at me. I am not selling my comics. 





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