This comic uses some of SF2 as a guide in terms of history and relationships. SFZ3  is sort of a backstory   

Basic infomation   

ChunLi –  CL is still the wife of Ryu. CL is Vega’s flesh and blood daughter. Also Alex’s half sister   

Ryu – His sensei is Gouken, His best bud is Ken. Ryu is still fueding with Vega as they both blame each other for what happen to CL   

– Story starts with Ken and family running for dear life. Gill came along and apprently toasted Eliza and iced Ken. Messed with Mel’s qi so that he will need the help of someone with Hadouken to help him (lure Ryu out). Mel met up with Alex and hangs out with him and Elena. Alex saw Ibuki and chemistry flies   

– Ryu now lives in seclusion on a mountain. Hiding in a caveren. Day in day out in mediation. All because he ain’t leaving the tomb of CL(?!). Until he gets an omen of Ken being in trouble. He decides to go help. So touching CL’s bracelets, he tells her that he’s sorry because he needs to go out and get some things done. Please do wait for his return.   

– So off Ryu went to the Shotoken Dojo. Dan didn’t welcome him but Ryu does not care and headed in to pay his respect to the late Gouken. And takes from him a secret Shoto manuel.thus honouring a request of Gouken’s   

– Took a few issues and some little fights before Ryu arrives to help Mel and Ken from Gill.   

– Apprently Ryu has set his mind on doing a kamikaze battle Gill. that would use every ounce of his life force. That new fancy set of moves go by the moniker of Chun Li Wang Qing Quan ( Forget feelings fist?)   

– Ryu met Vega who swore vengence at Ryu   

– As Ryu spent a few years in seculsion in CL’s tomb. His pining for CL caused him to take to using her moves. It carries the everything his has for CL. His love for her, his anger towards himself of causing her death, his yearning for her and the meaning of loving CL   

– So much so that he incorporates her very essence into his moves. He seems to bring out the spirit of CL   

– He could feel as if CL is there with him suppoting him in battle, practically feel her in his moves.   

– No anger or hate towards the enemy. Just Ryu’s love for CL. The feeling of being able to fight the enemy with her   

– He may not have bad blood with Gill. but to get rid of a tyrant and have an excuse to be with CL. Why not?   

– And all that is making Gill worry because he sense a great increase in strength where Ryu is concern. Very much a differnt person.   

– Senretsu, Tensho kyaku, Head Stomp(my fave and CL’s signature move), a single straight punch,   

– Even if Gill attacks him, Ryu felt nothing and is practically smiling (?! *snifles*). for Ryu pain is nothing compare to being able to be with CL again   

– Giving Gill that feeling that Ryu very much wants to die and take him along in the process (hmm). It makes Ryu ecstatic that he would soon achieve his goal.   

– One last attack. Ryu could have jolly well join CL and the book could end in just 17 nice issues had Alex not come in and break them apart .All because he had a message for Ryu from Gouki.   

– In it was about thing in regards to the Satsui no Haodu, and even told Ryu how to unlock it.   

– So Ryu becomes Satsui no Hadou (SnH) Ryu and beats up Gill even more. Ken came along and Gill  used the fact that Eliza is still alive to make Ken fend of Ryu   

– So SnH Ryu is in the state of ‘fight anything that attacks him’ Although he manages to not kill Ken. He can’t avoid disabling Ken’s skill in the process.   

– Gill wanting to test SnH Ryu grabs Eliza as a shield and attacks him. Though Gill was hit, Eliza was the one to suffer the brunt of it. Guile came along and with Yun and Yang brought Gill over to Urien   

– So Ryu here knowing that he can’t avoid destiny. Splits the manuel giving Ken the Shoryuken half and keeping the Hadouken part for himself and left.   

– Ryu had make it a point to check on Ken progress. And took to training Sean in that special Hadouken style because he himself does not meet a requirement.   

– One fine day it started out in this way. Vega and Ryu had never see eye to eye about lots of things, on account that Ryu is his son-in-law. Vega make it a point to notify Ryu that his army will be attacking the area that Ryu is hanging out at. And if Ryu interferes, he’ll fight him too.   

– And Ryu on account that Vega is his father-in-law told him off that as long as Vega is attacking innocents and Shotoken students, he will fight back.   

– And since both of them can’t be civil to each other anymore. Then they’ll have to settle the matter in a fight   

– So they start beating each other up and each move gets heavier and heavier. Until both brought out a Psycho Crusher and Shinku Hadoken that contains every drop of their qi into this do or die fight.   

– And then she appears. The woman that held a significant place in thieir hearts. She calls out to her father and her husband to stop killing each other.   

– *sniffles* Can’t pull back their attacks, can’t get her out of their way. All the two could do is pull back their qi to avoid injuring her   

– All they could pull back is half. Half of Ryu’s strength and half of Vega equals one very devastating upon CL!!!!   

– That which they took back hurt the two men somewhat as its much like a backlash   

– So here Ryu manages to get to CL first   

– CL made Ryu promise not to fight Vega anymore. Ryu would of course promise anything as long as she lives!   

– Vega wants to kill Ryu for causing this accident but CL defends Ryu and says this ain’t his fault. Its just her fault that she is his wilful daughter and could Vega please let her leave this place with Ryu   

-He lets them go off but when CL faints. Vega swore to Ryu that the next time he sees him, he’ll beat the bugger up nice and good. While Ryu swore to do the same to Vega.   

– Back up some mountain. Ryu does all he could to expel the two opposing qi within CL. things aren’t going his way and CL knows it. She wants him to know that to be able to become Ryu’s wife is the best thing that could ever happen to her. And wants him to promise her that if she dies. Please stop fighting with her father to the death.   

– The second thing is that she does not want him to mourn for her but to go out and find a new love. Promise her these two and she will die without regrets   

– Well. Ryu promise her not to fight Vega  but he will not promise to find a new love. He will never ever agree to that!   

– So all he manage to do is keep her heart beating and hope that he will find a way to bring her backl. So there she is laying there in that tomb comatose and Ryu accompanying her since then *sniffles*   

*Readers were led to believe she died at iss 1 but possibliy CL fans complain so they have to change the story some)   

– End flashback   

– So in this low temperature tomb Ryu attempts to bring CL back using one of the moves in the Hadoken  manuel to blast the two qi out of her body   

– Sadly the idea works on paper but not in practical. It didn’t kill her but added a third ball of qi into CL. He had to stop or risk killing them both.   

– So off he goes to further his training and up his qi level in hope to bring CL back   

– So now Ryu went to this place where Urien held Gouki captive. Vega offers to work with him to take down Gill and Urien but Ryu rejected the offer.   

– Many little fights later the battle does not go in Ryu’s favour. Ken came back stronger to help Ryu, recognisng him as the only person worthy enough to re-enact the Hado-Shoryu fight of yore since Ryu’s skills have being disabled to allow him to learn the skiils   

– So Ken gave him three days to think about and Ryu went back to find CL. And ‘talk’ with her. He thinks he let her down now that he came ‘home’ empty-handed and ask her what he should do.   

– And Ken who’s being following him shows up to seek revenge for when SnH Ryu killed Eliza.. So he grabs CL, easily fending off the powerless Ryu. Headed out of the cave and dumps her over the edge!! And closing the cave entrance so that Ryu could train   

– Saying that CL is the only thing that’s stopping him from fully learning the Special Hadoken style arts   

– That pisses Ryu off so badly that it pleases Ken to know that training is already in progress. Ken stayed on and fended off unwelcomed guests.   

– Training Ryu was a success so they both decide to find a nice little place for battle. and decides on a day for it   

– Vega looks up Ryu to help him. the only reason he gave is that because Ryu meant something to CL and that gave him the right to help his son-in-law along. Allowing the young man to master the sixth stance of the Hadoken style. Vega gave Ryu the rsponsiblity of finding CL no matter what and left.

– A little Vega backstory  Vega grew up with a large number of brothers (nothing mentioned of his sisters if any). Gone through hellish survival of the fittest training.  Probably eventually killing each other to be the sole heir to the throne (in SF3 issue 77 mentioned this). Even then his dad ain’t cutting him no slack. The Father -son Mishima syndrome. The strange need for both Father and son to beat the crap out of each other. 

Eventually Vega does take over the throne and around then he met CL’s mom and had CL with her. And accidently killed his wife during training (a souped up Psycho Shot). It somewhat affected his relationship with CL. To the  point that she fell in love with Ryu one of Vega’s greatest enemies(rebellious CL haha). Which probably why he still feel the need to beat the crap out of his son-in-law behind his daughter’s back LOL. Yeah and look what happen when that happen in issue 50

And then looking at the way he treats CL. Kinda think that he’s partial to daughters instead of sons since he wanted to kill Alex (Alex is just a son birthed by some woman he chosen for the night). 

– On the eve of the battle, Ryu looks Ken up, spends time reminiscing thier childhood. When day arrives. The re-enactment and battle of Hadoken and Shoryuken style finally begins with some other fighters heading there to witness the epic battle. Gouki sets up a shield to make sure no one interferes the duo.   

– Fight, fight, fight. Fight and some theory of the fight and both guys go into the SnH. Put their very being into the fight ( I bought the Ryu win – Ken lose cover book to root for Ryu).   

– Other fighters each rooting for one or the other to win, going so far as attempting to rig the battle yet the two guys are strong enough to not fall for such tricks   

– Major explosion and stuff later. Ryu apprently is the one who lost and vanishes leaving Ken the clear winner and the unenviable job of fending off Urien and Gouki   

– Somewhere down in the South Pole. the ressrected Gill and faithful servant Dudley heads there to look for someone. All they caught is a beastly little white monkey with a red headband!!   

– What happened to Ryu? But that led Ryu to come rescue the monkey from Gill, making a big ruckus to tell them that they’re not welcome.   

– While Mel hang out with Gouki following him to Gouki’s island, where he found that Gouki started training young and had an affinity to his art. If anything Mel found a Tien(Ten) of Diamonds on the wall. The Shun Goku Sastu had no effect on the diamonds. But one in particular had a hole about the width of two fingers (yeah yeah Tengai no Ten comes from here). And Gouki wants to relearn that.   

– Okay apprently the moment either the Shoryuken or Hadoken style user produce a loser. That loser will get sent to the South Pole to learn the Tatsumaki style to counter the other two. All these because the guy who created the moves believes that there will always be something to counter something   

– So Ryu ended up in the South Pole with the little snow monkey who heal him. Ryu saw the story of this particular ancestor. Ryu thinks that he can’t accept the ancestor’s request as his heart is dead and the fight is out of him. He chooses instead to end his life by dealing himself a blow which the little monkey took.   

– Darkness took over and when Ryu open his eyes there she is standing there. To which Ryu thinks that he’s dead and gone to the dojo in the sky  to join CL. And CL ask him why he took his life? Why did he reject the training?   

– To which Ryu claims that he’s tired of this life of fighting and killing. CL says that he’s lying to himself. He knows that there is still one more fight with Ken. She knows that he does not want to go through the pain of hurting a loved one.   

– To give up just like that. CL knows that Ryu will regret it. She wants a Ryu who would not have any regret over something he should have done but never did. And that Ken needs his help. So please learn it and not disappoint CL   

– With that when Ryu came to. He accepts the training and save the monkey’s life   

– As for Gill strikes a bargain with Ryu. Ryu to help Gill up the ultimate qi level. And Gill will help him bring back CL.   

-Seems like Ryu agrees to help.   


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