Too Cute To Not Post Up

A stand alone Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike style story line    

Basic Information 
– ChunLi, is ChunLi the Interpol agent sent to retrive a little girl named Xiao-Xia ( Little Summer ). CL is Ryu’s ex-lover. They broke up.   

– Ryu is the eldest Shotoken disciple of his generation. The eternal challenger. Mr the-fight-is-all. The same Ryu who broke CL’s heart as he broke up with her.   

– At the start of the story we have Gill bringing down a satellite with fiery qi punch (wah…), Ken who went to investigate the fallen satellite (leaving Eliza at the alter the 3rd time ) and ended up fighting with Gouki   
– While CL is ordered by her superiors to go rescue a girl of special powers named Xiao-Xia and if need be – kill her. As quite a lot of other fighters wants a piece of that power.   
– On the way her ship was boarded by Remy. And she was the only who is able to take him on. And so they fought. But after awhile Remy left instead   
– While elsewhere. Ryu shows up at Makoto’s dojo. Wanting to learn from her discipline. After taking on an exhorbitant amount of school fees and testing Ryu later. Makoto was shocked as Ryu is interested in the more advance and dangerous arts which could lead a person to lose his senses   
– All Ryu saw at the backyard are the practioners (Maky’s dad as well) of this advance art. All of them lost in their own world. And because of  Ryu some manner of mass reaction take place   

– Flashback. Shotoken Dojo, destroyed by Gill. Ryu getting into a fight with Gill.which seems like he can’t win. He ends up instead seeing (in his head) his master who told him to go to Makoto’s disicpline and study a bit so as to understand his own and the Sastui no Hado better. Ryu unable to move after unleashing fireball very nearly loses his life if not for Gouki. End flashback   
– Ryu affected by the mass reaction of those practioners ended in some communal mind dimension where he ends up fighting them. Would he be able to survive such an internal battle that would also take its toll on his physical body which is taken away to be offer to Gill   
– Ryu being the fast learner he is, not only survives the training but helps the others out of their mind lock in the process.   
– Waking up he found himself in another fight. Ryu, Gouki and Ken against Gill. While Xiao-Xia’s powers erupted at that time   

– The next battle ground will be set at the Shotoken Dojo.   
– Triggers a flashback for Ryu which include Ryu’s meeting with Ken, them meeting Gouki every now and then and Ken explusion from the dojo because of Gouki’s accusations.   
– A conversation with Gouken who made Ryu swore an oath to safe guard secret manuel. Telling him not to study it until he learn to control his feelings and relationships (hint hint )   
– And him testing Sean’s worthiness making him then guard the secret scroll. End flashback and move on to more fights as well as Ken demonstrating what would happen when he’s not ready and had studied the foirbidden art   

– Where we now go back to CL. who had managed to capture Remy (torpedos vs Remy. Torpedo 1 Remy 0 ). CL manages to convince Remy to help her find Xiao-Xia. Q brought Yun and Yang to join the team as well. And tells them where to go next.   
– While Ryu had a fight with a mildly insane Ken led him to meet Oro in some underground chamber. Who told his history to Ryu and we have another fued due to old scores. Oro thinks that Ryu maybe useful in the battle to come.   
– Everybody heads of the Shotoken dojo (Vega cameos). Xiao-Xia meets Ibuki and tells her to give something to her only friend – CL and tell her to not go to the battle.   

– Many more fights later. CL meets Ibuki who gave her Xiao-Xia’s message. But she’s still intent on going.   
– Everybody arrives. Ryu and CL fights each other for the wrong reasons. Giving him a very vicious greeting (*snickers*)   
– She never want to see him again and of all the places to run into him. And has he gone so low as to join this power struggle too? Didn’t he say he had to depend on himself? Oh what has the might Ryu come to? Not giving him a chance to explain his piece. Further saying that she’s being training herself, so that she would be stronger than he and kick his ass.   
– And he say he wrong to leave her like that but he got his reasons. But she went and beat the heck out of him now and all Ryu could do is defend. But then because Oro messed with Ryu qi. he now loses control and attacks CL for real!! Her team were no match for the insane Ryu and his target is of course CL.  

Too cute to not post up

– CL to save herself and stop Ryu, slams three needles into Ryu’s head, dropping him there and then. Everybody else has to fight somebody else and CL is left to tend to the big lunk Ryu   
– Big fight, parent-child, sensei-student issues and more fights later. Big qi explosion and earthquake later everybody scatter leaving Ken and Gill to fight   

– RCL had made it down the mountain. CL met up with Makoto. Maky and her dad wants to help Ryu but CL says she has everything in control but before she could say anything else she collaspe. Makoto took RCL back to her dojo.   
– CL wakes, Ryu’s still down. CL decides to hang out for a while until she regains her energy. Makoto just had to ask whether CL is Ryu’s girlfriend or something since she was calling out Ryu’s name while she’s resting.   
– As for Ryu. dicovering that they have no other options of curing him. CL decides to remove the needles from him. Causing a power surge within Ryu and he goes around attacking everybody.   
– Makoto’s dad managed to stop his rampage. Before Ryu lost consciousness again he manages to tell them to find Oro.   

– CL’s flashback   
– Five years ago. At a quiet little pavillion in the middle of nowhere. CL waits for Ryu. Happiliy she watches him arrive. But that grim look on his face brought bad news.   
– Giving her the lame reason that their two schools of discipline cannot get along with each other. And so they should break up!!. Dramatically it starts to rain.   
– CL thinks that their relationship is a personal matter and it does not matter if their disciplines do not get along. What matters is that she and Ryu get along well.   
– Saying that he being the eldest disciple, he had to follow his dicipline’s wishes. CL should take it she had never seen/met/known him before. And walks away. CL screamed that she never wants to see old-fashion Ryu in this life time ever again.   

– End flashback. At Makoto’s dojo, we have CL lovingly tending to the comatose (finally its his turn) Ryu. Thinking to herself. Now that the Shotoken school does not exisit anymore(everybody else died). When he wakes up. Would the both of them ever have a chance to starts anew again? (line in pic *sniffles*)   
– And so after Makoto’s question. They brought Ryu over to Gill. Knowing that Oro would liikely be there   

– Though Gill would not let them see Oro. he would do what he can for Ryu. Can CL afford not not trust him? But is Gill helping or killing Ryu as he nows suffers such intense pain under Gill’s help   
– Other fights of Gouki, Ken and Alex. Gouki and Ken’s backstory. Because of Ken’s dying mom. Gouki sort of promised to adopt Ken. ( Which is why when Gouki died he refer to Ken as son ). Alex came to Ken because of Eliza. Ken went and find Eliza.   
– Ryu wakes, fights with Gill. Alex joins the dray. After that Alex wants Ryu to follow him. Ryu tells CL to stay with the others and rushes of the find Alex   

– Futureshock and a lot of other fights later we reached the issue 28 the last of this series   
– We get the most peaceful ending of all Street Fighter series   
– Ryu watches as Ken and family reunites and leave Ryu.   
– CL came along. With just one look from Ryu made CL very happy that Ryu had finally put his burden down. Stating that its the end of his fighting days. Ryu walks off into sunset arm in arm with CL to restart their relationship (RCL fans rejoice )   
– And so ends this book   

And thank you for making it to the bottom of this page.   
I call this the series with the most peaceful ending because this is the only series that ends without any of the three (Ryu, CL and Ken ) dying in any way. And the only series to have them go into retirement   
Me? Although I’m the kind who prefers having RCL roaming the world. I don’t mind this ending because they handle this well and make it a nice alternative ending. The guys at the company wrote this comic. Who am I to argue?