Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike-Bio Hazard Crossover

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Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike-Bio Hazard Crossover



Time: 1st issue  3 October 2001   

Iwa’s Run-in: same as above   

Publisher: Comicsonair Publications   

Total Issues: 7 issues later it stopped just like that   

Extras: A Bio Hazard and Street Fighter crossover card game, CD game. 3ft tall limited edition Ryu figure that I don’t have. *sob sob*   

Altrnative thing:  Hui Kim Sum and Lee Zhong Heng who work togther for SF2 set up their own company and worked together with a few other guys for this series   

Some pics from the Man Huas   

Gallery 1 (last row picture)
I am very confused by this shortlived series. Even though there are Resident Evil elements in it. Its still call 3rd strike but I have to add Bio Hazard (Resident Evil ) to the heading so as not confuse this series with the other 3rd Strike by Jade Dynasty   

Apprently the introduction in the SF3rd strike-BH crossover man hua. Mr Hui Kim Sum himself stated that SFEX2 was suppose to continue his unfinish SF3 storyarch. But EX2 is still EX2 and the end results aren’t too ideal (his words not mine). So SF3BH is his thrid attempt at making a complete series.   


Uh…. Seven issues later I cannot come to any conclusion   

– Battle starts with a Ryu and Vega fight that ends with Ryu being infected by the T-virus   

– Ken takes Kyosuke as his son and disown Mel?   

– Guile took Mel in and Mel grew up and became Remy?   

– Makoto carries a huge boulder of a crystal around. On top of it is the sleeping Sheng Long?   

– Is Twelve imitating Ryu? Or did Vega make Ryu into the Tyrant? Or Ryu isn’t even here in the first place?   

– Before we could go anywhere. The series got canceled (so my supplier says)   

– Because I only have seven issues I have no soilid answers to this series.   

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