Street Fighter 2

Title: Street Fighter 2 
ISBN #   
Author: Ken Sui-Chong with Alvin Lee, Mth(artists)   
Publisher:Udon Publishing  
Comic site:Street Fighter  
Release Date: October 2005  
Street Fighter 2Iwa says – The continuing sequal to Street Fighter. (thank you for another lovely Ryu side profile). artwise. Ryu’s starting to look a whole lot like his SF animated movie counterpart. 

Extra things – More busts, Posters, stuff. More powerfoils. a really lovely Ryu and ChunLi back-to-back cover if I can ever find it (makes me wonder if the Udon folks ever rumages through little websites like this, since said artwork resemble point 2. Thank you!) 

Random Note

The one thing I am curious about is how would Udon have Ryu and Chun Li interact. Whether to:  
– beat the crap out of each other (tourney style or a la SF Zero manga SnH Ryu vs CL, SF3rdS). Or for that matter just plain old spar.  
– work together to beat the crap out of some big bad guy or a bunch of guys with too much time on their hands (SF-Ryu, SF3 techncially).  
– or just plain old gather info off each other (SVC chaos).   
I dunno. Something about watching Ryu and CL in motion together is just that beautiful, fluid (that or I had being over indugling in too many HK comics and Jap mangas) 

– Also Vega(claws) fued with Ken over Eliza reminds of the HK comics. although they fued for a different reason in Udon comics.

Whatever the results I’m hoping that this series would  WOW! me like my other comics and mangas had done. So far it hadn’t let me down.