Basic infomation:  

– This is also the book with flashbacks here and there. Might confuse a little. At 32 issues it moves at a rather fast pace with a few fights in each issue.   

– This is the other series in which Ryu and Chun Li does not have much of a relationship. They do know each other by name (Duh! After so many years of running around in the tournament circuit who won’t?) although there is no mention of how well they know each other.   

For most of the series CL was hanging around with Terry and Kim Kwap Hwan. And if you wanna know Ryu and Chun Li manage to speak to each other.   

And if you really really must have a romantic RCL scene… it will do you more good to go read the other six series if that’s what you’re looking for.  

SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash. The lads Shin and Cap plays a part in this series. The gals Kei and Comet were left out of this series.  

If you own a NeoGeo pocket go get the game. Its a bit like Yugioh. Addictive once you get the hang of it. My set is naturally the Capcom edition (blame CL). One of the few reason why I refuse to sell off my NeoGeopocket.  

Story starts like SVCC’s demo with Ryu vs Kyo and Mr Karate and Gouki popping in and killing both boys. Turns out that it was some kind of premonition of the future courtesy of the Card fighters lads’ Shin offering Ryu a chance to avoid the inevitable death by doing what else but fight in a specially created world.  

After a Terry vs Iori, Kyo vs Demitri fights and some further explanation of the story plot by the other Card Fighter lad later we have Chun Li entering the issue 2. While in Osaka CL spotted the Shadowloo VTOL and followed to Vega’s(Bison) new target Iori Yagami.   

While our boy Ryu witness the Gouki vs Mr Karate fight and how by killing each other they entered that special world. Shin pops up and tells Ryu that somehow to enter this world he must die…  

To cut a long story short Vega blew up the whole earth. Thereby the folks who were chosen gets a free pass to the alternate world.  

Chun Li wakes up and found herself with Guile, Terry and Mai. A Ken based flashbacks and tons of minor fights later (Ken vs Geese for one, Iori vs Riot of the blood Iori), even the Martian drops in. Its enough to dragged everybody into one issue of the comic(issue 7). With Gouki and Mr Karate coming in on T-rexs ( giant lizards!!) Athena and the card fighter boys appear and gives the run down of the plot.   

– Which in sort means that everybody is free to beat the each other up. Gets three chances of revival. Last man standing gets to fight Athena and he who wins gets a free wish. End of all that every fighter get thrown into a designated stage.  

One Balrog(Vega) and Vega (bison) vs Red Arremer later we have Ryu and Kyo beating each other up only to be disrupted by Chun Li and gang (alright so its more Terry and gang). There by we have a team up of sorts. Since everybody wants their family back they would have to wish that the world be restored. So why not work together? Get rid of the folks who want some manner of twsted desire. So the folks with the common wish to restore the world would eventually their wish. So everybody heads off to find their opponent. (after this CL dissappears who a couple of issue  

There is a battle of the Claws with Choi vs Balrog(Vega), Ryu vs Sagat, Genjuro vs Demirti, Hugo vs Mai and Kasumi. Terry taking over Ryu’s fight. A Hugo backstory and Kyo help the ladies and had to deal with Earthquake as well. Ken makes his appearance accept Vega’s(Bison) offter to upgrade him into Violent Ken.   

Back to Ryu who runs into Ryo. They both clash until the MIGHTIEEE SAIKYOOO MASTER!!!!(sorry. Dan can be rather infectious at times. Do visit their galleries) joins the fray and annoys the two men greatly. Eventually Ryu runs into Mr Karate and ended up going through a round or two until Dan interferes and Ryo showing up. And Ryu fights the mildly Gouki-powered Dan to point that that SnH (Satsui no Hadou) Ryu is drawn out to fight ROTB Iori and after that Geese Howard(who recently took on a whole bunch of fighters).  

More fights later the best four joins Athena – Ryu, Ryo, Terry and Kyo. Up there they met Orange Chun Li. there’s something about the lady though. And Orange CL and gang goes on to round two while Athena deals with Gouki.  

We have SnH Ryu vs violent Ken and quite possibly the longest fight in the series and a flashback to their childhood for that matter. Orange CL going up against Demitri who makes the really big mistake of underestimating the power of Orange Chun Li. By the time Demitri discover who Orange Chun Li (not Mai nor the other ladies of the game.) really is, it was too late for him.   

The regular Chun Li finally appears with Kim and teams up with Terry against Shiki. the trio seems to have such a hard time taking on Shiki so much that they lose a member in thr process. Only through the the ruse set up by Chun Li were they able to beat Shiki  

Last Four now. Gouki pops up and settle Ryu’s fight with Ken and takes him to the last few fight. The last four – Ryu, Kyo, Terry and Chun Li. The last four to fight each other before getting a shot at Gouki and Mr Karate.  

Ryu vs Terry and Kyo vs Chun Li. And at the end of that we have Ryu and Kyo vs Mr Karate and Gouki. Took a while but eventually the leads did their job and move on for the final fight. Ryu goes on to fight Athena while Kyo goes and deal with Red Arremer.  

At the end of that one Ryu and Kyo meets up with the God and the Devil. Their wish of restoring the world will still come but since there was no deciding the Ryu-Kyo fight. The wish comes at a price. One of them had to stay back.  

So the one who had to stay told the one who gets to go back to pass a message to his girlfriend (No prizes for guessing who came back.). And that as they say is that.  


Somewhere down the road of reading this comic the explanation of Chaos and Cosmic confuses me somewhat. Frankly its still a good series to get if you’re looking for a purely fight book with no RCL romance.  

And thank you for making it to the bottom of this page