Shs 1884

Iwa says –  It is a collection of 15 short stories with one yon koma section and 6 pages of black and white full page illustration (Morrigan, Felicia, Lei Lei and Lin Lin, CL, Cammy and Rose). And 5 pages which introduce some other Capcom gals from familiar as well as obscure (to me) games. I managed to get a Chinese edition for this. Notable stories include:   

– A fight between the original version of CL against Morrigan. Includes various version of CL watching the fight.   

– Capcom guys in drag trying to outdo the girls. Of which Ryu (resemble Sakura) is kinda cute, Honda rather pretty, Fei Long does not do CL justice, Gallon is rather pretty. And the prettiest guy would have to be Balrog (Vega)   

– Morrigan’s story and her fight against her mirror image   

– My fave piece CL’s story. Her fight with Cammy and Ryu (It upsets her that Ryu didn’t fight back) and the things they said to her. Both had asked her what is next after defeating Vega (Bison).   

– The Jiang Shi(term for the chinese walking corpse. it beats calling them zombies) sisters’ story. It tells of why Lei Lei and Lin Lin took that path. And their mother(resembles CL but that’s just the buns talking) sacrificing herself to save the village.   

Chinese edition   

Ching Win ISBN #: 957-539-580-8