Point of view


“And…. Cut! Excellent! People. That last scene is tonight. So you’re all free for the next couple of hours.” The director ordered.  

Fei Long smiled as he received a bottle of water, this would be the longest break he was to have for the entire season. His first movie as the lead character and if all goes well, he would impress his little simui and hopefully her father would deem him worthy enough pursue her and deepen their relationship. Fei Long wondered though what was it about her strict and almost militarist father that he wanted to have some sort of good resume just to get to know her better.  

A whole lot of cheering by the crowd ahead distracted his thoughts, he then remembered that there was some kind of tournament being held in this area. One that he had not have the chance to watch or participate in as it clashed with his filming schedule.  

He melded into the crowd and caught snatches of conversation in regards to this match. A match between the defending champion – the king of Muay Thai against a young upstart. He thought to himself that it would indeed make a good movie material reference and duly noted that he must remember to add in a love interest for the lead, a pretty simui who the lead has to rescue at some point of the movie.  

Fei Long took note of the challenger, the young man with brownish-red hair seems to be taking a major beating from the giant, the chance of him surviving seems low and yet he fought on, an admirable young man indeed. Fei Long felt that going a few rounds against this young man would be a very educating experience.  

All around him most folks were rooting for the gigantic champion while a few people paid good money for the white gi challenger. The hair on the back of his neck stood as he felt the intensity of qi around the place.  

He realised that quite a few high qi level masters had taken up interest in this particular. It made him survey his environment, Fei Long found a gi wearing master who’s face was hidden by a tengu mask, a classy purple hair woman? A military man in red who reminded him of his simui’s father for some reason.  

The worse feeling he got was from the person standing beside him. Dark purple gi, flaming red hair with a stump of hair that resembles a lotus bud, huge prayer beads around his neck. Fei Long inched his way from this hygienically-challenge person, the smell of unwashed gi is simply unbearable. All manner of freaks and weirdos were drawn to this match.  

An uneasy feeling gnaw at Fei Long’s gut as the atmosphere of the fight changes. Something was wrong! He could feel a severe change in the Japanese warrior’s qi, a darkening of light, an awakening of something deep. Was this why all these masters were interested in this fight?  

Time seem to stop, Fei Long heard the purple hair woman screamed, blood from the gigantic warrior coloured the dark air as the Japanese warrior ascended the air in what seem like an attempt to pummel the sky. The giant collapse and so did that purple hair woman as if she was the one who took the brunt of punch. Someone from the crowd rushed to her aid.  

Lightning and thunder marked the Japanese warrior’s descent to earth. On touching ground Fei Long was the unfortunate one to lock eyes with the warrior, it felt like a totally different person from before. All that he had admired was gone.  

All that remained was the blinding rage, the dark desire, the twisted grin, the burning red eyes that bore through his soul and marked itself in his memory. An inhuman howl sounded from the warrior, thinning the crowd slightly. It would be impossible to look at this young warrior in the way he once was.  

imageFei Long was released from the gaze when the warrior fought for control of himself, he watches the warrior come to his senses and stared blankly at his bloodied fists, unable to remember what he had done.  

This memory would never leave however hard he would try, he pray that his little simui would never chance to come face to face with such darkness.  

Iwa says – See what I mean about irony. I mean here Fei Long is hoping CL would never chance to see such a horrifying image as SnH Ryu. But further down the road., not only does CL meets SnH Ryu but gets a little too up close and personal for everybody’s comfort.