5th February 1993 
House of Warriors, Park District, Shadowlaw 

It was a cloudy day with a mild wind blowing, the scent of the blooms in the park was hangs in the air. The area near the House of Warriors was abuzz with activities as people moved about busily. There seem to be some event going on, as there are chairs placed facing the fountain. 

Within the House of Warriors, Cammy in her pastel green bridesmaid’s dress, fuss over ChunLi’s wedding gown making sure that all the details are in order. Wearing a long flowy satin wedding gown with a light blue tint. Her off-shoulders gown revealing her creamy skin. 

An elaborately designed 3-tier sapphire choker around her neck, on her head was a sapphire tiara. She wore her long black with a brown tint in a braid. Walking up to her is Lord Vega (M Bison) her father, with the wedding veil in his hands, regardless of occasions he still wears his trademark red military uniform. There was a sort of a smile on his face as if a part of his dark plans has come to fruit. 

“You are rather delighted with this assignment. Killing two birds with one stone. Yess?” Vega asked. There was a slight blush on ChunLi’s face when she knew he was aware of her true intentions of accepting this particular assignment. 
“Thank you father for allowing me this honour of going through this most carefully plan project.” She said 

“Yes. Allowing you to marry Ryu and later bring him into folds of Shadowlaw. I am most impress that you intend to betray the man you love?” Vega is amazed how his daughter had taken after him in at least one aspect. 

“For the honour and greater glory of Shadowlaw, it is a risk that I have to take. Afterall Daddy, powers like his are not meant to be wasted but to aid the great cause of Shadowlaw.”  There was fanaticism in her voice. 

“And here I was thinking you had always love the boy, I am amaze that you have him eating out of your palm, indeed I was wrong to try and use physical force to try and recruit him. Now I know why I made you heir to my empire, even if you are giving it up for the sake of the boy.” 

“Daddy, you should have known that a man like Ryu would never falter against physical force. His mind is simple, easy to prey on.” 
“Yes, keep this little device with you.” Vega handed her a little chip 
“Stick it onto the back of his head, it will neutralise any resistance that he can put up afterall this is tailor made for him, its effects are harmless to others. I will send someone to help you keep an eye on things and to back you up on your story if need be.” 

“I don’t want any of the ‘Dolls’ on this, he’ll be suspisious. No offence Cammy.” 
“None taken Elder Missy.” Cammy just looked up from arranging ChunLi wedding train for a moment before returning to her chore. 
“Which one then if not the ‘Dolls’?” 
“Iwa.” ChunLi said 
“Iwa? But she’s….not like the ‘Dolls’. This one was meant for the Shadow Warriors. That is a different project altogether. Her kind are not meant suitable for your project, they are slightly wild and dangerous.” Vega said, obviously it seems that he had no wish to part latest project. 

“That is why I want to use her. Besides if this little chip does not work, she could help me take him down by force. Afterall Daddy, she can remind me of my assignment, you don’t really want me to forget about the assignment amidst the marital bliss? Considering the fact that I actually intend to enjoy this assignment before completing it and you do want grandchildren to continue our family line Yessss…?” 

“….” Vega was silent as he weighs the pros and cons. 
“Come on. I’ll take up bloody throne if that’s what you want.” 
“Wait? I thought you had no interest in that?” 
“Ah but in order to convince him I need to you to believe what I said as well. Come on take it or leave it? The longer you take, the longer I intend to enjoy my time with Ryu before I put the plan into action.” 

“Is that a threat?” 
“That depends entirely on your point of view. Come on I don’t wanna keep Ryu waiting.” 
“Okay Okay. Have it your way. Just don’t lose my project.” Vega gave in as he put the veil on ChunLi, and together they headed out of the door towards Ryu 

Moments later Vega gave ChunLi over to Ryu 
<<  Lei ho ho jiu gu ngo ge gwai luei. Múko.   >> Vega said. 
<<  Ngo gen wui yong yun oy gu ChunLi. Lei mn sei dam sem kong dor. Gífu.  >>  Ryu answered. Satisfied with the answer he got Vega return to his seat with among the Ten Grand Masters and from there he watch in delight. 

*End of Flashback* 

Shotoken-Wushu Dojo, Shadowlaw 

On this really warm evening, class had being cancelled due to the rising heat wave and the students have all gone out. Both Ryu and ChunLi were in the backyard behind their room. While Ryu was napping in the hammock, ChunLi was in the pavilion enjoying her tea. Glancing at Ryu, she seemed to remember something. 
“It’s time children.” ChunLi smiled as she stroked her pregnant belly. Taking out her locket she removed something from it and walk over to Ryu. 

Standing in front of him, ChunLi gently stroke his hair rousing him from sleep. Ryu smiled when he open his eyes and sat up. 
“Yeah?” he asked getting up 
“Suppose I say I want to go back to Main Palace?” ChunLi put her arms around Ryu’s neck. 
“No doubt it is a lot more comfortable and the food is abundant.” 
“And take up the throne as is my inheritance and my right?” one hand stroking his face 

“What??!! Li this heat is really getting to you….what the??” there was a sort of a pinprick feeling to the back of his neck. 
“Aarrrgghh!!!…Li!!!” Ryu felt pain as he tried to reach up. Looking at his wife, there was this strange smile on her face. 

“Li! This is…not….funny…AAARRRHHH!!!!” He could see strange reddish electricity coursing through and every move he tries to make. The thought of ChunLi betraying him occurs but he refuse to believe. 

“Come we are to go back now. For the greater honour and glory of Shadowlaw. Oh how long have I awaited this moment. Iwa!” ChunLi called out. 
“LI!! Stop this at once!!! Aaarrgghh…..” 
“No darling… it had only just began…. You are destined to be a subject of Shadowlaw.” 

As Iwa came in, she took one look and turn to ChunLi. 
“No no do go ahead. Don’t hesitate on his account.” ChunLi assured. 
“Okay.” Iwa shrugged, with no change in expression she heaved Ryu onto her shoulder and followed ChunLi. 
“Hey. it’s a living” Iwa said as if knowing what the general reaction was. 

“How could….. you betray me???… I had always…..thought better of you…” Ryu said. He felt as if ChunLi had just stabbed a knife into his heart and twisted it as well. He would feel better if that was what she intend to do, but this don’t make sense. 

“I’m sorry Ryu….I didn’t mean to….but I had to..” ChunLi said with this sad look on her face. It seemed to Ryu that she was two minds about this. 
<  Maybe just maybe. I can break this.  > Ryu thought 
“Then why this?? I thought you loved me? Never wanting anything to do with that kind of life?” 

“Darling it was a masquerade to get you comfortable, to throw your guard down.” ChunLi’s hard will return once again. Now they are in their room. ChunLi opened the cellar door and they all headed down. 

“I am who I am. Though I do admit there are times that I wanted to give up this silly plan and tell you everything and hope you will forgive me.” 
“Then…give this up now!!!.. OWWW!!!” Ryu’s forehead bumped against one of the steps. 
“Sorry.” Iwa said as she adjusted Ryu again 
“Be careful with him!” ChunLi hissed. 

Reaching the bottom there was another door. ‘Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start’. She keyed in the combination on the keypad. There was a click, a whirl and a beep and the door slide open. 

“What and pretend all this never happen? It’s too late for that now don’t you think?” 

They are now in some kind of a subway platform, there was a sign that says ‘Shoto-Wushu Dojo’. Shadowlaw guards all over the place, seeing ChunLi they saluted her. A special three-car bullet train awaiting them. Boarding the middle one, Iwa dropped Ryu like a sack on the seats and headed out. 

“What gonna ride on the roof again?” ChunLi asked 
“Don’t you ever take anything seriously?” 
“Well…there’s your orders. What more do you want?” 
“Go then… and don’t fall off like the last time.” 
“Yeah yeah whatever.” 

Moments later the train started moving. There was a short awkward silence. Glancing at the window ChunLi could see Iwa climbing up to the roof, the wind at high speed whipping her mouth like one of those cartoon character, moments later she was up the roof. 

“You know I love you….If I hadn’t I would have done so earlier.” ChunLi said, moving over to Ryu. 
“Yeah? This sure contradicts what you said about loving me? Didn’t what we went through mean anything to you.” 
“Yes….. but for sake of Shadowlaw, for power, personal sacrifices must be made!” The fanaticism return to her voice. 

The train slowly stops and Iwa climbed down from the roof and in through the window, and picked up Ryu again. 
“Ding Dong….” 
“Mountain Lab. Watch your steps and have a nice day.” The driver of the train said as the ChunLi and company made their way out. 

The guards on seeing them saluted ChunLi and escorted them up to the labs, till they were at this particular lab. 
“Well déjà vu Yess..?” ChunLi asked. 

“Ah…Elder Missy, what a surprise. Have you brought back our project that you loan out?” a small man(you know that guy in the animated movie?) appeared, the look of a mad scientist. 
“No. Doctor, I’ve a bigger prize instead.” ChunLi snapped her fingers and Iwa stepped forward. 

“Oooohh wonderful!!!! The legendary Shotoken Master himself!!! Why Elder Missy I am so honoured to be working with your husband, the young lord himself!!!! I had only dreamed of exploring his powers!!!” the Doctor danced in delight. 
“Well? Put him on that chair and be off with you.” The doctor said with glee. 
“Out out out!” He pushed Iwa away. 

“???Yes??? Elder Missy, don’t you want me to get started?” 
“Yes…er..could you make him like….follow my orders instead of Daddy’s?” 
“Arh? Doesn’t he always listen to you?” 
“No I mean like when he goes under that more or less zombie like state. I want to be in command!” 
“Won’t the master be angry?” 

“Trust me he won’t. You want your head don’t you?” ChunLi said as she walked over to Ryu. 
“Trust me…the two most dangerous words indeed……If you put it that way…sigh” 

“See you later Yuyu.” ChunLi said as she planted a kiss on Ryu’s face. With a laugh she left the room.