Is It The Nose? Or Is It The Hair? Or Is It His Jaw Line?

Raging Dragon 3 – Enter the Demon  

With jetlag and all, Fei Long was relieved to be back in the familiar hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Back in his homeland after making his mark in the recent tournament. What more through the tournament he made more than enough money to expand the dojo. And perhaps there would even be a decent little sum of money left over for him to marry his little Simui.  

Taking a cab he closed his eyes ignoring the banter of the talkative taxi driver who recognize the national hero returning home. But in his mind Fei Long remembered his last fight. A fight against a demonic warrior who was bent on using the tournament for his evil purposes.  

An act that Fei Long thwarted by beating the old demon and taking the winner’s scroll. Naturally they were no match for him. What didn’t make sense though was why did the Demon’s eldest disciple betray his own master by helping Fei Long? But it does not matter. He had won, the world is safe. The threats of the old demon’s revenge meant nothing.  

Banishing those dark thoughts his mind turns instead to that of his little Simui. He had not seen her for over two years. He believes that she must have gotten more beautiful than ever with an even longer line of suitors. But to win her heart is to go through a rather old tradition of fighting against her constant companion. A young woman personally trained by his simui.  

That brought a sense of curiosity to Fei Long’s mind as he had never seen his simui fight before. He knows that his sifu trained her and that she is a good fighter but the thought of his simui facing off a man bigger and stronger than she is never occurred to him at all.  

Reaching the dojo the first person he saw was his simui’s annoying companion lugging in a bag of grocery. He also noted that her right arm was in a sling. Fei Long smirked at the fact that if she look like that then his simui’s suitor must be lying in hospital in a full body cast. It was strange that he never asked her why she made such a strange pact. He smirked again as he thinks that it would soon be his turn to fight the young woman.  

The moment he stepped across the threshold Fei Long jolted to a stop. His mind was reeling and screaming away that something is wrong. There is something in the air that felt different but he can’t put his finger on the problem. And where is his simui? She was always the first to greet him but all there is now is this strange slience.  

A little worried he headed for his sifu’s room. Along the way someone walked pass him and his white attire made Fei Long do a double take. That unmistakable red headband in a weak attempt to tame his wild unkempt hair. That pair of sharp hawkish eyes turning slightly to challenge him. The handiplast upon the bridge of his nose suggest of a recent fight. A smirk in recognition escaped from the mouth of the demon’s eldest disciple.  

Fei Long just stood there as the man continued walking towards the direction of his simui’s room. That Fei Long didn’t notice as all he could think about was what is the White Demon doing here?! It was one thing for him to betray his master to Fei Long and another thing altogether to be here in his sanctuary. What more under the same roof as his simui.  

“Sifu!!! What is he doing here!!??” Fei Long shouted even before Gen could say anything.  
“Fei. He is a guest here.”  
“But he’s a dangerous man!! His style of martial arts is unorthodox!!” Fei Long sensed that there was something wrong here. Could it be the demon’s doing? He’s not sure but his senses kept screaming at him.”  

“Dai Siheng. My husband is not an evil man.”  

That familiar voice! The one voice he was hoping to hear. It threw him off a little as he turn to face her. And there she stood with her pathetic little somewhat beat-up companion in tow. Confirming indeed that the young woman was recovering from a recent fight.  

<   Husband?…    > the thought came back again and made him really look at his little simui.  

She is still as beautiful as ever in her lovely blue cheongsam. But something in the way she look was different. Her two braids were no longer swinging freely but wound round the side of her head. The colours she wore is darker. The only reason he knew for her matronly look was that she is married! Once again Fei Long’s mind screaming away at the invisible threat. What was his sub consciousness warning him about he knows not.  

Fei Long glared at his simui’s companion. Strangely she gave he an awkward little bow and a smile which mirrored that of the White Demon which in itself answered some of Fei Long questions.  

“He beat you up!?”  
“And you let him marry her just like that?” He took a step closer.  
“You have no idea what kind of a man he is!! How could you do that to my simui?!!!” He moves forward in an attempt to grab her by the collar but she took a step back and slaps his hand off with her free hand.  

“I do. I can. He’s my sensei.”  
Fei Long was shocked. How could they have known they would run into him. And now his simui is a hostage in their hands.  
“You are a bonus. She’s our goal. You helped us in ridding the old demon” she smiled as she left the compound with his simui.  
Now Fei Long figured out was wrong. His simui had an entranced look in her eyes. He should have known but he had thought that faraway look in her eyes meant something but now it was too late.  

“Wait simui! He’s nothing but trouble!! Leave him” Fei Long rushes towards them only to bump into a wall that seem to come out of nowhere.  

The White Demon stood before him. Fei Long yelled and unleashes a series of punches that the demon seems to fend off rather easily. That frustrated he him even more and gave him a bad feeling that this one could be more powerful than the old demon.  

But he must rescue his simui. He wished that he had listen to the advice of a certain Fortuner who had warn him against joining the tournament and now his simui pay the price of his arrogance. Using his rage he unleashes his a rising dragon kick burning the demon as he ascends.  

On landing the demon was gone. A tap on the shoulder made Fei Long turned. A mighty fist smashes into his face causing him to stagger but not fall. Once again he attacks the demon but this time his foe was prepared as he grabbed Fei Long’s fist stopping him and twisting the arm so hard that he could hear his bones snap!  

The demon laughs while Fei Long yelled in pain. In pain he gathered his qi and unleashes in a single punch to the demon’s heart causing an explosion of qi that sent the demon flying across the yard.  

 Fei Long watches in disbelief as his entranced simui rushes to the demon’s side.  
“How could you!!!” she screamed at him, breaking Fei Long’s heart as he wonders just how strong is the demon’s hold on her. Shakily Fei Long limps over to finish the demon off.  

The demon’s laughter broke his train of thoughts. Fei Long felt digusted by the way the demon held her waist. And then the demon pulled his simui close and clamps his mouth upon hers.  

Fei Long roared in anger, partly because of the White Demon’s audacity to violate his simui in front of him, partly because he saw that the act itself drained his simui’s strong qi. Like a vampire that feeds on blood.  

“Delicious.” The demon smiled when finally broke off his kiss from his somewhat drained and weaken victim. The demon raise his hand showing his palm to Fei Long. Qi gathers in his palm. His simui’s attention was on the dmeon until his directs her attention to Fei Long  

In horror Fei Long saw that his simui was watching him with eyes that worships the demon. She broke into a smile as the demon unleashes a powerful ball of qi at him blasting across the yard and through the dojo walls.  

The demon laughs as he left with his prize, leaving behind a trail of destruction and letter of challenge to Fei Long.  

Breaking out of the rubble Fei Long saw a hand held out for him. He recognise the Fortuner. Nothing good seem to follow her visits.  

“Let me help you.” she whispered.  

Too be contiunued?  

Fei Long as Fei Long  
Pai Chan as Simui  
Yashiro Nanakase as the White Demon  
Chris as Simui’s companion  
Shermie as Fortuner.  

Any resemblance to any situation, person living or dead is entirely intentional.  
Loosely adapted from the online Raging Dragon series at  

Coming soon to a cinema near you  
Raging Dragon 4 – Dojo Raider  

A choice must be made. A possible ally in his quest to save his beloved simui? A fight against the White Demon’s disciple. A fight which Fei Long being through and lost before, will he succeed this time? A fight with his beloved simui one that will force Fei Long to make a difficult choice. And the final showdown with the White Demon himself.  


“Hwaaaahhh…..Dad.” Mel yawned at the end of the credits.  
“Huh? What?” Ken asked feeling somewhat sheepish that his son noticed he was on the verge of dozing off.  
“Its the same old issues all over again. He keeps says the same thing about Uncle Ryu in his movies. He needs a shrink. Dad.”  
“Why else would Pai demands script changes.” Ken mumbled  
“Then why are we watching his movies? I wanna see Eight Heralds of Orochi – the movie. I wanna see The Hulk! Hulk kinda resembles Uncle Ryu!” Mel dragged his father out of the cinema.  
“Well this is what happens when you get complimentary tickets. You think your uncle Ryu look like the hulk too?”  
“Yeah especially when ya see Uncle Ryu brooding or concentrating real hard. ” Mel laughs as he drags Ken off to the ticket booth for another round of movies.  

Is it the nose? Or is it the hair? or is it his jaw line?Toy Ryu in particular. Or is it the way he stands and stares? eyebrows?  
I’m sure you’re curious now to these little movies that were included.. After a certain point in time these movies were sort of a loosely based, twisted version of my fics (duh). Fun yeah? So somehow made up a few more titles.  
In Fei Long’s point of view the movies were written long before he got around directing and filming them. With the exception of Raging Dragon 1 and 2. 3 onwards were filmed after he discover KOF’s new face team of Yashiro, Shermie and Chris. And managing to sign on Pai Chan who had cleared her schedule but maintain a bit of diva-ness on account of the fact that she’s sort of a friend of CL. whether or not he can get Johnny Cage would depend on the story, had not decided what Fei Long makes of Ken yet.Never knew that Fei Long would be so useful  

Raging Dragon 1 – Rising Dragon. Ironical name that sounds like the Shoryuken. Story is about a young warrior making his mark in martial arts world (coincidence that it seem more like Ryu’s story) It was also after this movie that Fei Long saw the Ryu vs Sagat match in Zero  
Raging Dragon 2 – King of Street FightersSort of based on an actual Street Fighter Tourney which include Gouki, Naturally the hero of this movie is Fei Long. Here already he had a dislike for Ryu.  

Raging Dragon 3 – Enter the Demon.You already saw the story in this OSFound out that CL intends to marry Ryu. Coincidence is the inclusion of Simui’s disciple (the Iwa character) had being added before he met or knew of Iwa (only found about her after RCL’s dojo was set up). The disciple part was actually an attempt to humanise the wolf-dog Batu  

Raging Dragon 4 – Dojo Raider. Hates Ryu’s guts about now.Would actually like to cause trouble at Ryu’s dojo but that is also half of CL’s dojo. So his wishes were the basis of the story.Naturally by now he found out Ryu and CL had set up a dojo together, hence the title  

Raging Dragon 5 or more.Its one of those movies that go on and on. Kinda like Police Story, Bloodsport and Robocop.  

That melodramatic movie that is OS 1 is one of those movies that not in synch with his Raging Dragon series, sort of an attempt to do a bit of directing and stray into romantic drama of sorts  


This one is rename to One Shot 7 because Millenium Special didn’t qualify as a One Shot but was more of a New Year Special  

This is sort of a poke at the HK swordfighting movies that I grew up watching. And the wonderful SF comics I so loved:  
Swordsmen 2 (Of the Swordsmen series aka Xiao Ao Jiang Hu)  
– The Bride with White Hair (Bai Fa Muo Nui)  
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (Yi Tian Tu Long Ji) A personal fave of mine amongst Louis Cha’s novels.) I still think that if I can’t find an english translation I’ll have to pick up the Chinese edition and try to read it in its original non_comic book glory. (I saw an english edition comic of this before)  
– Condor Heroes series (She Diao Ying Xiong, Shen Diao Xia Lui)  
– and various movies adapted from Louis Cha swordfighting novels some of which seem to star Lin Ching Hsia who is so cool  
– The ones to blame for me liking these sword fighting flicks are my parents. Since they dragged me to watch these movies when I was a kid. Also my dad collects quite a lot of these movies.  

Such stories usually have:  
– The disciple of an orthodox martial arts sect  
– Falling in love with the beautiful disciple(as skillful as he is) or a young female chief or the daughter(equally skillful) of an unorthodox sect /chief villian  
– There is usually a little Simui (usually Sifu’s not too skillful but very wilful daughter. ) who had fallen in love with the orthodox lead  
– Sometimes in order to get close to his leading lady the lead guy has to fight in some competition to proof his worthiness  
– There’s always a snazzy powerful secret martial arts manual or sword somewhere and everybody kill everybody just to get it.  
– Ocassionally the powerful loony old father of the unorthodox female lead may train the male lead in some powerful art  
– Everybody(his sect as well as other sects) joined up to oppose the idea of the two leads being together since on is on side of good and the other evil(technically)  
– A lot of fighting is always involve. And there is always some one who wants revenge  
– Leads may end up together or not due to one dying.  
– Mad uncle. Must not forget his occasionally mad Shi shu who blurs the line between good and evil. Sometimes pops to teach or advise the lead.  

Kinda like the SF comics I read, ain’t it