SouthTown Indoor Stadium 


The seats were filled up with an excited crowd as they cheer on for the events to begin. 

“Ladies and gentlemen!!!!! Welcome to the WFF. The World Fighting Federation!!! I am Chris Redfield and this is my partner Yuri!!! And what a line up we have indeed!” Chris said looking at the programme. 

“Yes Indeed. Tonight will be the night that the remaining half of the Shotoken Dragons decide whether to give up the title of the World Fighting Federation tag team championship belts or find his another partner!” Yuri exclaimed as the video of last week’s programme showed on the big screen. 


Last week’s events started off with the kidnapping of Mel and the ransom note that was left to Eliza. It mentioned that if Ken Masters wanted his son back again. He was to retire from the fight leaving his partner to fend for the title. 


“You know I couldn’t help but think that the abduction was an internal job!” Yuri cut in. 

“You mean. That the rogue Shotokeners did it?” Chris asked in disbelief. 

“Look at it this way. The Shotoken stable is more split than a banana split. Ryu and Ken are the only strong ones left in the main stable. When Gouki started the rift by taking Kairi as his disciple and partner. Other than Kairi the other Shotokeners aren’t really up for the big time with Ryu!” Yuri explained. 


The screen now showed last Friday’s Fight Night as the theme song for the Shotoken Dragons played, Ryu walked out first only to realised that halfway down the aisle his partner had not showed up. In disbelief he turned around only to see Ken appear on big screen. Ken started to apologise and begin reading out his retirement notice out loud much to the disbelief of Ryu and the crowd. 

At the end of the announcement the camera switches to show the entrance where Eliza was pacing back and forth. A black limousine pulled over, a door opened and young Mel was shoved out of the car. At this point in time Ken was showed running out for a tearful reunion as the limousine sped off. 


“What about Sean and that Cherry Blossom girl?” Chris asked again. 

“The boy is still green, Chris. As for Sakura she teamed up with Karin Kanzuki to spite Ryu and showed that she has what it takes to win the belts from him. Sides Ryu can always go back to fighting solo. He had the taken the intercontinental belt from Sagat before. He took down Vega( Bison) and was the champion until he venture into Tag teaming.” Yuri stopped a while for the match to begin. 



“This match is scheduled for one fall!!! Coming into the ring. The mountain of muscles himself!! The one eye giant: SAGAT!!!!!!!!” The announcer screamed. Part of the crowd booed and some cheered. A scowl on Sagat’s face as he walked towards the ringside. 

“Now he’s make one heck of a team up with Ryu!” Chris noted as Sagat walked passed their table. 

“Nah. He would rather have a rematch with Ryu. Sides Ryu’s gonna be announcing his decision tonight. Ryu’s got too many enemies and not likely to be teaming up with someone with the Shadowlaw connection.” Yuri took another drink of water. 


“And his opponent a member of the eight Heralds of Oruchi…Yashiro Nanakase!!!!! And his posse Shermie and Chris!!!” The white hair man made his entrance together with his fellow band members as a video of their concert in Japan was shown on the big screen. A moment later the fight began. 

“You heard of the rift within the Shadowlaw Connection. Seems like someone is tire of the restraints that big old Vega places on them and wants out. Whoa!!! That must have hurt a lot!!” Yuri exclaimed at the action on stage 

Sagat had grabbed a hold on Yashiro and was now continuously kneeing him in the abdomen. Shermie had grabbed a chair and entered the ring from the Sagat’s side. The referee turned to her and ordered her to leave. 

While Chris was standing on the steel steps at which he threw a small tongue of flame into Sagat giving Yashiro the opportunity to turn the tables on Sagat. Pounding the one eye giant repeatedly into the ground. Only then Shermie left the squared circle. 


“For all you know that could be Ryu’s new partner. This match is one sided even with his buddies helping him.” 

“Really? Could that be a ploy to induct Ryu into the Shadowlaw Connection? OH!! Would you look at that?” Chris said. 


Back at the ring as Yashiro used to the ropes to gain more momentum but then Sagat grabbed him and throws him towards Shermie and Chris causing them to fall to the hard cement floor. Sagat then grabbed Yashiro by the throat and lifted him high into the air then slamming him into the mat and keeping him down as he punched Yashiro with his free hand. 

The referee began the count as Sagat pinned him. Shortly it was over. But Sagat lifted Yashiro over his head throws him down to the floor. And the makes his way back to the locker room. 


“Next up we’ll have Ryu’s decision!!” Yuri exclaimed, watching Shermie and Chris help the battered Yashiro back to locker room. 



The lights in the indoor stadium dims as a Japanese sounding melody fill the air. The crowd goes wild and began to cheer, switching on their neon sticks and waving it in the air. Leaves began falling from down on the audience as the man in the white gi walks silently down the aisle. 

A cut out of two dragons showed on the screen with a fire burning in the background. The melody died away along with the cheering crowd as a spotlight falls to the centre of the squared circle. A lone warrior stood on stage with the tag team belts slung on his shoulders. Fireworks exploded from the four corners bringing back the lights the stadium. The crowd started cheering again. Takuma Sakazaki came up to the squared circle with a microphone in his hands, Yuri waved to greet her father. 


“We have heard that you have received offers from Shadowlaw Connection, the Hungry Wolves, and even me and various other stables. All of which had asked you to join their teams but you have yet to answer.” Takuma started. 

“I have come to a decision tonight.” Ryu said firmly with his hands crossed before him. 

“You are a great warrior. Starting with a solo career winning the intercontinental belt in no time and the Championship belt that follow. In this federation alone few others had achieved what you did. Ryo, Terry, ChunLi, Iori and Kyo. These five are the only others who had accomplished what you did in nearly the same timespan as you. Are your partners amongst them or you intend to go solo?” Takuma asked. 

“Ryu…….” A voice started 

“What’s this?!!” Yuri exclaimed as everybody’s attention turns towards the giant screen. 

The faces of Gouki and Kairi appeared. Around them all battered bruised are the remaining warriors of the Shotoken stable. Sakura, Allen, Sean and oddly enough Dan for that matter were all beaten up. Gouki had thought that one of them were to be Ryu’s partner. The screen was off again. 


“Wow. No chances of getting his partner there.” Yuri said 

“Well. Even Dan for that matter? Is Gouki out of his mind?” Chris said aloud. 

“Hey. Similarities remember. I won’t be surprise if Gouki come around now and starts giving us Kyokugenryu the threatening looks. Whoa! Talk about the devils!” Yuri pointed back at the arena entrance. 

The devil and his protege was walking in an evil smile on the old devil’s face. 

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Kairi sneered. 


As he leaps up to the squared circle. Gouki teleported and appeared in front of Ryu. Face to face the two man stared eye to eye. Throwing a challenge. While Kairi grabbed the microphone from Takuma. 


“Tonight!!!  Tonight the decision must be made!!! Fight us or give us the belts!!! No one can help you now!!!!!!” Kairi laughs as the crowd booed. 

Gouki puts his hands in the air asking for a test of strength. The crowd protested as Gouki taunts Ryu. Ryu tosses the belts aside. The protest from the crowd became louder. Ryu accepted the challenge by grabbing Gouki’s hands. Both started pushing against each other. 


“What is he?! Out of his mind?” Yuri screamed. 

“He’s desperate! He’s insane!” 

On the squared circle Kairi grabs the belt placing one on top of the other. He used them to hit Ryu across the back. 

“No!!! He’s trapped for sure!” 

“And Ken’s no where around!!” Yuri added. 



The crowd kept chanting to encourage Ryu. Kairi grabbed a hold of Ryu while Gouki 

teleported on the top rope. Kairi lets go of Ryu as Gouki flew down slamming both fists into Ryu’s head. Master and Dsicple took turns to dish out a serious amount of pain. Ryu fell to the ground coughing as Kairi and Gouki keeps kicking  him. The crowd went wild again. 

“What’s happening?!! What’s going on out there?!!” Chris yelled. 

The screen finally showed what the camera picked up.  A woman was running towards the squared circle as the crowd chanted her name. She was the loner of the Shadowlaw Connection. Daughter to the now manager Vega. 


“The rumours are true!!! The rumours are true!!!” Yuri yelled. As the woman in blue leaps on the squared circle. 

“What rumors?!” Chris asked his partner. 

She grabbed Kairi, pulling him out and started punching him in the face as the crowd counted on. 

“There were talks that negotiation between these two were going on!! Both are habitual loners! It’s true now!!! That something’s going on between this two!!!” Yuri stood up in excitement. 


ChunLi threw Kairi out of the ring and returns to Gouki. Kicking him repeatedly till she got his attention. Gouki turned around only to be socked in the face. The crowd goes wild as the ChunLi runs Gouki into the ropes. On the rebound ChunLi releases her Lightning kicks into Gouki’s face. 

“You will pay!!!! I’ll be back!!!1” Gouki roared, he teleported away 


ChunLi walks up to Ryu and offered him her hand. As Ryu accepts her hand the crowd cheered and started chanting. 

“The Dream Team!!! You hear that!!!!” Yuri started. 

While in the ring. Ryu picked up the belts handing one to ChunLi. Raising their fists to air in acknowledgement to the name the crowd gave them. 

“This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!!! The Dream Team!!! The team that crowd had being waiting for!!!!!” Chris yelled his head off. 




Shotoken-Wushu dojo (Back at where we really are. We’re always here aren’t we? Shucks sometimes we ain’t got anywhere else to go.) 


“You lot have nothing better to do?” ChunLi asked as she stood in the doorway of Iwa’s room. 

Iwa, Xiangfei, Yuri and Mel had gathered and were playing around with Iwa’s collection of action figures. The four look at her with a sheepish grin on their faces. Ryu came by as well. 

“We just got Kage to sleep. Silence would be much appreciated.” Ryu said, one arm around ChunLi’s waist as his thumb stroke her waist. Looking at the scene in the room he raised on eyebrow. 

“Okay… If it wasn’t for the rain. We won’t be stuck in here.” XiangFei started. The others nodded. 

“Then play quietly. You should set an example.” ChunLi pointed Yuri. The couple then headed out. 

“Shoot. I hadn’t even bring the chance to bring the Ultimate Warrior in.” Iwa mumbled. 

“So? What do we do next?” Mel asked. 

“This. Or the internet.” Iwa said tossing them a book. And shoving a small box in front them. within lies a collection of sword shaped letter openers. 

“Oooohhhhhh….” They went. As they each selected a sword and turned the book to a certain chapter.