One Shot

Note: Branching off from Legacy of Blood – Trilogy. Which means no Twisted Pair, no Rose, no bowling ball size of qi that sends Twisted Pair to Mo Kai. This is a few days after the fight. 

The waterfall some distance away from the Shotoken Dojo, Japan 

The setting sun of this evening’s sky turned the clouds into a sea of blood. The crimson fire had had set the sky ablaze. No wind, no sound of animals, save for two figures heading towards the falls there are no signs of other life. The air was heavy with the aura of death and evil, even the vegetation surrounding the waterfall seems to be either dying or decaying. 

The waterfall which was once a monument of beauty in motion had stopped its water from thundering down, only puddles of water with struggling aquatic life remain. A pair of fierce red glow glimmer from the darkness of the cave. Watching the two women, it waits and watches on. 

“Say again?” Yuri asked. Making sure that they were both a comfortable distance away from the creature within the cave. 
“He never recovered from the ordeal with Gouki like I did. But he regressed. Yuri, he regressed instead. At first he could still recognise me. But now…..” ChunLi, her eyes downcast. 
“No worries Li Jie. We can handle him.” Yuri patted ChunLi’s hand. 

“I thought he could push back his dark side like I did mine and return to dominate the body. But he not only tried to push it back, he wanted to expel it.” ChunLi continued 
“And that would be what cause his mind to suffer a pull on both sides?” Yuri completed her sentence. 

“RYU GOR(brother)!!!!! COME OUT COME OUT!!!! We’re gonna help you! I promise not to bop you too hard!!!” Yuri shouted trying to draw Ryu out. 

The creature within the cave kept quiet, the voice of the little loud one was getting to his nerves. He couldn’t help but feel that there was something familiar about the duo. He couldn’t remember what it was. But it didn’t matter, he sensed that this duo has what it takes to amuse him. But something about the older woman bothered him majorly. Like a strange voice from a blurry memory that was trying to come to light. He shook it off as the headache starts once more. 

<   Head hurts…….Can’t think…..arrrgghhhh……why?…..  > he thought to himself as he shook his head once more. 
“GGGRRRAAAAAGGHHHH!!!!!” He screamed grasping his head, he double over in pain, writhing on the cave floor 

“Ryu….” ChunLi whispered, her heart fill with pain for the tortured soul within the cave. How she wished she could be by his side to comfort him, to help ease his pain. It breaks her heart to hear him in pain and be unable to anything at all. 
“Whoa Poor guy…..” Yuri cracked her knuckles getting ready 
“Li Jie. Can’t we like. Ask the Grand Masters about what we can do to help?” 

“No….By the time they find the way to help him, he would have cause even more damage. I want to keep him here….. Who knows what might go wrong.” 
“So what do we do?” 
“I don’t know. Yuri…. I really don’t know.” The duo prepared themselves to enter the cave. 

Footsteps approaching strengthened the intensity of his pain. Memories flashing in and out of his mind without order, showing him everything and nothing that would or would not be a help to him. The face of a woman recurred with increasing frequency. He couldn’t understand why for all he wanted was to rid himself of this pain! 

Yet a part of him wanted to unravel this mystery. Another part of him just wants nothing to do with it. The more he try to distance himself from what he saw, the more he wants to know. This double-edged sword of his own existence is more likely to get him killed if anything. Ryu slapped away the hamds that were trying to help him up. 

“RRRAAAAAARRRGHHHHH!!!!!!” Ryu roared as the pain drove him to insanity and beyond. As his bloodshot eyes shot open the first thing he saw was the face of the same woman in his memories in living flesh. The floodgates of Ryu memories finally broke free of his suppression. Hitting him with everything at once. 

<  Hrrrrggglll…… Is it….so bad…..rrrr…..that it returns in the flesh…When will the hurting stop……. . > 

“Ryu…It’s me…” ChunLi said, kneeling down by his side. 
“GGGRRAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Screaming in pain he sprung up reaching for the surprised ChunLi and grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall. 

“DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!!” Punching ChunLi repeatedly in the stomach with his free right hand. He couldn’t care about the little one, he believes that when this one dies, his pain will stop! 

“LI JIE!!!” Yuri shouted as she charges her qi. 
“HOAH SHOKOKEN!!!!!!!!” Yuri released the large qi projectile into the back of the insane Ryu. 

Ryu couldn’t feel the pain of his flesh for the pain of the mind was more was more intense. Enrage he turned around slamming ChunLi against Yuri. 

“Yuri…. Please don’t…. hurt him!” ChunLi pleaded through choked breath. 
“Don’t hurt him? But he’s the one doing all the hurting!!! I promise. I won’t hurt him….much.” Yuri leapt to her feet. Keeping Ryu away from ChunLi for as long as she could. 

The little one don’t matter to him much, but he had to go through her to get to that woman. He kept forcing his way towards ChunLi, going against Yuri’s attacks. He leapt over Yuri’s fireball. Ramming his elbow into her ribs and followed up with a Shoryuken he sent the young girl flying. He charged his qi, timing the girl’s landing. Ryu let loose a Shinku Hadoken that sent Yuri flying into towards to the back of the cave. Skin tore and flesh bleeds as she was dragged by the impact across the stone floor. 

Back to the business at hand. He reached for ChunLi, swatting away her attacks till she tires. 

“Ryu!!! It’s me! Ryu! Let me help you!!!” she called out to him. 
“Shut up!! Shut up!! Why are you doing this to me!!!!!!” he yelled at her. All he could hear was a strange array of voices when she started to speak. That was driving him crazy. 
“I’m not doing anything!!” ChunLi blocked his mad rush of punches. 
“Who are you!!!!! Why can’t you leave me be?!??!!!!!” he yelled at her unable to comprehend her word still. All her answers came back to him in a strange garbles of voices and words. 

“Ryu! Don’t you remember me? I don’t want to hurt you” ChunLi retreated and charged her qi. 
“DIE!!!!!!” he rushed towards her in attempt to ram her 
“SENRETSU!!! KYAKU!!!!!” She screamed. 

Neither was spared from the impact of the other’s attack, as the concentration of qi exploded forcefully throwing them apart. Ryu hit the wall on his head, he slumped down to the ground, unmoving. 

Yuri regained her strength and limped over to ChunLi. She sat beside the older woman, supporting her. 
“Li Jie!! You okay Li Jie.” Yuri patted her face. ChunLi choked, she coughs before spitting out globs of blood. 
“I’m….fine….” she said weakly. Crawling over to the unmoving body of Ryu. She took the unconscious man in her arms, gently shaking him, stroking his face. His breathing was shallow. 
“Ryu….Please wake up…..” She called his name gently. ChunLi sat there cradling her husband. 

It seem like eternity when his eyelids start to open slowly. His familiar gentle brown eyes looking at her. A weak sheepish smile on his face. It seems that the moment of insanity was finally over, ChunLi smiled back with relief. 
“Li…..” he whispered, a look of recognition upon his face. 

And then as soon as sanity seem to appear it was gone as quickly. The rage filled eyes return once more. A crazed look upon his face as Ryu shoved ChunLi aside roughly. 

“DIE!!!!!” he screamed as he leapt into the air and towards ChunLi 

Yuri acted immediately, she jumped in front of ChunLi 
“YURI! CHO REPPA!!!!!” With all her strength Yuri intercepted the descending Ryu. Letting loose a series of shoryukens with increasing power. Ryu’s vision fades as does his pain…. 


“HA!! I won! Serves you right for breaking my time attack record!” ChunLi tossed a pillow at Ryu. 
“Well you’re the one who broke my First Blast record!” he retorted 

She puts down the Neopocket and looked over Ryu’s shoulder. Ryu sat on the floor leaning against the bed. A slight frown on his face, a Neopocket in his hands, it was connected to ChunLi’s Neopocket via link cable. 

image“Sore loser!!!” ChunLi struggled as Ryu had her in a headlock. She managed to grab another pillow and started to hit Ryu again. 
“Hey! No foreign objects!!” Ryu ignored her, dragging her down to the floor as she continued hitting him with the pillow. 

“WAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” A loud cry emitted from Kage’s cradle. Clearly he’s upset with the fact that his parents had refused him the sleep that he craved. 
“WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” An even louder cry follow as Kage’s cries had woken his elder twin sister. 

“Aiyah. See what you’ve done. Now you woke them both. Daddy’s been a really bad boy.” ChunLi cooed, hitting Ryu with the pillow again. 
“You started it first. I want a rematch!” Ryu released his wife. They both attended to the babies. 
“You’re Welcome to try.” She stuck her tongue out at Ryu 


A little payback

Note: This story was strongly influence by the SNK vs Capcom (Neo Pocket)fight of Yuri and ChunLi vs Evil Ryu. I was playing the game when I wrote this. The Olympic mode had sort of created a fued between the two main chars I used in trying to break each other’s record. I know that out there there be people who can do better then my scores but remember the scroes here are only relevant to this fic. 

So for the whole time its always being Ryu trying to break ChunLi’s record and vice versa. 
So far ChunLi holds the record for survival mode- 70 warriors down 
CL was the holder of the record for first blast. Until SnH Ryu broke and currently hold the record at 95600pts 
Ryu was the holder of the original time attack record – at 1 min, CL broke it at 56secs. And some time later she beat her own record at at 52.8secs. Which was broken by Ryu at 52.6secs. And currently held by CL at 46.17secs