November 1999 

SouthTown Central Business District 


Leaving the lawyer office, Ryu was thinking if there was another way to do things. He can’t just give up now. They had gone through too much just to end it now. What more ChunLi is about five months into pregnancy, what could have caused a sudden change in her behavior. He does not know but he wished he knew. 

But divorce seem so final a solution, he had always thought that divorce is something that happen to other people. How could it happen to them? And why did he sign those papers blindly? Why? Why are there so many questions and no answers? 

Irreconcilable differences? What kind of an answer is that? Looking up Ryu saw ChunLi at the taxi stand. 

“LI!!!” he called out rushing to her. Hoping against hope to hear her say that she would accept him once again. 


“Why?” she asked him. Not even wanting to look at him. This pains him even more. 

“Li. Why are we going through with this? All those promises we made for each other, all those precious moments. Tell me that is not a lie?!” there is pain in his voice. 

“There is no third party…” 

“I never even suspect there is! Li tell me the truth! Please!!!” How could she even suggest that thought? 

“You can’t handle the truth!” 

“Try me! Maybe I wanna find out!” 

“I FEAR YOU!!!” she said. She was right, for it stung him to hear such words from her mouth. 

“But I would never hurt you…” all those years he thought she accepted his dark side. Ryu guessed that he was wrong. Wrong indeed. 


“I thought I could accept your Dark side. But seeing its brutality made me worried. With it. You had already corrupted my ‘qi’. Leading me to rediscover my heritage. Forcing me to accept who I really am, that was the kind of life I had avoided, my father knew that and respected my decision to have nothing to do with the Psycho Power. I fear too what it might do to our children! I have read that if they ever make a mistake in dealing with the Satsui no Hado they could end up like Gouki…Perhaps we were not meant for each other. …” she was silent. 


“Where would you go now?” 

“Back to Shadowlaw…And stay in Summerlodge…Don’t find me just to make me return to you….I’ll send someone to inform you of the birth of the children….I will let you see them if you wish…But don’t try to persuade me…” 


“LI!!! Tell me! Tell me what do you want me to do so that you would return to me? I will give up the Satsui no Hado. if that’s what you want!” 

“That is the same as destroying you skills Ryu…For a warrior losing one’s ability to fight is worst than death.” 

“But nothing is worst than living a life without you…….” Ryu pleaded, he could see that he’s fighting a losing battle. He will not give up without trying. 

“Get it in your head….When love dies…no power in the world could revive it…” 

“Let me try then…How would you know that it is impossible without even trying!!!” he was almost on the verge of screaming. 

“Don’t force me anymore Ryu. We all walk the paths we choose….” ChunLi said. At this point in time the taxi arrive. Without even saying good-bye, ChunLi got into the taxi without looking back. 

Watching her go was like a knife stabbed into his heart and repeatedly twisted to shed his heart to pieces. Why? Why must it be so final? 

^Why? What can I do to bring her back?^ 

“Where did I go wrong?…” he asked himself as he punched the wall repeatedly to vent his frustration. Ryu couldn’t care less if his knuckles were bleeding. When he stopped, a van parked by the roadside and a few men got out. 


‘SouthTown Special Damages Repairs Department. Co-own by Kusanagi-Howard Corporations.’ The words printed on the van. Those men immediately repair the damaged wall and left quietly. Ryu sat down on the bench and stared at his fists. 


“Am I so useless that I need others to clean up for me?” he asked. No answers. Still staring emptily at his fist. He started to think about the past, the present and the bleak future that he was to lead alone. Six years of marriage gone just like that. All those memories, those precious moments, the hardships they gone through together. Have they all come to naught? 

There was once a time when this pair of fists had brought down opponents that were stronger and bigger than he was. There was once a time when this pair of fists could shatter a boulder with just one punch. There was once a time when this pair of fists fought, spar and trained with the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world. 

This pair of fists had even held the same woman in his arms giving her all the love, warmth, security and comfort that he could ever give. This same pair of fists had plucked a fragile flower to pin the hair of the same woman whom he loved more than life itself. Ryu still remembered that there was once a time when this pair of fists had proved that is worthy to love and defend that same woman. 


But this pair of fists had failed to keep the strongest woman in the world from leaving him. This pair of fists had failed to revive a love that was once thought to be eternal. This pair of fists had lost all meaning in life. What is power when One looses the reason that power was used in the first place. Even with all that power within him, Ryu had never felt so helpless. Loneliness seem to come with power….. 

“…..Enough….. I have enough…..” Ryu said softly. The world around him started to fade away and dematerialize……. 




Moments later when Ryu reopened his eyes he was back once again in Shadowlaw, in the Shotoken-Wushu Dojo that he and ChunLi had put so much efforts into. In their room where they are sitting in bed. Ryu’s right arm over ChunLi’s shoulders, his left hand gently stroking his wife’s pregnant belly as she lays in his arms. ChunLi was combing her long hair. 

“What?… Don’t look at me like that.. You’re the one who asked me what Divorce is.” 

“…I know.. I just had to ask you…Would you tell me if I done you any wrong?” 

“Of course.. you big old silly Teddy Bear you. I didn’t spend all those years of gaining your affections just to let you go like that.” ChunLi pulled his nose playfully. 

“What about my Dark side? You used it as a reason on grounds for divorce?” 

“…It was an example…..Do you have to take everything so seriously?!” there was a hint of displeasure in her voice. 

“No…OWWW!” Ryu suddenly yelled as a pillow hit him. 


“LI! Stop that!!!!” Ryu called out, defending himself from being hit repeatedly. 

“LI!! Your health…OWWW!!!! Stop that!!!” Ryu managed to swat away the pillow but more objects flew his way when ChunLi reached the sofa. 

“WHOA!! LI!! Somebody could get hurt here!!” Ryu managed to avoid getting hit by ChunLi’s flying spike bracelets. 

“NOT THAT!!!!” Ryu called out as ChunLi threw the oaken jewelry box at Ryu among cushions, books and anything she laid her hands on. 

Avoiding the many flying projectiles Ryu had caught the oaken box that he carved for ChunLi. He knew how much she loves it. 

“Good….it’s not damage……OHHH GGAAARRHHH!!!!” Unable to avoid the last flying projectile. 



Ryu was hit by the flying sofa, the impact sent him crashing into the wall. He slumped onto the ground unmoving… 


By this time ChunLi’s rage had subsided, her composure regain. Only then she realized what she had done in her moment of fury. 

“Ryuuu!!” ChunLi rushed over, pulling the sofa aside. Ryu was bruised but otherwise okay. ChunLi knelt by his side as she cuddled Ryu in her arms. 

“Ryu… Wake up… “ she said while shaking him. After a while of silence Ryu’s eyes slowly open. 

“You’re okay..” she smiled. 

“…Where am I….Aiieee…Head hurts…Can’t think…” Ryu said groggily. 

“You’re home…With me..” 

“Home? Who are you? And who am I? How did I get here?” 

“Don’t tell me you lost your memories….” ChunLi was neared the state of panic. 


“I doubt I would forget someone as fierce as you. Dragon Lady….Heh heh.” Ryu grinned, showing her the undamaged oaken box. 

“Don’t ever scare me like that again!!!!” ChunLi thumped Ryu on the chest. 

“Aiiyyahh….I can feel pain okay! Please do control your temper…I don’t really want our kids to pick up your temper.” he winced. He realized that he had turned from husband to personal punching bag. 

“Then maybe you should read this.” ChunLi handed him a book. 

“How to deal with your expectant wife.” Flipping over the cover he noticed a few signatures.” 

“To Eliza and Ken: this book will prove its worth. From Jane and Guile.” the first signature read 

“To ChunLi and Ryu: I’m sure this book will serve its purpose. You best read this Ryu! You’ll need it…A lot! From Eliza and Ken.” 


“Whoa…more homework….” Ryu groaned. 

“What? Having second thoughts now. Dearest Dragon Lord?” 

“Never.. Perish the thought.” 

“Good..then do remember to wash your fighting attire tomorrow if you want to stay in the same bed. They stink!” 

“But…you never mind them…when….okay okay!” Ryu caught the murderous look in her eyes. The storm that was raging outside punctuates that look with a thunderclap. 

“Good I’m glad we have an understanding. I’m going to bed now. You coming?” 

Quietly to avoid agitating his wife further, Ryu climbed into bed. 

“Keep me warm…My warm warrior..” 

“Your wish is my command Dragon Lady….” 




Author’s Note: I have to admit that this one is more of a Half Shot/Not so far Backstory. I have not enough material for this one to be a full One Shot and I needed a reason for ChunLi to go angry and let her temper fly at Ryu. Instead of letting material go to waste like most of my uncompleted One Shots (all sitting around gathering dust) I might as well combine some of them. Most of all its the lines in regards to ‘this fists’ that I don’t wanna waste as it came to me while I was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green so i could cross the road. I had at some point seen my HK comic calender of which show Ryu with both fists before him and looking upwards questioningly. And all I could think about was the lines in regards to these fists