Kowloon Hong Kong  

7 am  


Fei Long drove to ChunLi’s apartment as soon as he heard from Master Gen that ChunLi had return from Singapore.  

<  I hope that bum failed in doing whatever he was supposed to do in Singapore. I hope Simui (younger sister in training) return alone. What does she see in that bum anyway? Must convince her to not marry that good for nothing bum.  >  Fei Long thought.  


After parking his car he check with his car mirrior to make sure that his his clothes are neat and that his hair had being neatly combed. Arranging his collar one last time before he headed upstairs with the bouquet of lilies. Clearing his throat he knocked on the door.  


"Coming! Hold on a moment!" ChunLi’s voice called out from within.  

<  Maybe I should come back a little later. Simui had only return last night, she might need more rest. Hey why not take Simui out for breakfast? Yeah that’s it take her out for breakfast!  > Fei Long though as he waited.  

<  She’s taking quite a while to answer the door. Could something be wrong?  >  Fei Long knocked the door a little louder this time.  

"I said I coming!" ChunLi’s voice called out again, this time she sounded nearer.  


The door opened slightly. A fresh fragrance whiff out towards him. Fei Long thought he saw ChunLi in a bathrobe. The door close again, there a was rustle of chains and the door open wide.  

ChunLi was in front of him wearing only a bathrobe and her hair was still wet. Fei Long’s mind was slowly registering the fragrance of the shampoo and soap ChunLi used.  


"Er…Siheng(elder brother in training) Could you come back a little while later? I need some time to get decently dressed." She asked.  

<  Well…do take all the time you need…  >  

"…..Huh??? Oh….Er….I’ll just wait here for you." Fei Long took a deep breath of the fresh fragrance as he brushed passed ChunLi.  

<  Good nobody’s here.  >  he thought as he watched ChunLi closed to the door. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Thoughts started to go off in his head.  


"Ah Li ah! Gor gor mui tang mo dai sou shi ah?(Didn’t that girl take the keys)" A male voice called out.  

^What the…….^ Fei Long’s jaw dropped when he saw Ryu walking out wearing only a towel, what more it was one of ChunLi’s towels! He stood up with eyes wide open.  

"You……he…." Fei Long pointed from ChunLi to Ryu and back again. Once more he could feel his heart shattering. This is the second time that bum did this to him.  

<  NNNOOOOO!!!!! How could he do this to MY SIMUI!!!!! HOW COULD YOU!!! YOU #@#$%&!!!!  > Fei Long shouted in side his head. His fists were clenched in anger as the image of how the bum would have violated his Simui replayed in his mind. He was seething in anger.  


"Oh! You are here?" Ryu said, unaware of what’s going on.  

"I’m sure you wish I wasn’t!!!" Fei Long roared.  

"Siheng. It’s not what you think! We can explain this." ChunLi started  

"Save your explanations. I believe what my eyes tell me. I don’t need you to cover up for him!" Fei Long slammed the door shut left in a huff, the bouquet of lilies he threw into the rubbish cart.  


"Oh my. I’m going to have a hard time explaining things to him. I don’t want him to carry a grudge against you. Ryu." ChunLi looked out the window.  

"Li. As long as you and I both know the truth. We need not fear anything at all. Oh and I had managed to clear up the muck in the other bathroom." Ryu said, watching her walk back to the sofa.  

"I’m sorry about the water heater though. You wanna use the one in the master bedroom’s bathroom? I’m done showering……" ChunLi asked as she fingered his abdominal muscles  

"There is no need to. Cold water suits me fine. New perfume?" Ryu asked as ChunLi wrapped her arms around his waist.  

"Unless you really want to prove Fei Long’s conclusions to be right. We should get Iwa down from the cupboard and throw all five(inclusive of the wolf and the three collies) of them out of the room tonight." ChunLi smiled seductively as she sees Ryu starting to blush.  



"CRRRAAASSSHH!!!!" The noise from the balcony startled the couple.  


"Hey if you want……Aahhhchhoo!!!….me out of the wayy……ahhchoo!… You could just tell me. You should know by… know I’m allergic to…. some types of perfume…… Ahhcchooo!!!" Iwa got up amid her sneezing.  

"Don’t you ever use the door?" ChunLi asked as she headed over to the windows.  

"Heh! I forgot to take your keys!!!! AAHHHCOOIIEEE!!!!! No closer………please….." It seems to the couple that Iwa’s mind is not as sharp at the moment for it was taking her too long to register what is wrong with this picture.  


"HOLY..KISATSU!!!!! OKAY I get the hint ….with the perfume and all….. I’ll come back later or maybe tomorrow if you want me to……. AHHCCHOOIIIEE!!!" Iwa sneezed again as she headed towards the balcony.  

"Iwa! It’s not what you’re think." ChunLi called out  


"I see nothing…I hear nothing… Forget I said anything…Ahhcchhoiiiee!!!!"  

"Iwa this is an order!" ChunLi called out sternly.  

"I see nothing…I hear nothing… Forget I said anything… System malfunction unable to process order…. Ahhcchhoiiiee…" Iwa repeated.  

"Batu! Seek em!" ChunLi commanded  


In a blur of movements the black wolf had pounced upon Iwa, who was holding onto the wolf’s muzzle with both hands. The wolf growled as it tried to shake itself free. When it managed to free itself, it attempted to bite Iwa. But the girl used her palm to hit the wolf’s mouth off target.  

"Geoy…Geoy!!!" Iwa blurted out, managing to switch off the wolf’s kill command, but it remains to pin down Iwa.  

"Okay now that’s my girls. So now listen." ChunLi said.  

"Do I have a choice?….Ahhchooooiie!!"  

"I would believe that my perfume had past it’s expiry date."  

"That I think I can understand….."  

"Nothing else happen while you went to buy breakfast."  

"Ahhcccooiiieee!! That I….am not so sure…"  

"You can confirm with Batu."  

"The mutt is always on your side….. Ahhcchooo!.." The black wolf growled and bared her fangs again.  

"The two of you stop that at once!"  

"Sorry okay..What you says goes. Right Geoy?…" Iwa said to the black wolf. The wolf finally got off her.  

"And do stop calling her Geoy while she takes this form."  

"Okay… Aaahcccoooiiiee. You better do something about that perfume.. Oh and here’s breakfast." Iwa picked up the package from the floor.  

"And Fei Long?" Iwa asked  


"You don’t get any funny ideas into that head of yours. I’ll deal with him. We are going to visit Master Gen after breakfast. We have to pay our respects to him before going back to Shadowlaw. Don’t pick on the twins okay."  

"Dare I disobey a direct order?" Iwa asked with a wicked grin on her face.  

"You best not. Young lady, if you know what’s good for you." ChunLi said as she headed back into her room to change.  

"You really serious about spending your life with the Dragon lady?" Iwa asked.  

"I love her the way she is." Ryu answered with a shrug.  

"Have fun dealing with different aspects of her personality."  

"What do you mean by that?"  

"You’ll know. She’ll show you." Iwa said as she planted herself in front of the television and plugged in a game cartridge. Refusing to answer all Ryu’s question as her attention is focus on her game.