The Chasm, Shadowlaw 

The moon and the sun shares the noon day sky now as the Eclipse which begins the Gathering of Power draws near. A strange silence had taken the air by force as they stood before the bridge. 

Here they stood, Ryu carrying ChunLi. She turns her head slightly to the right as she observes the scenery before her. The forests that flanks the road, beyond one side of the forest leads to the mountains and beyond the other leads to the cliffs where the waves crashes violently against the rocks. The sea to where the river in the chasm would flow to. A little further down the road beyond the Chasm would lead them to Summerlodge. 

Home. A strange little concept indeed. How they have a home and they would spend only two months at least at home. While the other ten months were spent on the road, travelling from one end of the world to other. Why should they do that even though they have a home here? 

Maybe because the couple felt that as long as they are together they can always have a home wherever they go. Since home is but a material concept and as long as they are together, even the occasional large hole in the tree can be made into a cosy home. She looks up towards Ryu who smiled back at her, agreeing with her concept. 

“Soon the world will be our home.” 
“Onwards then.” 

Carrying ChunLi, Ryu walks across the wooded bridge that crosses the chasm. The strength of the wind increases with every step they take. She could feel it in her, the five spirits that are to be sacrificed were dragged out of their sealing ground and pull here without much of a fight. They are here, screaming wordlessly at ChunLi. They want no part of the Gathering, for it meant their end. 

The wind dies down after they crossed the bridge. ChunLi smiled at Ryu, she could feel the difference here. The raw energy, the strength and the primal power that roars through this very piece of land. Such lively vigor that will only be known on this day and time when the seven are brimming with raw energy of the very universe. 

Closing her eyes, ChunLi lets the pure energy flow through her, its warm seductive feeling that that flows through her. Bombarding every fiber of her being with the promise of power yet it slips through her fingers the moment that she attempts to grasp it. 

She moans as she felt a sensuous tingle down her spine. The raw energy that crackles unseen in the air arouses her heightened senses, soon it will all be hers to wield. The feeling within her was so intoxicating that she nearly forgotten what is and what is not. 

Even the blood trickling down from the side of her mouth went unnoticed if not for a sudden jerk when Ryu attempts to draw her attention. Opening her eyes, she stared back at a slightly worried Ryu. 

He has felt the power that this place holds although at a lesser degree. ChunLi’s right hand slides up to Ryu’s throat and started slowly sliding down to his chest. A signal to him that she is okay, a little overwhelmed by the power that flows through this place but she is okay. He needn’t worry. Her legs kicking the air coyly, still unable to forget the feeling. 

“If only you can feel what I feel.” ChunLi coos at him, her voice filled with yearning. 
“Its almost time.” Ryu reminded her. 

“Not while we’re here to stop you!” Galford yelled. 

Ryu turned towards them, ChunLi regarded them with nonchalance, her right hand hanging limply by her side. A gust of wind breezes by her and unsettles her hair, giving her an air of dangerous charm. 

“Let it go.” Zannah said firmly as her eyes locked onto ChunLi’s. 
“Power is no respecter of rank, dear sister. From the poorest crone to richest noble, none can escape its seduction. You of all should know better. Sister dearest. Ah hah ha ha.” ChunLi laughs, like it was no big deal at all. With ChunLi in his arms Ryu took a few steps towards their companions. 

“And this is fair to him?” Hoahmaru pointed with his sword 
“Ho ho ho,. We are all responsible for our own actions. You knew that full well when you choose your path. Didn’t you beloved?” her left hand stroking Ryu’s ear. 
“Yes.” Ryu answered and was rewarded with kiss on his cheek. 

“Even he agrees with me. Why don’t you join me sister dear. I have what it takes to help you find the him that you so seek.” 
“Join you? If I join you. He won’t have a world for me to find him in.” Zannah answered coolly 

“All you’re doing now is just slowing down the inevitable. You know it would come to this.” ChunLi lifts her right hand lazily. The nine warriors tensed up immediately in readiness to strike. 

ChunLi let out a little amused laugh as Nakaruru broke formation and rushes towards ChunLi with her short blade in hand. ChunLi laughs and parries Nakaruru’s blade with her spiked bracelet, throwing Nakaruru slightly off balance. Quick as a cobra, ChunLi awards Nakaruru with two sounding slaps across her face. 

“You should have stayed where you were little one.” ChunLi snickered as Ryu turned right swinging ChunLi’s legs into Nakaruru’s chest.  Ryu turn left quickly knocking Nakaruru down as ChunLi’s legs hit her again. Ignoring her the Twisted Pair moves forward as the other move backwards. 

Nakaruru spat out some blood and rises, this time to take couple down from behind. As Ryu turns to intercepts Nakaruru, ChunLi brought out the black jagged edge blade. With one low slash she knocks Nakaruru’s attack off course. 

Taking the opportunity the others rush forward as well. But as Ryu turns around to face them, ChunLi’s dark blade cuts the air stopping everybody in their tracks. Rimururu holds her bleeding left hand while the others ignored their pain. 

Kyo rushes forward with his flaming sword in hand. ChunLi hops down from Ryu arm. His right hand reaches for his black broadsword while his left arm was hook into ChunLi’s left arm. One taking care of the back the other the front, both remaining in physical contact at all times. 

Flames fly as the Kyo’s sword strikes. ChunLi spin inwards, stops and unleashes her lighting kicks at Kyo’s sword hand, Ryu swung his blade forward at the same time. To avoid the double attack Kyo leaps back a few steps. Charlotte rushes forward and stabs with her epee. ChunLi hops backward into Ryu’s waiting arms and stole a quick kiss from him. 

As Ryu blocks Charlotte’s epee, ChunLi lets her palm fly forward into Charlotte’s armor. The air ripples slightly as the force of her shove cracks Charlotte’s armor leaving an indent of her palm. Charlotte staggers but tries to maintain her stance. 

“Kikosho!” ChunLi yells as Ryu held onto her waist, the injured Charlotte didn’t have time to react as the ball of qi batters her, she falls and her armor shatters as the Kikosho starts to the fade away. 

Shizumaru tosses his steel edge umbrella towards the Twisted Pair while Haohmaru, Nakaruru and Kyo follows the projectile in. 

“Shinku Hadoken!!!” Ryu yells when ChunLi made a few quick steps to intercept Zannah and Rimururu when they attack Ryu from behind. 

“Naky!!!!” Galford yells as he leaps pushing Nakaruru out of the Shinku Hadoken’s way. A spurt of blood escape from Galford’s mouth as the Shinku Hadoken collides into him and sent him flying and scraping the ground. 

With Charlotte and Galford down, the seven remaining warriors don’t look as if they can hold on for long. But they have to hold on all they needed was a little more time, a little more time just so that they could prevent her from getting to the Gathering. 

But she knew she knew what they were up to. Time is not on her side and she couldn’t waste it. Ryu scoops ChunLi into his arms once more, with a nod from her he runs towards their companion. She laughs knowing they can’t back off because their two fallen comrades. 

ChunLi held out her right hand with her palm facing the sky, the air quivers slightly as blue sparks began to gather and swirl in her palm. As it dances and swirls it gets bigger and bigger. The seven remaining warriors rush towards the Twisted Pair. 

ChunLi laughs, they have done what she wanted them top do. Ryu stops and ChunLi resumed her smile. Pulling her palm out from under the hovering blue ball of qi, one shove. One shove and the air trails behind the ball qi as it speeds towards the seven. One explosion sent them sent flying back. 

“There is still more.” ChunLi snickered as she watches the shaky attempts of Zannah, Haohmaru and Kyo to get up. Weaken preys that still intend to defend themselves. One more the air in front of ChunLi begins to ripple as a cruel smile builds upon her fair face. 

“Shun wo zhe chang, ni wo zhe wang (Those who aid me lives, those against me dies).” She hisses as she watches the air before ripples her violently. So what if they were on her side once. As long as they go against her she will spare no one. 

Tired of waiting for them to regroup she lets the rippling air go. Upon contact the three warriors were sent flying once more. Dragging a trail of eath as they lend. 

Clap, clap, clap. Someone applauded them. 
A trail of fire and spikes of ice rips a path between the Twisted Pair and the nine warriors and he came forward. 

“How thoughtful of you to handle this rift raft as to better prepare for my ascension. Beautiful one.” Gill alone came forward. 
“I see you brought the Dragonlord here as well. Excellent Indeed.” He took a step forward. 

“Not for you.” ChunLi hiss as she clings to Ryu. 
“Come now, beautiful one. You know that he has to die for my ascension. He is but a mere mortal while I am a god. I can offer you much more than he could.” He laughs, knowing what must be will soon be. 

“No.” ChunLi’s cheek was pressed against Ryu’s cheek. Her right hand clenching and unclenching the hilt of Tianzai. 

“Now, you betray me once, what makes you think you won’t betray him as well?” Gill offers ChunLi with an outstretch hand and laugh once more. 


From a nearby hill the pair watches. 

“Aren’t you going to help him? Legrene asks. 
“He is your brother.” 
“His mess. He cleans it up.” Urien shrugs. 
“Curious indeed.” 
“It would ruin my plan otherwise.” 


“Because you’re not worthy and he is!” ChunLi hiss once more, she knows that anything can go wrong at this point in time. Ryu could sense ChunLi’s unease. 

“Precisely why he has to die.” Gill growls 
“Over my dead body!” 
“I need your body alive and warm. His dead body would do nicely.” 

“His heart on a silver platter?” Ryu asks as ChunLi hops down. 
“Silver platter or no. I want his heart and him dead.” She said firmly. 
“It shall be done.” Ryu swings him black broadsword around a bit. 
“You must live.” She rubs Ryu’s abdomen with her hand. 
“I will.” Ryu said firmly. ChunLi’s hand held Ryu’s chin and guide his chin towards her, kissing him on the lips to seal his promise. 
“For the honor and glory of you.” He whispered to her before walking towards Gill. He was waiting for this fight for a long time. 

Swords clash and sparks fly, Gill has an advantage over Ryu for he was physically bigger than Ryu. What Ryu lacks he made up for in sheer will, there was everything to gain and too much to lose. 

“My ascension shall not be mar by the unwillingness of the sacrifice’s refusal to cooperate!” Gill laughs as he blocks Ryu’s every move, All he needs is just one good shot but Ryu is not likely to cooperate on that part. 

Ryu defends, knowing that he has no other choices. He knows too that the larger Gill was trying to tire him. Every now and then he breaks out from his defense to go offensive on Gill. Although the small cuts and slashes meant nothing to Gill, in the long run it could mean victory for Ryu. If he can hold on that long. 

Sparks flies as sword edge grinds against sword edge, both men knew that they are both wasting each other’s time. But time is more important to Gill, for his ascension lies in the now that he couldn’t waste. The unwillingness of the Jiu Dao Nu and the sacrificial Dragonlord. 

“Die!!!!” Gill roars as he kicks Ryu away. Now starting on one handed sword swings that at heavier instead. Not giving Ryu the chance to fight back. As Ryu parries Gill rams his fist right into Ryu chest and kicks him to the ground. His fiery foot burning as he stomps down on Ryu’s chest, to hold the smaller man down. 

“THE TIME IS NIGH !!!!!!!!” Gill roars, both hands clutching the hilt of the sword of ice and fire. He laughs as he points the tip of the blade downwards and stabs it down towards Ryu. 

“NNOOOOO!!!!!!” ChunLi screams with her right hand outstretch