Legacy’s Tale


Summerlodge, Shadowlaw 


The breezy evening brought with it the aroma of cooking from a little lodge by the edge of the forest. A dark hair woman was busy cooking away, her jet black hair tied in a single braid, wearing a dark blue shirt and pants under a dark blue wide cuff silk dress coat with ankle length gathered skirt (think Vice and Mature). 

Perspiration forms on her fair face, but her gentle brown eyes kept concentrating on her task at hand. Eyes that spoke volumes without words. And a smile that could make the hardest of men weak in the knees. 

One could never tell that there is more to this woman then meets the eye. Because to different people she held a different meaning. She is wife, lover, daughter, warrior, witch, mentor, friend, princess and foe. 

Some would fear her, yet some respects her while a few loved her. But today, today she is wife and lover, awaiting the return of her beloved husband who had being away for a month in contemplative retreat. 


For during the time he was away she had being plagued by nightmares. Normally she would ignore them but the teachings that were part of her heritage had taught her not to ignore such an ominous nightmare. 

Now all she wanted was for her husband to return so that he could help her in deciphering its meaning and put her fears to rest before they take to the road again. As she puts the last dish of food on the table she looks out the window to see a figure approaching from a far. 


< He’s back!! > she exclaimed in her mind, rushing out to towards him. 



To many he is a living legend of a warrior. Dress in a vest and pants, a red head band to keep his messy fringe from his eyes. Known to many as a man of few words. A man who would rather use his fists than the fearsome black sword slung across his back. A large black broadsword that was without any design on its blade, cross guard or hilt. Black contrasting on the white of his attire. 


In the time he had come to possession of the sword, he had only used it three times. 

Once to vanquish a Warlord that threatened his dragons, second to destroy a Darklord and third while teaming up with his beloved wife to fight against a demonic warrior. The black sword that proclaims him as Dragonlord had brought about nothing but death. But now he is husband. 

He narrowed his piercing eyes against the rays of the setting sun on seeing the familiar figure rushing towards him. The stern look in his eyes softens as the love of his life flung herself into his arms nearly throwing him off balance. A passionate kiss was how they greeted each other, though both have much to say words were not necessary at all. 


“Welcome home. Ryu.” She said, placing her hand on his cheek, there was a gentle, lovely smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes. 

A look that was only reserved for him alone. 

“It’s good to be back Li.” Looking into the eyes of his beloved, he sensed that something was bothering her. 


Ryu held his wife closer, it had only being a month and yet he missed her, the sound of her voice, the way she smile at him, the gentle warmth she brings whenever he embraced her, the way she feels when he held her in his arms. The softness of her hair in his hand. The sparring sessions they had. Refreshing now in his memory her familiarity even as he brushed back a lock of ChunLi’s hair. A goofy looking smile began form on his face. 

“What’s wrong?” ChunLi asked for the way he held her, speak his feelings. 

“I’ll tell you later…I need you now….Er.. I mean!…I mean… I need something to eat now.” Ryu fumbled, as he always does when he was caught by the charm of his own wife. Years of marriage still does this to him, making him feel like a student. 

“Okay okay…I know what you mean.” ChunLi giggled as she led him back home, unable to control her laughter on the way back, Ryu was flustered as he tried to make ChunLi tell him what the private joke was. 



After the usual quiet dinner, they headed out to the courtyard to the large tree that Ryu had tied some ropes around its trunk(same one). Against the tree they sat, ChunLi between Ryu’s legs as she lean her weight on him. Ryu’s left hand was unconsciously stroking ChunLi’s thigh while his right hand held her hand. 

Feeling comfort in his presence as they watch the stars sparkle in the night sky while the scent of night blossoms in bloom fills the air. ChunLi allayed her fears to him, half expecting him to brush it off. 

“….I know….” He said softly. 

“The same dream….for the last few weeks…Gets worse every night…” ChunLi whispered. 

“…I had seen some of what you mention while in retreat…..” 

“What do you think they mean?” 

“I do not know….First thing tomorrow.. We return to your father. Someone might know what it means….” 

“To that woman again…” 

“Whatever happens. I be here for you. I promise.” 


Talking till late in the night they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Even in the comforting embrace of her husband her nightmares return to haunt her sleep. 


<< Dracona…. Hear us….Oh Dracona Lilian  >> a female voice called her in her sleep. 

<< Come to us…… Join us… As fitting your birthright. >> another voice called 

“Go… away….” ChunLi mumbled in her sleep. 

<< Dearest Dracona.. Oh Bride of Darkness….Face your true destiny…..or face betrayal as you remain…. >> the voices faded away from her dreams and the visions began…. 

Forced to watch the replay of events that will come, ChunLi struggled in her sleep trying to break the hold. She had lost touch with the real world. 



Her beloved husband, her sworn sister, her young wards, her father, her friends and enemies alike, turning against her in a futile attempt to stop her descent to pure evil. It showed her bringing utter destruction to life. It showed her forsaking the only man she ever loved for the foul embrace of demonic god. It showed her relishing the blood that bleeds from the still beating heart of her beloved warrior. ChunLi screamed still unable to wake from her dreams, alone and lost in the terror. 

The final blow that comes with the vision that was too much even for her. She screamed trying to break away from the vision of that demonic god violating her. Literally pouring his very being and essence into her, becoming one with her for she is the vessel of power. And thus she becomes the Ultimate Goddess of Darkness. ChunLi screamed again breaking free from her dream to find Ryu trying to wake her up. 



“Li!! Wake up! Li.” Ryu kept shaking his screaming and struggling wife. He had never seen his wife so frightened before. In their years together he had seen her facing things that were beyond description without even batting an eyelid. 

Regaining her composure, she flung herself deeper into Ryu’s arms, choking back her tears while Ryu stroke her head trying to calm her down. 

“It’s that same dream again…..” her voice now barely audile, relating to him what she had saw. 

“Li. I promise you that no harm shall come to you. Whoever so dare to hurt you, I will kill him with my very hands.” He promised her. 

“If …I am the one who started the destruction…?” 

“I will find a way to help you….I will defend you from all those who dares hurt you. I will lay down my very life for you.” Ryu swore as he looks into the eyes of his frightened wife. From the east the first ray of light of dawn broke forth signaling a new day and the challenges to come……..