Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 9 


“LI!!!!!!!!” Ryu kept screaming.  

In his right hand he was still clutching the slim blue blade that belongs to his wife. Only the thought that ChunLi is in danger burns furiously in his fevered mind. But every time he tries to get up the burning sensation on his chest worsen. But nothing else matter on his mind except to find ChunLi.  

His comrades watched him scream blindly, clawing unseeingly with one thought on his mind. Delirium settling in making him panic even more.  

Quietly and quickly, Zanaah, Haohmaru, Kyo and Galford began to work on the tree. Two on either and started to lift the tree with all their strength. Chizuru and Charlotte quickly pull the screaming Ryu out before the four drops the heavy tree again.  


By now Rimururu and Nakaruru had made a makeshift litter out of a piece of large cloth and some strong branches. Putting Ryu down on the litter, Zannah started giving instructions.  

“Chizuru, Charlotte. Go back to the ruins and see what you can salvage.”  She stopped a moment and watched the two women sped off.  

Looking at the black broadsword Zannah started thinking again. Haohmaru and Kyo held Ryu gently by his side as Zannah gripped the sword’s hilt and pulled it out strapping it to her pair of swords at her back.  


“Nakaruru! Stop fidgeting with that blade!” Zannah shouted. Nakaruru was trying to remove ChunLi’s sword but Ryu’s grip was strong despite his condition. Before Nakaruru could argue her case she was cut off again  

“The rest help me carry Ryu. We need to find some form of shelter and determine the damage done.” She said. The three men nodded and each took a corner. Shizumaru immediately dashed off ahead to check out for signs of any ruins that might serve their purpose. By now Ryu had stopped screaming as he slipped into a semi-coma, he kept moaning, moaning for ChunLi.  



Later Shizumaru returned and led the litter bearers further down the road. They were led into a building, which seems to be more abandon than ruin. Where four walls and a ceiling still stands. Rimururu cleared the center of the room of debris as the four litter bearers lay Ryu down.  


“Check out the house for anything usable. Shizu go lead Chizuru and Charlotte here. Haohmaru I need your wine.” Zannah said as she unbuckles a pocket in her belt pack. Taking out a little packet and pouring the greenish powder into the wine. The others left them alone.  

“What’s that?” Rimururu asked as she set up a fire.  

“Something to calm him down.” Zannah sat down beside Ryu.  


“I know you worry, but we’ll find her. But first we need to attend to you.” Zanaah said softly.  

“Stop agitating him!” Nakaruru shouted as she attempts to remove the sword. The grip tightened and Ryu tensed up. Zannah got up and push Nakaruru away. The younger woman looks up with intense anger.  

“You’ll only make things worse. I’m doing what I can. If your interference cost his life and that of my sister’s, you will die a thousand slow and painful deaths.” She said and sat down by Ryu.  


“Please, work with me. I know how you feel. But you won’t be of any help to Li if you die. Let me help you.” She said softly, pouring a little of the wine down Ryu’s throat. His fingers slackened a little and Zannah slowly removes ChunLi’s blade from his Ryu’s hand and sheathes it with her pair of swords and Ryu’s broadsword behind her back.  


At this time, Shizumaru and the two women had returned.  

“Some food stuff and some clothes. No more.” Charlotte said.  

“That will do for now. Is there a town nearby?” Zannah asked as she slowly removed Ryu’s vest.  

“Two days’ walk.” Chizuru said.  

The white vest was splattered with red blood. Ryu flinched violently.  

“Ribs.” She mumbled, as she fed Ryu with the wine again. The rest return with various items they have found within the house. A decent bit of rations, some pieces of cloth.  

Surprisingly Kyo found that the bathhouse in this inn is still working and had the sense to bring a few pails of water up and to boil up some water. Haohmaru had found that not only the wine cellar was intact but the wine itself was still good.  


Using her dagger, Zannah cut through the legs of Ryu’s pants to reveal, blood and grime from ankles to knees. Skin swollen black and blue. She shook her head. Broken ribs and legs isn’t a good sign. Even if out of danger he’s likely to be out of action for a while. What about ChunLi she thought.  

“He’s burning up!!!” Rimururu called out as she was wiping Ryu’s forehead with a piece of damp cloth. Great day this is turning out to be. Delirium with fever as well as broken ribs and legs.  


“Here. Mix this with some warm water. Chizuru took out a little packet of powder. Kyo took the packet and mixed into a bowl, making sure that it wasn’t too hot he fed it slowly to Ryu.  

Ryu choked a little, spluttered a little and slowly calm down  

“Li…..” he moaned again. Then his breathing laboured, his lungs sounded like they were on the verge of collapsing. He coughs blood.  


Rimururu looked at Nakaruru as if asking for permission. The younger girl got no response and decided that she has to do what she thinks is right. Even if it meant breaking an oath to help an outsider. But Ryu is no outsider. He had help defend Kamui Kuten with Haohmaru and gang those years ago. Rimururu decided that if the Elders were to question her actions, she intends to say that she was repaying a debt.  


“Zannah…. I would like to try something.” She said almost meekly.  

“A healing technique that I was taught as Maiden of Light. I can only do it a little at a time.”  

Zannah, Haohmaru, Kyo and Shizumaru looked at each other in silent conference, the four members of the Inner Circle nodded.  

“It’s worth a shot. His life is in your hands now child.” She gave way to Rimururu to let her have the space she need.  


The young girl places her hands over Ryu’s chest allowing her palms to hover a few inches away from the skin. She began a slow chant in a certain Japanese dialect in an almost sing song voice.  

“Li…. Must find Li…” Ryu moaned again. In his mind only one concern stands above the rest. It didn’t matter what condition he was in.  

As she sang, little green sparks flew around her palms, swirling,  

swiveling. Slowly it dances around her hands as it got bigger. There was a slightly strained look on Rimururu’s face as she lowered her hands a little. The dancing green sparks swirled downwards on to Ryu’s chest.  

Warming his skin upon contact. The swirling soft green sparks changes to fiery red when it found the area where the pain is most intense. Beads of sweat began to form Rimururu’s forehead as the sparks began to concentrate on the wound.  


“A little more…. Just a little more…..” Rimururu mumbled. Her hands were beginning shake badly. Her body began to tremble as she forced herself on. In her mind she scream to gather her concentration.  One wrong move, not only would she be injured internally  

And then Rimururu felt a hand on her back. Warm energy flowing into her, energy that she knew she could borrow to aid her in saving Ryu. Rimururu opened her eyes slowly. From the corner of her eyes she could see silver hair gently tugged by the wind blowing in from outside.  


<<  We both want him alive. Don’t we.  >> Zannah shot her. Rimururu nodded and continued on her task.  


What seem like an eternal hour passed slowly. A noticeable change came over Ryu as he started to breathe with ease. The two women took a deep breath and close their eyes. Moments late they broke the link and brought their hands down.  

“I need to rest…… To regain my strength….. We have to fix his …..legs then.” Rimururu said tiredly. All she wants to do now is to eat something and sleep for a week.  

The others nodded in understanding. It’s late now and there isn’t much they can do. Tomorrow they would bring Ryu to town to find a doctor as well as find any news of ChunLi.  



In the darkness of his mind he dreams, all he keeps seeing was how ChunLi was taken away from him. Him lying there helpless. He heard ChunLi calling for him. While he was unable to move and unable to call out to her.  

Enrage at his own helplessness. Ryu then thought he heard someone laughing. Laughter of the one that took his ChunLi. The laughter of his comrades about his incompetence. Laughter that questioned him on various things, driving him crazy.  

Ryu woke with a jolt. Reality sent sharp pains through his abused legs.  

<  Pain is good. Pain means I’m still alive.  > Ryu assured himself.  

His eyes moved left and right rapidly. His comrades were all sleeping. But the one he hopes to find is missing and he started to panic.  

<  Li! Where’s Li?! Why are they sleeping when they should be out looking for Li?!  > The thought went through his mind repeatedly.  

The one thing his foggy anguish filled mind knows is that if they aren’t out there to look for ChunLi, then he’s going. He’s going to find her or die trying. But he can’t move! Ryu panicked trying to struggle. Can’t move his legs!  

<  Is this how it all ends? No. Li is counting on me! As long as I still breathe I will find her!  > And then a fevered thought entered his mind on what he can do. Nothing. Nothing at all can stop him.