The flaming blade of the legendary Kusanagi sword sizzled through the air as young Kusanagi lord attempts to strike the Bearer of Wind who made no attempt to defend himself.  

The air before Geonitz’s face burns as the flaming sword stops before before him. Kyo was breathing deeply as he held on to his blade. He would never attack a man who does not defend himself. Be he friend or foe.  


“Defend yourself!” Kyo almost yelled. Watching Geonitz coolly take another sip from his sake.  

“I am not here to fight you.” He gaze landed on Nakaruru. He smiled and walked over to her.  

“Do you really know what you are doing?” he seemed to address both Kyo and Nakaruru.  

“Get to the point! Or get out!” Kyo pointed his sword at him.  

“My Master had ordered me to pass you a message.” He glanced at Chizuru and smiled again.  

“He is in danger. Yes?” He looked at ChunLi with a questioning look.  

“In danger of being unleash by your kind I would say.” Kyo almost growled.  

“And you my lady are unwillingly stuck in the middle of all this. Do take note of that young Dragonlord.”  


“I have said what I need to say to the Kagura Priestess. Since you have no intention whatsoever to listen. You can ask her the details when you cool down.” He headed over to Chizuru once more.  

“The young hothead is your hands now. “ he almost whispered.  

“What else do we need to do?”  

“Nothing else. Just make sure they are careful. I do not wish to lose the master and you.”  

“Why don’t you come along then?”  

“I need the young Kusanagi lord at peak performance. My presence would only distract him. Rests assure that I will be watching over you Aiko.” He kissed her on the forehead and opened the door to the garden. A gust of wind blew in and like the wind he vanished along with it.  

“Kagura! What is between you and him?” Kyo demanded.  


“He’s trying to lure you over. Like what happened to the Yagami!”  

“Kyo just stay out of this for once and trust me.”  

“Do not regret it if he use to free the Oruchi.” Kyo mumbled.  



As is their original intention the group sat down and asked the Kagura priestess who told them what they needed to know. They found that in some way as with what they heard the Dragon Mesa. Their goal is more or less similar.  

From what they know, five dark gods of chaos and destruction are in danger of reawakening at the same time, which is bad.  

Someone it seems is intent on wielding the power that these five dark gods held, this just made it worse.  

And worst of all. The wielder of such power would inevitably awaken another power. One which is more primal than the five. One who holds the very powers of the Chaos Synergy in HER hands. The power which is the very heart of the Creation in itself. And depending on the intent behind the Chaos Synergy it could lead to utter chaos or paradise on earth.  


<  A she?  > Nakaruru’s face was pale. It seems to her that things are going in the way she feared. She glanced nervously at ChunLi. She smirked knowing that underneath that pretty exterior is venomous snake.  


“But is it possible that such a thing can happen?”  

“Yes. My sources say there are five key elements in this. Of which, one is a sword that carries a dark aura that makes up it’s very heart. It is but part of a key.”  

“How do we avoid this?” ChunLi asked. She doesn’t like the way things are starting to go. Not that she’s a control freak but more to the fact that she dislikes the idea of things seeming so final. Ryu squeezed her hand gently. He had sensed her uneasiness.  

“There is someone in Kamui Kuten who might be able to help.” Chizuru suggest.  

“No one in Kamui Kuten is familiar with this isuue.” Nakaruru spoke, challenging the others.  


“Ah But there is where you are wrong. Maiden of Nature. One of these dark gods is sealed in Kamui Kuten, I’m just that the two of you are aware of the fact that most of the elders of Kamui Kuten know of such a god?” Chizuru sensed something about Nakaruru, which made her feel that things are going to get a little complicated. The girl’s reluctance might be a costly mistake.  

“Hold on! I remember something! I had heard the Elders tell stories of a key that was sealed and should never be unearth or it would bring destruction. Naky. Do you remember?” Rimururu suddenly burst into life.  


All Nakaruru did was shook her head. Either she doesn’t remember or she didn’t want to help.  

“Anyway. I used to think that some of them were senile. But some of the things they had mentioned coincide with what I heard over the past few weeks. ChunLi Jie jie (elder sister) I think there is a way to help you out.”  

“I guess if we have to make a trip to Kamui Kuten. We best leave early. The storm season is approaching fast.” Ryu suggested. For once it seem to him that things are going somewhere instead of following a dead trail.  




Ever since they left the Kagura Estate ChunLi had started to feel something in the air. Something which bothered her greatly. She had this feeling that Nakaruru doesn’t like her much. But things like that sometimes happens. She also had a feeling that the Maiden of Nature knew something and yet chose to keep it to herself.  

Placing together her nightmares and the things she heard the last few weeks. Things are not going to go well for her. Somehow ChunLi couldn’t help but feel that there was someone watching her. Her every move and every action whenever she was alone.  

The presence was just like a shadow at the corner of her eye. The moment she turned she could never be fast enough to what it was. Harmless as it might be hiding and watching. The feeling was eerie in the sense that it was waiting for her to be alone. As it always disappear whenever Ryu is by her side.  

ChunLi realised that the feeling of being watched came about around the same time she heard that dreadful scream. A scream that was filled with anguish and yearning. A scream that fills the heart an ominous cold. A scream that calls out her name over and over again. Giving her the felling that her life is not in her hands anymore.  


Ryu looked at his wife noting that she was deep in thought once more. The past few weeks were tough on her and he was doing what he can to ease her fears and her dread.  

The others have being helpful in their own way yet he sensed that Nakaruru had change. She didn’t seem like the friendly, shy young lady he knew. But then as time goes by people tend to change.  

He noted that they were traveling on a road that was flanked by ruins, building that had being abandoned, burnt and torn down. Yet this place screams of an ambush. Within his mind strategies form in his mind on how best to defend this place and to minimise lost. And then it started to rain forcing them to seek some form of decent shelter in the ruins.