Demon’s Island Southeastern coast of Edo 


Thunder roared as lightning clash. The storm rising and surrounding the island and the surrounding waters. Though it rained hard on the island elsewhere was dark and gloomy. Within the castle. A hundred and one young innocent lives screamed. Soon only one scream remained. 

The screams belong to the young grass green dragon that watches the mindless slaughter of a hundred innocent young lives. As the book had said: The younger the life the more potent the blood. 

“Don’t be afraid beautiful one. Your turn will come soon. You will join these little ones well enough.” He laughed once more watching the young dragon shed a tear. As quickly as he could Gill let the tear drop into a small vial. A dragon’s tear, Who knows when this might come into use. 


The blond hair man laughed with the hint of insanity in his voice. Soon he will be reunited with the Angel of Darkness, the Kurayami no Hanayome. But he believes that the so called Dragonlord, the defender is the one who stands in the way. But not for long for the heart of the defender is vital to his ascension. 

The thought of becoming the lord and master of chaos and darkness appeals to him. He thinks he might have a way to break the defender’s fighting spirit. He laughs at his own plan. Taking the cauldron that contains the blood of a hundred innocent young lives he headed up to the battlements where his brother waited in the rain. 

His brother the silver hair Urien held in his hands the amber block that encased the sword. Urien chanted a slow chant with his deep voice carefully intoning each word and each syllable. The wrong word could cause the lightning to strike them. Slowly and steadily Gill lower the block of amber into the cauldron of blood. 


It was but a tool the ugly looking sword. But the dark aura that was sung into the sword eons ago was one of evil intentions. The sword vibrates gently as the aura awakens. A small black light forms on the indent that is in the middle of the cross-guard. 

The black light spread as it drains into the vein like grooves. It spread like cancer throughout the sword. It hungers for the blood of the hundred innocents. It yearns to be reunited with its mistress. It yearns for the blood of the young dragon as well as that of the Defender. 

The vibrating sword caused a crack to form at the heart of the amber. The crack spread it various directions. Little cracks in various paths causing one big crack. Gill brought up the amber block before any more damage is caused. The two brothers headed downstairs to where the young dragon is. 

The amber crumbled like dust as a drop of the young dragon’s blood touched it. The sword in its twisted form held an eerie type of glory. But there is still much to be done. For the sword lays broken in nine pieces on the stone cold floor. It needs the young dragon to be one again. But then it would need to be in its mistress hands before twenty-four hours are up. 

The nine pieces cut the hands of both men as they picked up the pieces. They can’t give it the young dragon’s blood yet. For they have yet to rein in the Bride of Darkness. The sword would have to remain in nine pieces for a little while longer. The dark aura sensed that its shell would not be whole for a while. The aura screamed its frustration. A shrill scream that reaches the soul and chill the hearts of the bravest men if they could hear it. 






Chapter 6 

Dragon Mesa 

Early morning 


ChunLi shuddered as she felt a chill in her very soul even though she slept in comforting warmth of Ryu’s arms. A shudder down her spine when she thought she felt something or someone called her name. A voice without gender. A voice that sounded like the darkest poison. A voice that seem to ooze a sense of dread. 

ChunLi squirmed in Ryu’s arms, turning so she now faces him instead of the wall. In her point of view the scream seem to have diminish in volume. She buries herself deeper into him, hoping to drown out the scream and gather her thoughts. She closed her eyes for a moment hoping to fall asleep yet she couldn’t. 

ChunLi opened her eyes once more only to look into the dark brown eyes of Ryu. He had sensed her uneasiness. She thanked him with a kiss on his lips for his silent comfort. But still his eyes remain watchful and questioning. 


“It has begun.” She said softly. Not wanting to disentangle herself from him yet. 

“I heard. I felt.” He held her closer in response. In some sense of the word she believed that he heard the call because of their intricate Mindlink. A little something that had always existed between the Dragonlord and his lady. Useful in the best and worst of times and irritating at moments. 

This time they both have no good explanation to cover things up. Because they know they can’t. So instead they decided to wake up earlier than planned. Reaching the communal hall they saw Zannah, seated at round table drinking some hot tea. 


“You heard the call?” ChunLi asked. 

“Moments ago. No going back now it seems.” Zannah said she got up and poured two more cups of tea for the couple. Stumbling out in different directions are Haohmaru, Shizumaru and Kyo 

“Somehow whatever it was got through to the whole Inner Circle link. That scream could have caught the attention of every single one of us now.” Kyo mumbled as he rubbed his eyes. 

“Your call. Mobilize the others or stand down.” Haohmaru took a glug from his wine pouch. 


<<  Stand down. All of you.  >> ChunLi shot at seemingly no one. 

<<  You sure?  >>  Someone asked. 

<<  My fight. Let me face this.  >> 

<<  If you need us. You know what to do.  >> another voice added. Another friend at another part of the world. 

<<  I will. The concern is much appreciated.  >> 

<<  Anytime.  >> 


It seems that the trouble of one is heard by many across the world. The six remained awake till morning arrived. The other four members of their group had not heard a single thing. Taking leave from the older dragons the group was led by the double-spade tips tail Huo-Hua to another path. 


“This will get out across from the river at which the bridge was washed out.” She said as she guided them. An hour or so later the group was greeted by sunlight once again. Sunlight which blinded them momentarily as they emerged from the cave. 

“My lord and lady. A moment.” Huo-Hua called out. Ryu and ChunLi held back. 

“One Eye, Gintaiyo and various others had heard this strange scream last night. They ask you opinions. My lord and lady.” 

“Stand down. Tell them to stand down for now.” Ryu said firmly. 

“If need be my lord and lady. The clans of all mesas will gather before you in less than a day. We are after all at your command.” The green eyes now shine like hard emerald gems. 

“Our thanks. But stand down for now.” ChunLi rest a hand on the dragon-girl’s shoulder. 

“We will. For now. Take care my lord and lady.” She assured them before disappearing into the cave. 




From there on the group traveled again. Nakaruru kept to herself more often than not. Hardly speaking to her sister. She tried to warn the younger girl of the danger that lies ahead but all Rimururu did was told her to open her eyes and see things in a different light. 

Further conversation caused the two sisters to stop talking to each other. Rimururu was sure that Nakaruru was just making things difficult but she was sure that she has what it takes to convince her sister about the errors of her ways. 

It took them two days longer than planned when they arrived at the gate of the Kagura  estate. 


“No one is allow set foot in the land where the Oruchi is sealed.” The guard stopped them. 

“But we have to see the Priestess.” Ryu said. 

“Without being summon. No one is allow to see the Priestess.” 

“Let me try.” Kyo made his way forward. 

 “I am the younger Kusanagi lord and heir of the Kusanagi sword. I have come to see the Priestess on orders of the of the Shinno Tenno (Heavenly Emperor). Will you let my entourage and I through?” 


“Would you risk losing your life by getting in my way. The emperor will not be please if I fail to subdue the Oruchi because a mere servant took it in his head to deny me entrance.” Kyo smirked. He noticed the beads of sweat forming on the servant’s forehead. 

“The weather is cool of late. Why are you perspiring?” Kyo asked smugly. 


The man nearly panicked and stood aside, in forming another servant to take the group in to wait for the Priestess. 

“Quick thinking. Throwing your weight around. Won’t the emperor punish you if word gets around?” Galford asked when the group was ushered to a waiting room. 

“He can’t afford to lose my clan and risk the Oruchi’s awakening. Being a Kusanagi has its perks at times.” Kyo said as he helped himself to the refreshments. 

A little while later another servant ushered the group into the private chambers of the current Priestess. The young Priestess who is only slightly older than the Kyo greeted them. 


Kyo noticed a hooded figure standing at the window with a cup of sake at hand. The Priestess mumbled an oath as the Kyo unsheathes his sword and walked over to the figure. On seeing the figure Kyo had felt a slow rage and hate boil within him. And internal fire spread throughout the sword, covering the entire sword with the orange-red flame. It surrounded the cross-guard and hilt, like a golden sun. 


“GEONITZ!!!!! BEARER OF WIND!!!!” He yelled as he attempts to strike. Yet the bearer of wind make no attempt to defend himself.