Dragon Mesa, 

Somewhere in the Northwest region of Japan. 



The two elder dragons joined the others at the round table. It was obvious now why the golden dragon was nickname One Eye. He squints. His left eye was technically partially blind due to an infection from a fight eons ago. His blue and silver mate remained by his side constantly. 

Some young reddish dragon brought an earthenware tea set and a small ketttle of hot water over to One Eye. The old dragon-man began to pour in hot water to brew the tea leaves within. The scent of tea whiffs into the air as he poured it into the little earthenware cups. And tops up the tea pot with hot water once more. Moments later the old dragon poured away the first round of tea and serve his guest with the second round of tea. 


“Tie Kuan Yim?” ChunLi asked as she sipped from her cup. The tea slowly spreading its cosy warmth within her body 

“You noticed? Then let us get straight to the point.” The old dragon glanced at her with his one good eye. 

“There is no running away. Child.” One Eye’s mate stated. 

“Be more specific. Dear Gintaiyo.” 

One Eye glanced towards his mate. Gintaiyo reared her head looking at him. Slightly annoyed she ignored him 

“There is no running away from what is to come. One will have a run in with temptation Although power corrupts. One must learn to master it or be enslave by it.” Gintaiyo continued 

“It sounds like something one of my wards used to say.” 

“It should child. Because I quoted from her.” There was a shadow of a smile coming from the older dragon-lady’s lips. 

“And all those paths?” Ryu asked. He was unconsciously holding onto ChunLi’s hand. 

“Almost inevitable. Although there are some answers, sadly most are permanent in nature. Isn’t it so? Maiden of nature?” One Eye said. His one good eye fixed on Nakaruru. 


Nakaruru gasped softly. It knew what she was thinking. She sat closer to Galford hoping to hide away from the unblinking golden eye. It was a good thing that the others had not caught onto One Eye’s true meaning. Meekly she nodded. 


“Indeed. Death always seem to be the quick answer to any question.”  One Eye shook his head. It seems they look sort of human, their behavior was more dragonish. 

“What can we do to help?” Rimururu spoke up. 

“Well. Nothing yet something Little Maiden of light. Face it for one. One’s heart is sometimes as strong as One’s will. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes the best answers are simplest one of all.” One Eye mused. It seems that eons passed had sort of mellowed his mind. Either that or there are answers within the confusion of his speech. 


“You mean like giving it up?” Rimururu asked. 

“If it was only that simple. You humans would not be at war so often.” Gintaiyo chuckled. 


“Power is very attractive, very seductive, up to some point very delicious. Few have wielded unlimited power and even fewer wielded it and remained unscathed, unchanged. To date we only know of seven, yet they paid their own price for that. Yet still they know when to renew their ties to humanity. Choosing rebirth to relearn various experiences. Amicable indeed. Submitting to humble themselves by dying as humans do.” One Eye mused. 


“Can these people help us then? Who are they?” Rimururu sounded more eager then Ryu and ChunLi. 

“Yes, no, maybe. Not at this point in time. One’s path will cross with two of them.” One Eye mused. Rimururu was puzzled as was most. 


“Indeed. The danger lies not with strangeness yet true danger lies like the serpent underneath the flower. Often so false face must hide what false heart doth know.” Gintaiyo’s gaze lands on Nakaruru. There was smug look on the old dragon’s face as she looked away. The others were too puzzled to catch on to the hidden meanings. 


Ryu squeezed ChunLi’s hand to assure her. The couple had a rough idea of the rocky path that lies ahead. The picture it painted was not going to be pretty. Compared to what lies ahead the past battles are but an afternoon walk in the park. The short span of time spent with the two elder dragons had summarized the future to come. Roughly they know what might come but not how. 


“But yet should one seek to walk one’s own path, one might find one’s own answer. In the end all that one need could be the guidance of someone close. For each of us has to make a sacrifice some point in life. And then one could chalk it down to experience.” One Eye chuckled as he refilled tea for his guests. 


“How should we do this then?” Ryu asked. 

“Let nature weave her web of design. Why fret over the inevitable and waste the precious now? Let it become the test of One’s training, faith and love. Who is to say what we do is right or wrong. Only one truly knows what one values the most. Know you by now your Gem of Dracon? Young Dragonlord.” One Eye quizzed him. 

“Indeed I do. I understand your meaning Grandfather.” Ryu glanced at ChunLi. 


“Good then one’s training has not gone to waste. Keep that in mind for that would not only save one’s life alone. Both your path and that of your mate are intricately wounded. Patterns that cross ever so often for some reason or other.” One Eye smiled. 


It didn’t matter to him that others did not catch the meaning. As long as the young Dragonlord and his Dragonlady caught the meaning nothing else matters. For the others are here for another reason altogether. Among the others he believe that Zannah had some how caught on the meaning of the things he and his mate had said. The old dragon glance towards his mate questioningly. 

<<  Well somebody has to keep a cool head should the situation gets out of hand.  >> Gintaiyo shot her mate a dark look. 

“And if we should fail?” The pessimistic Nakaruru raised her voice. Cursing the journey even before it began 

“We fail?’ One Eye mused 


“Then all is lost should the pure flower turns turly venomous. The Guardians of the Balance will then be forced to rise again and bring down their own beloved and most respected mentors. One thinks that it will not be a popular choice. Did I say that right Maiden of nature? Let not the Guardian of Power hears these words uttered from one’s mouth. She is unforgiving when the welfare her mentors are endangered.”  Gintaiyo chided Nakaruru. It seemed to serve as some kind of warning as well. 


“Maiden of nature. This little journey will do you some good.” One Eye had Nakaruru’s attention. 

“For one should learn from one’s sister the optimistic Maiden of Light. Else one’s pessimism be one’s downfall.” Gintaiyo added as her tail swished from left to right. The silver edge darkblue scales gleaming from the torchlight. 



It seems that Haohmaru, Charlotte, Shizumaru, Galford and Kyo had not only failed to catch on with the conversation but had fallen alseep as well. 

“Let them. What matter is that the five of you know that you are more involved than the others. Come now Gintaiyo. My eye aches.” One Eye got up and left with his mate. Leaving the five to ponder the conversation. 


Rimururu eyed her sister accusingly, she had thought that it was the dreams and omens making Nakaruru aloof. But now she felt that there was more than that now. This little group seems somewhat fractured in general. 

Rimururu swore that not only she would do whatever she could to help ChunLi but she aims to change Nakaruru’s point of view as well. She knew couldn’t let her sister be influence by some age-old hatred that doesn’t seem to make sense now. 

Seeing the silver hair Zannah, Rimururu wonders how much the warrior lady knows about the feud. Maybe just maybe she knows enough to allow Rimururu to mend the rift between covens. 



Nakaruru simmered slowly, her sister was not helping much. The two old dragons seem to have ferreted out her agenda yet she would not give up. For she believes that there is one way through this mess. Although things are not going to be easy. 

Shaking Galford awake, she dragged the young man off to sulk. But as she stomped off she saw a steely glint in Zannah’s eyes. A looks of warning. A look, which said that Nakaruru, would be watched closely. 


As far as Zannah knows, her agenda was simple enough, her fellow sister seem to be going through a crisis that she had witness some time back. Yet this time it was different story somehow. Her thoughts were lost when she felt the large questioning eyes of Rimururu upon her. 

A shudder went down Zannah’s spine as an overwhelming sweetness threatens to overtake her. Give her an entire army to battle anytime and not this sweet young girl. Her fate seemed sealed as this young girl suddenly seems to be quite attached to her. Zannah shook her head and sigh. She is only doing this because she wants to help ChunLi. Placing her hand on ChunLi’s shoulder as a silent promise passed between them. 


Ryu looked up to see Zannah standing there. He smiled back in appreciation. He knows that in time he will require the older woman’s assistance and he appreciated the help that is offered. But still he intends to keep his promise to ChunLi in making sure that no harm shall befall her. He intends to keep his word or die trying. 


ChunLi knew that she was not going to be alone in this. Which is good. Yet something dark seem to loom behind. Something, which seems to scoff at the idea that the more friends she has with her the easier it, was going to get. But yet she believe that to go through this alone would killed her faster than anything else. For the sake of those who stand with her she’s going to face what lies ahead the best she can.