Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 32  


Late morning, the sun hiding behind the gray clouds, the wind hardly blows. It rain heavily in the early morning but the air feels sticky as perspiration clings to them. Oddly enough tempers were short as an uncomfortable feeling kept following them, marring their spirits and attempting to incite a fight between them.  

This malicious poisonous feeling slowly worked its way around all but it concentrates on a few. Making already short tempers even shorter.  


IT plagues the silver hair Zannah, taunting her, questioning her on why she is part of this group.  

IT laughs at her foolishness. She is some sense of the word an ‘outsider’ in this group. Shouldn’t she be searching for her blood sister instead? Does she not want to go back home?  

She won’t gain much in helping them, since it is not possible for her to meet ‘him’ while hanging around the bunch. So why don’t she let this lot rot in their lot while IT brings her to where the him that she is continuously searching for is. 

IT laughs soundlessly at the fact that it had managed to complete that last sentence without much twisting of ITs non-substantial tongue.  


Soon IT loses interest in Zannah from the lack of response and moves on to Haohmaru.  

Wine. IT starts. More wine, plenty of wine and to hell with the damn Inner Circle Code. IT told Haohmaru that.  

e could be enjoying the company of a certain close lady friend of his instead of trudging on this mindless quest. Poor little lost puppet lady misses mighty Haohmaru or has mighty Haohmaru forgot about honourable Charlotte too? All three fall over themselves just to be with Haohmaru and all Haohmaru do is throw life away with ChunLi? Not make sense. not make sense.  

This does not affect Haohmaru in the first place so why is he here? Why indeed? Wasn’t he always the lone travelling warrior? Then why is he in a group now?  

Puzzlement. By the fact that there wasn’t a response, Oddly the wine had made the man pass this feeling off as the effect of the wine. IT howls in silent frustration at the thought of wasted efforts of talking to a wine intoxicated man.  


Angrily IT flits to Kyo.  

Bearer of Fire, mighty Kusanagi, prevented from taking the life of a much hated Yagami. Prevented from taking on the Bearer of wind. The Kagura Priestess is on the Bearer of wind’s side. Why should he let that woman tell him what to do? Does he not have better things to do? Like searching out for that cursed Yagami.  

Oh so now the Yagami is not important now?  

IT laughs at him 

For placing ChunLi above that of his sworn hatred for the Yagami. Has he forgotten vengeance now?  

IT hounds him on and on trying to make him break away from the group and in hope that the mission would fail.  

Then IT stop bothering Kyo to think, maybe IT stand a better chance of making Kyo break away from the group if the Yagami was actually here. IT curses itself for not thinking about that.  


Iwa…… Caution. IT proceeds to bother this one in caution. Thinking what to say to this one. In glee IT asks her  

f she was afraid to go back ‘there’ so soon.   

<<    We all go there in the end. Even you.  >> Iwa answered much to Tianzai’s glee. Someone that could actually hear it. It laughs and dances.  

he world could be theirs dearest sister.  

<<    I’m not your sister.    >>  

In a long winded way she is. IT said. Why let Mother have the hosts and walk this earth once more? If she values her friend’s life turn back. Turn back and IT will stop bothering her friend for a lifetime.  


<<   And let you take Li Jie and Ryu Gor as hosts? No way.    >>  

Suggestion, only suggestion. IT grins an invisible grin. Creatures of power such as they should walk this world instead of these inferior mortals.  

<<  You’re the one that’s afraid to go back.  >>  

Negative IT screeches away at the thought.  

<< Then shut up and stop bothering me.  >>  

Sulkily IT slinks away to its next victim.  


Kumori. Sister dear is how IT made her feel 

There is so much of this world that awaits her to explore, why be stuck to this boring bunch.  

<<  I can stay, you can’t stay. Too bad  >>  

Give IT a chance then, IT has being stuck in darkness and It wants to explore this world with the seven as well. Only that IT chooses to take the form of the couple. No big deal.  

<<  Uh huh. And burn the bridge. You are indeed afraid to go back.  >>  

Fear. It showed her the darkness and the silence. The same place she’ll end up in time.  


<<  No different place. Being there last time. No dice.  >>  

A year? A month or even a week. The experience of being alive, just once. It showed Kumori the things It wanted to experience in the form of IT’s two chosen host.  

<<  Get addicted to life and you’ll refuse to give up your hosts.  >>  

Unfair, unfair. IT screams and howls unheard and unseen.  

Why should they get a physical body yet IT couldn’t even be seen. All IT wanted is a physical body and do what IT wants. Was taking over the whole world too much to ask.  

<<  Your’re a prototype. Too bad, world domination is definitely not okay. Now shut up and quit harassing me.  >>  



Frustrations give way to rage. It storms through the air violently, the only known indication that It was here was the way the trees tremble shaking loose leaves and little showers of collected rain. It zooms through the air creating unseen circles and dive back down towards them. Iwa and Kumori slow to back of the group. They both drew an invisible rune that doubles the size of the shield.  

IT shrieks as IT brakes, but still It slams hard into the invisible shield.  

<<  One more time and you’ll get it worse.  >> The duo rejoins the group.  

Chastened, IT grudgingly withheld ITs violent intentions and return to ITs more subtle ways of influence.  



Chizuru. IT kept calling her. IT asks her 

f she wanted to be rid of the Oruchi once and for all. IT could lend a hand since IT nearly did complete ITs tasks Why not let IT help her get rid of the Oruchi and his minions.  

Demon slayer. IT howls silently in Chizuru’s ears,  

Demon Slayer. Her duty be to slay the demons akin to Oruchi. Not to cavort with the likes of them, fancy her making more then just mere acquaintance with the Oruchi’s Wind Herald. And then there is ChunLi, potential demoness and harbinger of destruction. Kill her and Chizuru shall be renown for preventing future Armageddon.  

Unless… True that it be that she delay her duty for the sake of the Herald of Wind? Has good Priestess fallen for evil demon? How about deal? IT banish bad Orochi and company and save Geonitz for good Priestess. All need be done is lovely hosts to carry out deed. IT blew into her ear  

Chizuru looks around, there was a strange feeling attached to her, a dark aura that she could feel and not see. She felt that something was trying to tell her something. Yet all she got was something cold dancing around her. Quietly Chizuru mumbled a chant.  




It shrieks, the chant can’t do much but hurt ITs non existent ears. IT started to wonder about the potency of ITs power of suggestions. That or ChunLi already has this people in her hands.  

Tired and fustrated IT leaves for a short while to spook the water buffaloes in the paddy fields, causing them to stampede over the rice fields destroying the farmers crops. Satisfied with the minor bit of destruction, IT sings and laughs ITs way to rejoining the group and the continuation of spreading distrust around.  




Rimururu, sweet, innocent Rimururu. Naïve little Rimururu. IT yowls in pain on biting ITs immaterial tongue.  

Poor little Maiden of Light at odds with her sister, all because of some evil woman. Open her eyes. IT screams at her. ChunLi is using her against her sister.  

How can she still want to help her, there is no redemption in that woman’s soul. She would return to her wicked ways before this journey is done. Tianzai spirals around Rimururu laughing at her foolishness.  

ChunLi would never acknowledge the fact that Rimururu had help her.  


In fact the only person getting the glory of helping her would be that Ryu. 

IT asks her to please return to Kamui Kuten where people needed her instead of staying and getting kick around. 

Look at Ryu, the ingrate had forgotten who cured his legs and cares only about ChunLi’s whims and fancy. This is not her fight to begin with.  

Tianzai shrieks away at the sound of the song that Rimururu was humming away. Fill with so much goodness and love that IT felt a pain in Its dark core. IT screams and rages away through the grass. Moments later It returns and changes Its target.  




Injustice!! Oh the injustice oh great righteous warrior. 

Wrapping itself around Galford.  

Injustice Indeed 

IT screeches Its silent protest to Galford.  

IT screams of how he of all people could ignore the trickery that ChunLi had pull over them. Trickery IT screeches. That only Galford could save the others from being senselessly lead to slaughter.  

IT pleads with him. Asking him.  

If he would like to see his close friends die just because that devilish woman uses such a pathetic ruse to get pass him. IT clamors away by Galford’s ear, demanding to know  

If his sense of justice had being blinded. Screaming away that ChunLi takes them for fools. Since no power in this world could remove Tianzai now.  


Out of sheer malice, Tianzai whispered that ChunLi intended to sacrifice Nakaruru and and Rimururu so that she could regain her purity.  

Now it is just as good as saying that they are all exchanging one devil for another. Sure ChunLi would be okay and all that, happily reunited with her lover Ryu.  

Except for one problem, since Nakaruru and Rimururu are of the Light. The corruption on the two innocent Maidens are so intense that they will suffer a thousand tortures before dying. Now the only way to do this is to kill ChunLi and then Galford will be known as the mighty warrior of justice.  

IT bellows in malicious glee as IT watches Galford jolted in shock when IT showed him how much Nakaruru and Rimururu would suffer in the process. Dazed and confuse he sat in his saddle to ponder some hard decisions, letting his horse follow the others.  




Flitting like an ugly butterfly, Tianzai proceeds to haunt Nakaruru with much relish. Oh wise Nakaruru so much like Cassandra of Troy. Why. IT kept asking her.  

Why why why indeed that she still let the demoness lives? Didn’t she wants ChunLi dead. Look at it this way, ChunLi had already enticed that ingrate Ryu to her cause.  

IT laughs at Nakaruru, saying that of course ChunLi could seduce Ryu. Look at her always so sweet and gentle towards him. The poor man does not have the chance to defend himself from her charms. They could be sharing a horse now to sweeten everybody to death with their little lovers’ antics but yet they are putting up a show so that ChunLi could finish them off later  


Forget about Ryu. IT told her. The mindless lunk is too deep in ChunLi’s enchantment to notice anybody else. IT told Nakaruru  

That demons travel with ChunLi! The silver hair witch for one and her two wards for another. Nakaruru was right after all but sadly no one believes her.  

Tianzai’s non-substantial malicious tongue sang sweetly, singing of how  

ChunLi must never be allow to reach her final destination for the floodgates of hell would break open and release all forms of miseries and plagues upon this fair earth.   

Nakaruru must stop the wicked woman from accomplishing her plans. Forget about the others. IT coos, The others are in her enchantment too deeply to even notice. There is no better answer then that of the permanent nature. 

IT laughs flitting away.  




Weak useless man! Coward! Jealous jealous jealous. IT screams away at Ryu.  

IT hopes that Ryu is happy now that ChunLi is in every sense of the word weaker then he is. IT laughs at Ryu  

For the fact that he can’t stand the idea of ChunLi being more powerful than he is.   

The mightily egotistical Dragonlord prefers his mate to be docile and subservient. And this is what she is now because of him!  

IT screeches shrilly away.  

ChunLi is born to power, train to rule and a wielder of great power. And now because of one selfish Ryu, she has to give up all that power. The power to make this world better for all.  

Selfish, selfish, selfish. For wanting her to himself, for his own pleasure. Softening her will and her mind. Totally dependent on him for guidance. His position as Dragonlord is safe as ever. A dark secret. 

Tianzai snickered.  

Oh terrible terrible to plan to assassinate ChunLi even before her rise to power.  


Jealous that she prefer the touch of Gill to his! 

IT taunts. 

In those nights he was separated from ChunLi. Who is to love her but the Godling. Ryu is but a mere mortal! Gill is a Godling. Who is Ryu to think that he is compatible enough for a Goddess!  

A million and one little secrets that she never told him. There are other lovers but Ryu being the most easily fooled had always being her favorite. Denial!  

IT screams at Ryu. 

Is that not why he sent someone to kill ChunLi.  

Nobody loves ChunLi at all, least of all him. Even him Even him! All are but trying to prevent ChunLi from reaching her destiny. The strongest woman in the world will not be denied of her destiny!!!!!  

IT laughs as IT glides through the air, doing invisible somersaults.  

Think about it! screams unheard to Ryu,  




A cold wind sent a shiver up ChunLi’s spine, once again she sat frozen as Tianzai made Itself known to her.  

Wicked wicked woman. It calls her.  

Sending these people blindly to their death. IT hopes that she is happy with herself that poor Ryu would never know where she’s leading them  

All these people blindly thinking they are going on some holy quest. A lie, a lie, they are all dying for her. Her ego must be very huge now.  

Then again. Tianzai laughs.  

Of course ChunLi is happy. Considering her vaulting ambition to rule, after all she is born to power. Why should she give that up for a mere man? IT snickers as ITs non-existent hand caresses ChunLi’s cheek.  

Ryu the mindless lover that she intends to keep and toy around. Good for only the one thing that pleases her insatiable hunger. It snickers away. 

Ah! IT laughs. Her lust to bring down men of power, to worship her beauty. So many men fall over themselves to please her.   


But then, now that she weak, is that not the reason why all these people are here? To protect her from harm so that she can continue where she left off? Power will once again be hers. Is that not what she dreamt of since the day she was born?  

She could deny IT all she wants. Tianzai snickers.  

For IT knows what her deepest darkest desires are since the day she opens herself to IT. To think all these people trusted her. What more forcing her two wards to go back ‘there’ before time is due, knowing full well what would happen. How could she force people to make such huge scarifices. Oh Selfish, selfish woman.  

Cruel, cruel woman, fooling all with the semblance of goodness, yet within desire powers that is hers by right. She must have enjoyed that little trial period of ultimate power so much that she seeks a way to regain. Of course she enjoys that. To be so uninhibited and without scruples.  


IT knows her, more she knows herself, and the kiss of power was too strong for her to forget. Does the ecstasy of what IT gave her overpowers those from Ryu as well? Is that why she seeks to regain that same power?  

IT dances around her in glee laughing and singing now that IT claims to know what her secret is.  

Oh and by the way, It left seeds of distrust behind and hopes she enjoys ITs present, IT had plenty of fun giving plenty of pep talk to her friends. Such wonderful people so joyfully going about to their deaths. Don’t worry. IT told her.  

IT will come back and accompany her when all of them are dead and gone. IT laughs away. IT gave her the most elaborate bow and glides away.  



ChunLi remains frozen to her saddle until she felt a warm familiar touch on her shoulder, Ryu had pull his horse close to her and climb over to her horse. Providing her the warmth she needs to free herself from the frozen hold that Tianzai puts on her. She leans back against Ryu. They both know what Tianzai was trying to do and knew too well to fall for Its trickery.  

Haohmaru, Iwa, Kumori, Kyo, and Zannah rode up to close ranks around the couple’s horse. They knew what to expect from Tianzai, for It now knows who are susceptible to Its dark suggestions of influence. They have to be more careful from here on. All the more reason to fight the dark spirit.