An island off the coast of Japan 


Most fishermen would stay away from the surrounding waters of this island. They all believe that this leads to the mouth of hell. And on clear days they thought they saw a castle, a castle not of Japanese design but that of Medieval Europe. And rather recently they could hear unearthly screams coming from the castle. Even though the waters surrounding the island was teaming with fish, only foolish men would dare fish there for who knows what creatures lurk in the dark choppy waters. 

To the superstitious that island is where they believe the Point of Evil lies. For even on clear days that island seem dark and gloomy. Foolhardy men who travel to that dark foreboding place in search of rumored treasures never return alive. 


On this island two men were seen leaving the castle and heading into a cave that lies near the castle’s west gate. One had long blond hair and the other had short silver hair. Both wearing dark gray robes. They ignore the aura of darkness as they descended the cave, the path led them down, down till they seem to be directly under the castle. At this point the cave glitters with diamonds but that was not what they were after. 

What they found was encase in yellow amber – a jagged edge sword with grooves that seem like a network of veins running from the crossguard to the tip of the blade. The hilt of the sword was like a black vertebra, the cross guard was curved towards the blade and surrounding the indent that seems to drain into the network of veins were some Chinese inscriptions. And that was problem number one. 


Problem number two was the fact that they had to get that sword out of the amber without destroying it. That would take up a lot of time and time is not on their side. Slowly the miners removed the rocks that held it and handed the sword over to the silver hair male. Both the men in dark gray robes agreed that it was an ugly looking thing but then who’s complaining? 


Problem number three was already solved as the two men headed back up the cave and into the castle. For in the dungeons that they walked into, was a young grass green dragon barely a century old. 

Well as the book say, the younger the dragon the better. Its feet chained by short iron chains that prevented its movements, what more as an extra precaution, the chains were binded by a spell. 


And the neck of the young male dragon was locked in spelled iron shackle and chains. And to make sure that the young dragon does not move around too much, They placed it into an iron cage as the iron bars had being bespelled to resist the strength of the young dragon. The two had gone through far too much trouble to capture the young dragon and were unwilling to risk losing it to minor miscalculations. 

Seeing the pair the young dragon roared and snapped at them. The younger blond hair male grabbed the block of amber and hit the dragon on the snout. It roared in pain as the amber cracked. A thought entered the mind of the blond hair man but he let the idea drop. They had to find another way of breaking the amber. 


They headed back upstairs again where the blond hair man crossed the marble tiled floor and sat upon a stone throne. Resting his chin upon his fist he started to ponder. 

“And what would be on your mind brother?” the silver hair man said. 


Brother Gill. I have heard that the lovely Kurayami no Hanayome(Bride of Darkness) would be arriving in Edo soon. Should you not be happy?” 

“I would be. If I have the spell that was required to make her submissive and docile.” 

“And how do you intend to invite her here?” 

“By force. Brother of mine.” Gill answered, a puzzled look upon his face as he watched the silver hair man broke into laughter. 

“And pray tell how does that amuse you?” 

“She is a warrior and a witch. By the time your men knocked her unconscious she would already have taken down half your men and that Dragonlord of hers would have take care of the other half and in time to stopped the one who attempts to take her away.” Urien guffawed. 

“And what do you suggest?” 

“Ah. You finally intend to listen?” 


“Even if you have her. You have not the spell, which would allow you to ascend godhood. Take one step at a time brother.” 

“HA! My source tells me of a certain clan. I believe negotiations are in order.” Gill looked towards his chortling brother. 

“Well if you intend to do it that way. Come then if you are interested in my plan brother,” Urien said as he headed out the throne room. 




A week later 

A busy port in Edo 


Shielded against the rain by their dark brown travelling cloaks, Nakaruru and her sister had finally arrive to the port where they would joined Haohmaru and the others to meet an old friend. 

Nakaruru was feeling somewhat better that she had put her ominous visions behind her. The light drizzle was unable to dampen her spirit as thought of meeting an old friend overwhelms her mind. 

This friend of hers was with Haohmaru and the others when they were fighting off a band of bandits that had threatened Kamui Koten. She had wanted to speak to that old friend but he had left in a hurry saying that he was unable to be late for some urgent matter. She wondered how he was now. 

Rimururu squealed in delight on seeing Haohmaru and the others standing underneath a makeshift shelter and had ran ahead while Nakaruru was lost in her thoughts. And then there he was, his hair was wet by the rain as he disembark from the medium sized canvas covered boat that had ferried him from a large Chinese Junk (Old Chinese ship – correct me if I’m wrong.). Seeing him Nakaruru broke out into a smile and was about to call out to him 


Within his black travelling cloak the man brought out a waxed paper umbrella and opens it while he waited for somebody to come out from covered area of the boat. Coming out from the shelter was a dark hair woman who seemed a few years younger than the man, she was wearing a matching black cloak but her hood was pulled up to give her some form of protection from the rain. She smiled at him and took his free hand as she disembarks from the boat. 



The couple saw Haohmaru and others and headed towards them. The group then headed off to the nearest inn to be out of the rain. 

“Welcome back to Edo. Ryu-San. We hoped that you would not be in a rush like the last time.” Rimururu squealed, she had echoed the sentiments of the others as well. Ryu answered with a smile. Both he and the woman had taken off their wet travelling cloaks. 

“I have my reasons for rushing off. I was late for a wedding.” He sat down beside the woman. 

“Whose?” Nakaruru suddenly said. 

“Ours.” Ryu said as he held the woman’s hand. 

“Meet my beloved, ChunLi.” He beamed with pride. 

“Hi.” ChunLi smiled. 

“Charlotte, Rimururu, Nakaruru, Galford, Shizumaru and Haohmaru.” 

“So good to meet you!!” Rimururu was bursting with excitement. The opposite reaction to that her brooding sister. 

The rest started to congratulate the couple except for Nakaruru who was silent. The rest continued to talk till rain stopped. 


From there they headed out of the port town. Knowing that they will reach the Kusaangi Estate by dusk. As the group traveled Haohmaru and Shizumaru led Ryu and ChunLi out of the earshot of the main group. 

“So what really brings you here.” Shizumaru asked. 

“You were briefed by the Inner Circle before you took up this assignment right?” Ryu asked as he accepted Haohmaru’s offer of wine. 

“Much. Mainly that which concerns ChunLi.” Haohmaru answered passing the wine to ChunLi. 

“That issue is what brings us here.” Ryu confirmed. He noted that ChunLi seemed a little more quiet than usual. He squeezed her hand gently to assure that all is more or less under control. ChunLi responded by accepting Haohmaru’s offer of wine. 

“We will do what we can to help you little sister. If need be we would move the whole Inner Circle to Edo figure this predicament out. Things that happen so near a Gathering. Is it that bad?" Haohmaru gulped down another mouthful of wine. 

“Sadly so.” 

“Where would you be headed then?” 

“The Kagura Estate where Oruchi was sealed. Somehow that demonic god was involved in this mess. Kamui Kuten after that.” 

“You can saved that trouble in taking the trip to Kamui Kuten considering their two priestesses are here.” Shizumaru hinted. 

The couple realised that the thought had slipped their minds. But considering the bad blood between the two covens anything is worth a try. 



The Kagura Estate is way up north. Would you be passing through the Dragon Mesa? And would be by stopping by there?” Shizumaru asked hopefully. 

“We always make a point to stop by any Dragon Mesa around the world why not this one? You are anxious little one.” ChunLi finally spoke. 

“He’s eager to visit one. Besides we heard that Old One Eye is here.” Haohmaru. 

“One Eye is here? Maybe he’ll can help us Li.” 

“I hope so. I hope so.” 


By sundown the group reached the Kusanagi Estate. The head of the household was away so his wife was left in charge. Shizuka Kusanagi was informed of her guests’ arrival and had made sure that she could help them in whatever way possible. 

That night after dinner Shizuka gathered Ryu, ChunLi, Haohmaru and Shizumaru into the library. 

“Is it that bad?” Shizuka asked after hearing out ChunLi’s predicament 

“Quite so.” ChunLi said. 

“I see. Kyo will be joining you as well.” 

“Thank you.” 

“No need. We all do what we can to help.” 

There was a light knock on the door and moments later together with the two priestesses of Kamui Kuten. The young lord of the Kusanagi household entered. Silently he sat down beside Shizuka. 


Once again ChunLi related her part of the story to the two young priestesses. Leaving a few details out this time. Nakaruru was silent, remembering the feud between the two covens. She was reluctant to help as she sensed that nothing but trouble would come out of this alliance. As she listened on she couldn’t help but feel this dark feeling looming around as if somehow she was forgetting something. 


“Of course we will help!” Rimururu piped, breaking Nakaruru’s train of thoughts. She realised her sister had made a decision without consulting her. 

“But as for the Demon god. I have no heard of any rites as such. But Naky might. Naky knows a lot!” The younger beamed with pride. 

Nakaruru by now was out her out her train of thoughts. Looking at ChunLi she thought she saw something flicker. Something which seemed like a shadow of what to come. 


<  The angel of darkness now walks among us.  > A thought entered Nakaruru’s mind. She was reluctant to share what she knew but when Rimururu shook her for her attention Nakaruru saw that the shadow was gone. 

“No. I have not come across something like that.” Nakaruru said flatly. 

“But we’ll help you in whatever way we can!” Rimururu added. 

ChunLi smiled her thanks as the two sisters take their leave. 

“I sense reluctance in Nakaruru.” Haomaru said. 

“It was expected.” ChunLi said quietly. 

“Come on. All of you should take your rest now you all have a long day ahead of you.” Shizuka said as She and her son Kyo ushered their guests to their room. 

For once in this night ChunLi slept soundly through with no incidents of any dreams. For that was no longer necessary as both Ryu and her had already step on the beginning of a path that could branch into different possibilities and ends.