Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 27 


Silence fills the forest, yet three different sounds exploded from that silence. The screams of one woman, the agony and pain of one man and the laughter of a God-to-be as he plunges his sword into the Japanese Warrior’s left shoulder. 

"HARGGGGHHH!!!!!!" Ryu screamed again, experiencing the pain of freezing ice and burning fire once more as the insane Godling twists the blade within Ryu’s wounded shoulder. 

"Opps I miss. I didn’t make a clean kill." Gill chuckles, withdrawing his blade slowly from Ryu’s shoulder, taking in the man’s pain and anguish. It fuels him on to see that the so call Defender is helpless against him. 


"You see beautiful one. This is why you should aid me in my ascension." Gill laughs again, without looking at ChunLi. He would take Ryu’s heart, slowly that is. Making every moment all the more worthwhile. Looking up the sky, the moon nearing the sun’s edge. Time does not allow him to enjoy slowly peeling Ryu apart for his heart. 

"A pity. Won’t you agree. Beautiful one?" Gill raises his sword once more, the fiery edge the blade aimed at Ryu’s neck. Gill’s foot presses even more firmly on Ryu’s chest. The wounded Ryu was fading in and out of consciousness. 

"One swing. One slash. Head will roll. Lifeblood pouring forth. The sweetest wine that celebrates my ascension. You will join me. You know you want to. For your destiny lies within my hands. For ascending godhood is my right!" He swings his blade in anticipation of the kill. 



ChunLi’s eyes widen, she knew that this was not meant to be. Who is Gill to make her decision for her. Sparks form and crackle at her palm. The blade nears Ryu’s neck as ChunLi palm faces Gill. 

"NNOOO!!!! WHAT’S MINE IS MINE!!! MY DECISION IS MINE TO MAKE!!!!" she screams rushing towards Gill, the energy the gathers in her hand was enlarging every second. Gill only looks ups when it was too late, the blade grazes Ryu’s neck only slightly. 

"MINE!!! NOT YOURS!!!! HIS LIFE IS MINE TO TAKE!!! AS IS YOURSSSS!!!!" She yells as she smashes her and pure crackling energy into Gill’s face. 

For a second he stood there, the air rippling outwards underneath ChunLi’s palm. The burning sensation. The force of pure power building up. ChunLi just ignore him and moves over to Ryu and cradles him in her arms. 

Gill screams as the force overwhelms him and burns as it drags him away, forming trail along the earth. Crashing through trees and large rocks until he slams right into an invisible wall. It won’t stop crushing him into the invisible wall. Even with all his might he couldn’t fight back the force. 

"My poor poor dragon." She coos at the still form. She wants Ryu by her side when she takes the world in her hands. She kept rocking the still form oblivious to the fact that the qi that was crushing Gill was gone. 


"Come back to me." She showers Ryu with little kisses hoping to bring him back, hoping to stop the convulsions. Still oblivious to the fact that Gill had gotten up shakily. 

"You promise to live for me." ChunLi puts her right hand on Ryu’s wounded shoulder, this time she intends to do something she has yet to try. The power she carries within her strong. But can it heal? 

Gill strides over with his blade in hand, with one wave of her hand ChunLi throws gill back a ripple of air, not once did she even look up. The blue sparks dances on Ryu’s wound, it was a slow process interrupted every now and then by Gill’s return causing ChunLi to be distracted upon defense. 

Moments pass between healing and defending, first the convulsions slowly lessen then the wounds slowly closes leaving a wound that would fade with time. Another wave of ChunLi’s hand sends Gill crashing back again. 

"You’re alive! Alive!!!" ChunLi laughs as Ryu’s rough callus hand reaches up to touch her face. In her delight she hugs him tightly until he reminded her of the pain in his shoulder.and ribs. 

"Now let’s get back to business." ChunLi pulls him Ryu up. With Tianzai in her left hand and her right arm around Ryu’s waist, she supported Ryu over to the panting and tired Gill. 


The moon almost touches the rim of the sun. time is on nobody’s side. Gill rushes forward swinging his blade madly mainly aiming for the weaker Ryu. ChunLi knew and parry his blows to her best abilities while Ryu strikes back when he found an opening. 

Together they wear him down, together they brought the Godling to his knees. The edge of Ryu’s black broadsword on Gill’s neck while ChunLi’s bony Tianzai pointing just above his heart. 

Ryu swing as ChunLi stabs her blade in. A clean cut as Gill’s head rolls onto the ground, his body slumps to the ground. 

Ryu limps over and squatted, he made it fast and quick as his dissected Gill. With a look of disgust on his face he pulls the heart free. 

"He does have a heart. Interesting." Ryu mumbles, bringing the heart over to his smiling ChunLi. 

Heart in one hand and the seven-color tablet in the other, putting them together would accomplish the first part of her plan. 


But two crossbow bolts fired at her spoil her plans. The bolt on the right rips through the heart and tears it out of ChunLi hand, the bolt carried the all the way to a tree a few meters away, quivering as it struck the trunk with thump. While the remaining bolt struck the stone tablet out of ChunLi’s hand 

"Bull’s eye." A voice rang out from trees. 

"Okay part two." Another voice followed. 

"Yeah. The difficult part." Looking up ChunLi saw the two intruders sitting on the strong limb of the tree, their legs kicking the air. 


Leaves rustles as the two young woman leap down, both young women in their customary scaly mail. One in greyish hue blue and the other in red rim black. ChunLi knew them. Both are her wards yet both will stop her plans. But yet the one that she detest stood near. 

"Rose…What are you doing here!" ChunLi demanded. Ryu’s eyes narrowed, knowing their neither party would do them good. 

"Why do you ask questions to answers you already know." Rose started taking one step closer. 

"Your answers are too permanent for our liking." Iwa growled, her sword unsheathed, blue dust like sparks flying around within the orb. 

"You cannot stop me. What will be will be!" Rose knew that she alone wants ChunLi dead 

"Not if we can help it." Kumori stood in readiness, already decided on who she should take on. 

"Let’s not dally then." ChunLi chuckles as the two younger women rush forward in attack. Time again is off the essence here and they all know it. 

While Iwa handles the Twisted Pair, Kumori had to prevent Rose from getting ChunLi. To the Twisted Pair all three must be dispose off in order for their plan to proceed. Ryu is aware that ChunLi is the main target in this melee, Despite being wounded and worn out he still has what it takes to fight off all three. 

Rose making use of Kumori’s elemental projectiles to reflect them towards ChunLi only to be stop by Ryu that in turn gave Iwa an opening but ChunLi knew and blocks her ward’s blow. 

"And you wanted to preserve my life?" ChunLi teases her and shoves her off. 

A triangle, Ryu locking swords with Iwa, ChunLi at Ryu’s back facing both Kumori and Rose. Sparks began building in both hands, swirling and dancing like dust in sunlight. Time, time again not on her side. 

Unleashing a ball of pure energy at Rose, ChunLi turn to Kumori to counter the younger woman’s flying ring of fire. Rose smiles as she easily reflects the ball energy back towards preoccupied ChunLi. Ryu knew but ignored the consequences as he kicks Iwa away, he grabs ChunLi shielding her from the reflected energy with his body. 

"AAAGGGHHRR!!" Second time in one day that he was subjected to this much pain. It burns him, draining him for the impact was strong. But all he did he did for ChunLi, Ryu slumps to the ground. 

"NO!!HOW DARE YOU HURT MY BELOVED!!!!!!" ChunLi screams and blindly slashes away at the three. Time a forgotten enemy as she intends to seek vengeance for Ryu. The three easily keeps out of her way 

"YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR MISERABLE LIVES!!!!!" she screeches, blindly tossing a few flaming balls of qi missing their mark easily as her rage takes over. 


While ChunLi was blindly lashing out at the three, the lightly charred Ryu stirred. The first thing he sees was ChunLi’s uneven fight with the trio. He wanted to help her but he his head clears allowing him to realize something. 

He knows ChunLi’s blind rage was unnatural, he had to help her lest she hurts herself. Ryu struggles to get to his feet using his broadsword as a support. 

"Li!" he calls out, stopping the fight for a mere moment. 

"You’re okay!" She stole a glance at Ryu while parrying another blow from Iwa. 

"What’s happening to you?" he called out in the confusion, he felt it. He felt it in ChunLi’s qi signature that something wrong. 

"Nothing! Just get rid of these three for me!" she blocks the projectiles of Kumori and Rose with ease. 

"Li! Stop it they’re on our side!" Ryu staggered over. 

"NO!! They want us dead! We must get rid of them!!!!" she yell back madly hacking away. 

"Li what’s wrong with you?" Ryu made a grab for ChunLi’s sword hand. He saw the bony black sword and knew that it was not hers. There was something odd about the sword. 

"Must something be wrong with me? Would you only be happy to know that there is something wrong with me so that I would run to you for comfort?!" Her attention now on Ryu, even without looking back she could still counter every attack the trio throws at her. 

"Li let me help you!" 

"Come back to me Ryu!!! Come back to your senses and aid me against those three!!" 

"Li. Stop fighting me. Let me help you!" Ryu grabbed ChunLi by her shoulders, the trio stops attacking, Iwa and Kumori slowly inches back from the couple. 

"Aid me against those three!" 

"Li. You’re not thinking straight." 

"Are you on my side or not!!!!!!" she screams as she pushes Ryu away. 

"Li Let me help you!" Ryu raised his voice 

"NO!!! EVEN YOU!!!EVEN YOU!! EVEN YOU CHOOSE TO BETRAY ME!!!!" She screams bringing her sword down, slicing Ryu on the arm. The blood from Ryu’s arm seems to add on to her madness. 

"EVEN YOU EVEN YOU!!!" she attacks Ryu blindly. Ryu knows he can’t block her attacks forever. 

"Even if you intend to go against me I won’t let you achieve!!!!!!" 

Still Ryu plays defensively against ChunLi, he knew something was wrong when Iwa and Kumori prevented Rose from getting into the fight. Too near, too near the cliff for comfort. Ryu fought back to push the fight away from the cliff. 

But as if in slow motion the focus is on Ryu’s black broadsword, the weapon that meant nothing but death in each time he drew it. This time the weapon of the Dragonlord struck with utmost accuracy. Straight to the very heart of the indent of the black bony Tianzai. 

A tiny crack appears in the indent, causing ChunLi to freeze in mid strike. Their companions, wards and Rose had come into view of the couple. The cancer like crack spreads throughout the blade with incredible speed. 


"AIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" ChunLi screams as the crack separates the entire sword into nine fragments, the pain in her mind was as unbearable as the wipsy strands of energy that burns her body. the link between sword, soul and host was broken unnaturally. 

The sword shatters into nine fragments as an explosion happens within her. Shockwaves of pure qi spreads outwards. Qi exploded against the spectators, only Ryu and Ryu alone remain unaffected by ChunLi’s wild qi. The others were slighty charred as they lay on the ground with their limbs twitiching slightly 

ChunLi still screams in pain and she run in panic. She was heading for the cliff edge in her pain. 

"FORGIVE ME RYU!!!!!!!" ChunLi screams as she steps off the cliff., clutching her head in pain. 

"NOOOOOO!!!!!" Ryu yells 

"CHUNLIIII!!!!!!!!" Ryu yells chasing after, he leaps for her, fighting his way towards her. Embracing her in his arms as they plunge together. 


"Let me die…." ChunLi whispered, hitting Ryu in the chest with a strong shove, he refuses to let go even as the blood trickles down his mouth. 

"I will not fail you again." He whispered into the ears of the comatose ChunLi. 

His mind moving quickly, things cannot end like this! There must be a way! There is one way! But his training as Dragonlord was not complete and there is risk involve. But for the sake of the woman he loves, he has to risk everything. 

He concentrates, letting the red rim white scales that are his wrist guards spread throughout him as skin and cloth turns to scales. He endures the pain as a pair of wings rips out from his back and unfurls. He changes from man to dragon. Taking control of the air, their fall stops. Beating the air he takes ChunLi away in his claw like hands. To a place, a place that few people know of.