Kamui Kuten 


The night was silent as the villagers tended to their wounded and rebuild what they can, no major damage was caused, no lives lost. But still if the Jiu Dao Nu could this to them. Who could make sure she wouldn’t do worse to others. 


“That’s why she must be destroyed!” Nakaruru insisted, she was only lightly bruised but her pride was hurt. Rimururu and her were conversing with the three elders while the others were helping out in the village. 


The elders frowned at that, the young woman still has not change her opinion, and they had a feeling that this was going to be difficult. Michiko mumbled something to Yukina. 


“Grandmother says that killing Jiu Dao Nu would not solve anything.” Yukina translated. 

“She would have destroyed our village if given the chance, what makes you think she won’t take more innocent lives?” 

“All the more reason to believe that we could save the woman.” 

“But why do you insist on preserving ChunLi’s life. Is she a link to something else? Grandmother?” Rimururu asked, she was quietly listening to the conversation the whole time. 


Michiko smiled at the younger girl and began saying something rapidly to Yukina who chuckled at what the older woman had said. Yukina asked Michiko something else and Michiko answered with another chuckle. 

“Grandmother said that at least you have the sense to ask the right question.” Yukina tried to hide a smile. 

“She said that. If ChunLi dies as will the Dragonlord for at this point in time their lives connect. Am I correct?” Yukina received a nod from the elderly woman. 


“And the dark spirit that is Tensai (Tianzai). Will resurrect both of them giving it the chance to make these two mortals’ shell its own residence instead. Which just simply means that Tensai bypass using the Godling and still get the mortal shells it requires. Which makes path one come true even though certain things have changed,” Yukina the sipped her tea. 

“But why can’t they kill themselves?” Rimururu asked again. 

“That would defeat the purpose.” 


There was a polite knock on the door and the silver hair, statuesque warrior woman entered. 

“Greetings Zannah. I am glad that you can make it.” Michiko spoke directly to the silver hair woman in fluent Japanese accented English. 

“I had to get a few things ready. Venerable one.” Zannah answered and knelt down beside Rimururu on the tatatmi floor. 


“Grandmother! You knew what we were all talking about in the first place? What didn’t you say so?!” Nakaruru was stunned. Michiko’s eyes narrowed and whispered again in that Japanese dialect to Yukina. 

“And have you argue with her before she could say anything. At least this way you would actually listen to what she has to say. That was partly why Grandmother insists on you going on this trip with your sister. There are some things that you have to see with your own eyes.” Yukina berated Nakaruru. 


Seiko had just returned from the oak chest and handed a pouch to Zannah. Opening it there was a piece of paper in a language of kind and a map. 

“And this is?” 

“They will understand what is written upon it.” Michiko said. 

“I see.” 

“They?” Rimururu asked. 

“The so called ‘Demons’.” Zannah explained. 

“And how do I help my sister?” Zannah asked. Michiko smiled and gestured Zannah to come over and whispered for a while in her ear. 



“To get Ryu to do that to ChunLi would be difficult if not impossible.” Zannah mused. 

“Pfff…. You are known for doing the impossible Zannah, difficult would be a walk in the park for you.” Michiko snorted. 

“You do know that sometimes I wonder if age had caught up with you.” 

“I am not senile if that is what you mean.” 

With that Michiko dismissed their guests, since they have to get going in the morning. 




Two weeks later 

The eastern mountain borders of Shadowlaw 

It was dawn and the sun seems to be climbing out from behind the mountains. Sitting preciously upon the high ledge of the mountain is the Twisted Pair. ChunLi was lying within Ryu’s embrace as they stared down at the land beneath them. ChunLi was stroking Ryu’s thigh casually while observing how the sun’s rays washes over the fertile rice fields. 

Further east would be the main city and the Shadowlaw Castle. But their destination is beyond the chasm. They are to go to Witches’ Grove. That too is a part of ChunLi’s estate. 

Within a few days upon that very piece of land great power will concentrate as Shadow Warriors begins the Gathering. It was an affair that happens every ten years but for this time the power taken will benefit the Chaos Mother’s return in human flesh. The world a gem in their hands to shape as they so please. 


Rough hands gently massaging her shoulders turn her thoughts back to now. She knows where her path lies and intends to keep the Defender with her. Why should she give his life up for the Godling? Why should she submit herself to the Godling? Why should she ascend alone? When she can have her partner is greatness ascending with her. 

All that was needed is to use the Godling’s heart instead, a change of plans require a change in equipment naturally. So that was why she had to take that tablet. But so far the chances of they being stop by anybody is quite remote. 


ChunLi turned slightly so that she now faces Ryu, her  right hand on his face, she rewarded him with another shower of kisses on his lips. 

“I want his heart.” She coos at him. Her right hand slides lovingly down to his chest. 

“On a silver platter?” he asked, gazing seriously into her eyes. 

“If you have that with you at that time.” Her cheek rubbing against his cheek. 

“The time is at hand then.” Ryu asked, his thumb was rubbing her waist automatically. 

“Umm hm.” They lock lips once more. 


Moments later they got up. ChunLi climbed onto Ryu’s back, her legs clamped around his waist. 

“Ready?” he asked. 

“Yes. Let us away then.” She kisses his ear. 


Carefully Ryu began climbing down the face of the mountain, ChunLi was silent as to not distract him. There are easier ways to descend the mountain but that would defeat some strange purpose. She presses her cheek onto his warm back and held him tighter as a gust of wind sweeps past. It won’t be long. It won’t be long. 




Witches’ Grove, Shadowlaw 


Rose knew that her safety would not be guarantee by coming here. But she had to. She sees the seven of them, sitting around a fire with a deer roasting on a spit. The statue that was in the middle had being pushed aside. Though she approached silently she saw seven crossbows aimed at her. 

There are seven of them, two she knows as Iwa and Kumori. The other five she knows them not. She sensed that these seven aren’t the least bit ordinary and would have destroyed her as she stood if they choose to. The crossbows are just for show.


“Come no closer.” The long hair one said. 

“What do you want from us?” Kumori asked. 

“She is coming for all of you.” 

“I thought you didn’t believe we exist. So why would you care?” Iwa snickered. 

“This concerns the very universe.” 

“We know.” The youngest said. 

“Don’t you intend to fight back?” 

“We would.” 

“You know that you have to destroy her as well.” 

“No!” the seven answered in union. 

“I know you all respect her. But the world is at stake.” 

“We have our own plan.” 

“But it is a big gamble.” 

“We know. We believe that there is a way to solve this with minimum bloodshed. Leave.” 

“Or do we have to escort you?” Iwa and Kumori stood up. 

“But if you guess wrong. Then all is lost.” Rose turned to leave. 


“Chasm.” The youngest one said. 

“Cliff.” Iwa added 


“Even you? Even you?” Kumori continued 

“Friend and enemies alike.” 



“Ooohhhh.” The seven said in union. They just had another glimpse of the future. They shrugged and five of them pointed at Iwa and Kumori. The elder two slap their foreheads with a sigh of resignation. It was up to them to represent the group in the fight again.