Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 23  

The eight tired warriors finally made their way from Demon’s Island to the fishing village. Chizuru had dragged Iori out from the driftwood he was hanging onto much to Kyo’s protest. Since they don’t have the time to take care of the unconscious Iori, all Chizuru could do is hand him over to village’s physician with a small bag of silver and instructions to get him treated. 


“And our horses are gone.” Shizmaruru tried to get a word in between the arguing Kyo and Chizuru. 

They were still arguing as Kyo had insisted on letting Iori die while Chizuru firmly put her foot down on the fact that the three weapons against Oruchi must have three wielders and since Iori is the present wearer of the Megatama she would not let Iori die. 

Seeing no impact at all Shimauru returns to Zannah, Haohmaru and Charlotte joined them with supplies and some news. With their horses gone, the warriors knew that the Twisted Pair had gotten a headstart. Though they wondered if the couple traveled on foot or horseback. 

“The couple came this way a few hours ago.” Haohmaru started 

“They are the ones who frightened the horses.” Charlotte offered as they headed out the village. 

“With a face like hers why shouldn’t they be frightened of her.” Nakaruru added with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. 


Zannah and Haohmaru looked at her disapprovingly but continued with their conversation. 

“Kamui Kuten!!!” Rimururu blurted out, suddenly jolting into wakefulness. 

“Kamui Kuten!!! They will make a trip to Kamui Kuten!!! The whole Village is in danger!!! 

“What?!” Nakaruru grabbed a hold of her sister. 

“She sent me a thought! She actually sent me a thought that she intends to visit Kamui Kuten!!!!” Naky! We have to go back!!!!” Rimururu sobbed. 

“What is in Kamui Kuten that draws their attention?” Zannah asked the sobbing girl, the younger girl look up to her sister, silently pleading with her to tell them of what she knows. 

“….. There are many mystical objects sealed in the grounds of Kamui Kuten….. tablets of spells mainly…..” Nakaruru reluctantly volunteered her information. 

“She can’t be after all of those tablets? Right Naky?” Galford asked, placing one hand on the young lady’s shoulder. 

“Maybe she is and maybe she’s not. Maybe she’s out to destroy Kamui Kuten, Maybe it’s a trap to hinder us from getting to wherever she really wants to go in time. I don’t know!” 


“Then have you seen or heard about a seven colour stone tablet, with seven creature engraved upon it and an indent in the middle?” Zannah asked again. 

“The Tsuriai no hogosha (Guardians of Balance) tablet? Yeah, it’s one of the pieces that is kept in the main temple.” Rimururu said, although she still don’t quite understand. 

“Bad.” Kyo stop arguing with Chizuru 

“Aye, bad indeed.” Haohmaru added, drinking another sip of his wine. 

“Yes, very bad indeed.” Shizumaru nodded. 

“So that’s where it went…..” Zannah mumbled. 

“It was said to be able to seal or destroy some demons. What’s so bad about that?” Rimururu added 

“Those aren’t really demons.” Shizumaru’s tone became serious. 

“If they are destroyed, then all will be lost.” 

“Although you might get the chance to meet them.” Kyo winked. 


“Enough talk for now, we have to find a way to get to Kamui Kuten.” Zannah brought everybody back to the main subject. 

“With what?” 

“Those.” Haohmaru pointed at the four mules he pulled over. 

“There are two wagons we can ride.” He continued. 

Although with everything led out before them, there is still another problem. When mules are attached to wagons, they refused to move. But that issue was solve when Rimururu and Nakaruru ‘spoke’ with the mules. 

So in short time the eight warriors started moving. Haohmaru, Nakaruru and Chizuru on one wagon with Galford holding the whip to lead the mules. And on the other wagon are Zannah, Shizumaru, Rimururu and Charlotte with Kyo holding the whip. They were all moving along but at the plodding speed that the mules gave them. 


What more they weren’t even sure by what means were Ryu and ChunLi traveling by. The couple could have flown for all they know. They could have cut a straight path through the forest while the eight of them sticks to the main road. For all they know ChunLi could have turned Ryu into something to let her ride all the way to Kamui Kuten. 

The eight swore that when they do get to the next town, they have to get some decent and fast horses. 




Kamui Kuten 

Ryu ran carrying ChunLi all the way from the fishing village to Kamui Kuten. It wasn’t much of a big deal for them since they had cut through the forests and are now at least two to three days ahead of the eight warriors. Along the way they had made a few stops so as to camp and allow Ryu to gain back his strength. Somehow ChunLi was impressed by his stamina. 

And now after resting for the entire night by the little stream a little distance from Kamui Kuten. Ryu walked with ChunLi into the gates of Kamui Kuten. She smirked seeing that there are a few men who were armed and cautious of their approach. 

“I bear you no malice.” ChunLi said, still carried by Ryu, she presented to the inhabitants of Kamui Kuten no hint of immediate action. Her left hand was still in contact with Ryu as she was stroking his cheek. As much as the inhabitants know what she had come for, they can’t attack her until she makes the first move. 


Michiko hobbled out of her hut with Yukina and Seiko supporting her. ChunLi hops down from Ryu’s arms but still she maintains physical contact with him by pressing her back into his body. The expressionless Ryu did not reach up for his blade but kept his eyes on the men carrying weapons, within his mind he was already thinking of different strategies. 

“My greetings, Venerable one.” ChunLi curtsied, still no malice in her voice, formal and neutral, her true intentions hidden. 


“Greetings to you too. I see you have chosen your path? Jiu Dao Nu?” Michiko answered, making sure that her words offend neither ChunLi nor Ryu, she didn’t want that to be used as an excuse for an attack on Kamui Kuten. The lives of the people here are in her hands. 

The longer ChunLi and Ryu remains here the more likely are the lives of the villagers are danger. Regardless of whether she bears them malice or no, a fox among chickens is still a fox among chickens. 

“Nay Wise one. You too would know that now is too early.” ChunLi answered casually, she could taste the tension in the air but still she find no offense in Michiko’s words. She needed an excuse but couldn’t find one. 


Michiko made a gesture with her fingers. Three men headed off to find Poppy, Mamahaha and Shikururu, these creatures might attack the Jiu Dao Nu, giving her the excuse to attack the viallge. So for the sake of the whole village the three creatures would have to be under restraint for now. 

ChunLi turned slightly and whispered something to Ryu in a older Shadowlaw dialect, he nodded in agreement. 


“What can this humble village do for you. Jiu Dao Nu?” She knew what ChunLi wants. And depending on ChunLi’s answer and hers as well, just two answers can prevent bloodshed or start one. 

“Accommodations for the next few days, my beloved and I are tired after travelling for so long.” ChunLi smiled back at the older woman. 

“Accommodations we have but our humble abode may not be up to your standards.” 

Michiko motioned for Seiko to bring them to the hut near the temple. Though simple in decorations it is considered comfortable enough. ChunLi looked around the humble hut, it wasn’t poor enough to let her make her complaint. 


“Is this to your liking?” Seiko asked, a tone of respect in her voice, the next few days everybody would have to be careful about what they do and say. 

“It is adequate.” ChunLi said, watching Seiko leave. 


“Why not fight it out?” Ryu asked when Seiko was away. 

“Not time yet. We would not be able to touch it now.” ChunLi found the kitchen of the hut and began cooking something simple from the well stock up rations in the cupboards. 

“Why?” Ryu joined her in the kitchen. 

“There is a spell on that thing. We can’t touch it because of that. In two nights by the first howling wolf, that spell will neutralise itself until the end of the time for the Gathering.” 

“Then we can take it?” 

“Yesss.” ChunLi turned around and stuffed a spoonful of stew into Ryu’s mouth. 

“Butff Thaff willf giff themff….” Ryu took the spoon out of his mouth. 

“But that will give them time to catch up with us. Needs more pepper.” He handed the spoon back to ChunLi. 

“That is a chance we have to take. More pepper?” 

“Yes more pepper.” 

ChunLi sighed and added a little bit more. The second tasting was better off indeed. 

“Mmm much better. But if they arrive early?” 

“We can’t take it till time comes. We fight then.” She said, pouring the stew into the two bowls. For now there isn’t anything else they could do but wait.