Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 22  


The clouds finally broke as rain pours down. Yet despite the strongwinds and heavy downpour, it still can’t dampen the red and purple firethat burns brightly as the two young men clash.  

To them the loud noise of the throne room collapsing from afar was passed off as thunder, but Chizuru still worries. For the clash between two clans would do no one any good. Torn between concern for the others and responsibility to her destiny, in the end responsibility made her made join the fray in order to break up the fight between Kyo and Iori.  




Galford chokes as the rain created a puddle of mud to drown him. The impact of the monstrous Cho Kikoshou had thrown him into the courtyard.He coughs greatly as he struggles to get up. One thought fill his mind as he spat out the mud.  

He must find Nakaruru, if ChunLi harmed Nakaruru in anyway. The woman will not have anyone to save her hide. He limps towards the throne room.Shock to find the place in ruins. This old castle was connected mainly to the throne room, the rest of it won’t be standing for long. He must find Nakaruru and soon.  

“Naky!!!!!” Rimy!!!!!!” Galford yelled as he pulled a few of the debrisloose, hopefully he could find Nakaruru or the others.  




Although the wispy remnant of the Cho Kikosho cocoons them, Ryu had instinctively covered ChunLi with his body. The Cho Kikosho had created a little breathing space but as soon as the wispy energy fades away, the debris collapsed upon the couple.  

Ryu taking the brunt of the weight began to grunt as he gathers his strength. He heaves trying to throw the weight off, yet the weight heldon. He turns quiet once again to regain his energy.  

He heard a voice, it was Galford’s voice screaming for that pesky Nakaruru. Is ChunLi okay? Ryu couldn’t tell. One thing he knows. He must get ChunLi out of here. They have places to go and people to skewer.  

ChunLi would be displeased if they can’t get out of here and do what they must. And if ChunLi is unhappy, he is unhappy. Must make ChunLi happy, the thought came to him. He gathers his strength once more. With a roar Ryu heaves with all his might, sending the debris flying. Ryu knelt down to help ChunLi up.  

“You okay?” Ryu asked, brushing the dust of ChunLi’s clothes while checking for any physical wounds. But ChunLi eyes him quietly with an unblinking stare. Ryu titled his head slightly, as he was unsure why she was displeased.  


ChunLi finally regains her orientation to the situation, seeing the puzzle look on Ryu made her realised that Ryu thought he had done some something wrong. She immediately reaches up with her right hand and scratches him behind his ear. A contented smile appeared on his face when he knew that she was not angry with him.  

“And him?” Ryu glanced toward where Gill was. Now is a good time to get rid of his rival.  

“Patience beloved. You will get your chance soon.” ChunLi wrapped her arms around Ryu’s neck.  

“What about them?” Ryu asked once more as he scooped ChunLi into his arms.  

“They will know where to go as long as Zannah tells them so.” ChunLi nibbled Ryu’s earlobe slightly to get his attention.  

“The time of the eclipse is nearing. Our Children awaits us for the Gathering.” She cooed. With ChunLi in his arms, Ryu headed towards the exit, carefully threading the debris filled ground.  


“Where is Naky!?” Galford yelled when he saw them. He unsheathes his sword at pointed it at them.  

“Pest.” ChunLi hissed at him. She loosened her right arm from Ryu’sneck and waves her hand in one swift swipe across the air. The air ripplesas it rushes towards Galford, ramming him in chest and throwing him aside.Ryu and ChunLi continued on their way once more while ChunLi falls intoa short slumber.  




Moments after the couple had left. Haohmaru crawled out from the debris, brushing aside more blocks, he reaches in and pulls Charlotte out. Together they searched for the others.  

A pile of debris started to rumble and that caught their attention, they ducked as the rubble exploded sending debris flying in all direction.When the dust settle, they saw Zannah coming out with Shizumaru slightly rough up.  

“Head count.” Haohmaru started.  

“Was with Zannah jie.” Shizumaru pointed.  

“And I was with you.” Charlotte looks around.  

The gang of four carefully made their way to the other side.  

“Look!” Shizumaru pointed.  

Pinned down by two pillars and a large piece of the ceiling was Gill. And that had created a support to prevent the pillars from crushing down on Nakaruru and Rimururu. The two young ladies were only slightly traumatized and had escape with only bruises. They pulled the two young women out and untied them.  

When Nakaruru and Rimururu regained consciousness, the sisters hugged each other fiercely.  

“She must die…” Nakaruru whispered in her sister’s ear.  

“No.. There must be a way.” Rimururu answered back.  

“Naky!!!” Galford yelled as he stumbled over, relief flooded his face to know that Nakaruru was okay.  


“What about him?” Rimururu pointed at Gill who is still alive though his breathing is shallow.  

“Leave him. Time we do not have.” Zannah mumbled as she made her way out.  

“Where are we going?”  


“Why? We have to find Ryu and ChunLi first! We have to help them!!”Rimururu exclaimed, Charlotte supported her as they followed Zannah.  

“Then we have to go there.”  

“How can you be so sure!” Nakaruru said, she was in enough trouble of late.  

“Because I know. You can stay if you like.” Zannah headed out, not caring to hear what Nakaruru has to add. Time was not on their side.  




As soon as the warriors were out of sight, Urien returned. By his side was an oriental woman with toxic green eyes and a red tint in her black hair. Though she seems barely twenty, the wrinkles on her forehead say otherwise.  

It seems that she had not left the island at all as some had thought. Merely hiding away from Jiu Dao Nu and exploring the cave where Tianzai was found in. In other words Urien found her sneaking around when she can’t find a way to leave.


“What say you?” Urien asked her as he lifted the pillars off Gill.  

“He’ll lived. But we have to reached the Point of Power before the Eclipse.”  

“You do know what you are doing right.”  

“I do. If he turns into a god, he would be a mere tool. That would not bode well for you and I.” Legrene carefully clear Urien’s path as he supports his brother out of the place.  

“And how do we stand to gain.”  

“I follow path three, they all lose and we gain.” Legrene shrugged.  

The trio was barely out of the castle when the structure collapses behind them. Wordlessly they moved on.  




The pier  

Ryu ran with ChunLi still in his arms. Time is not on their side and they have to get to Witches’ Grove soon. Only then he will get to fight that freak. He took another glance at the napping ChunLi, her face was wet with rain yet she slept on.  

Just ahead of them are Kyo and Iori who still have not given up their flaming fight yet. The pair of eternal enemies had pushed Chizuru out of their way and continuing scorching each other with their flames.  


ChunLi lazily opens her right eye; a light tap on Ryu’s shoulders made him stop. The noise of the fight had woken her while red and purple flames held her attention. Her left hand was rubbing Ryu’s shoulder as she started to think.  

All she knew was that the fight was in their way while behind them are the others. They are stuck in the middle. And they have to be at Witches’Grove before the Eclipse or all is lost.  

She aims her right palm at Kyo and Iori. As her fingers flared open, bright blue energy exploded between them. Repelling both Kyo and Iori,sending them flying. Kyo’s flight was stop by a tall tree while Iori landed in the salty sea. Even Chizuru who stood at the fringe of the explosion was thrown off her feet as well.  

ChunLi smiled and Ryu continued running towards the pier. Reaching the end of the pier ChunLi raised her right hand lazily to command the watery platform to rise once more. As Ryu steps up on the watery platform, ChunLi closes her right eye and returns to her slumber. They would reach shore soon and be on their way.