Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 21 

The air was still as the ever present storm clouds looms over the little island, soon it will pour, as if in hope to wash the evil away from this place. Two warriors fought on, with every clash of their weapons, purple and red flames burns the air. Their feud watched on by a Priestess of the clan of Yata 

Chizuru hopes to stop this fight, she had to. Since the death of either Kusanagi or Yagami would not benefit the world. She had to stop the two feuding warriors somehow. Despite the still of the air, a gust of wind gently unsettles her hair. 

"A penny for your thoughts? Aiko?" the male voice asked. 

"Oh its you." Chizuru mumbled, her gaze still fixed on the flame-wielding warriors. She had always wondered why he kept calling her by the name of Aiko, although she never really remember to ask him that. 


With his crescent shape scythe Iori kept slashing, forcing Kyo to defend. Both young men are almost equal. In a match like this the only way a winner can be declared is when one of them collapse in exhaustion or hunger a few days later. The bad blood within them was too strong to be mellowed by mere words alone. 

"You intend to take advantage of this?" Chizuru asked, she watches as the purple flame envelops Kyo. 

"No. I am just here to watch. The master says that if the Kusanagi dies, good for us. If the Yagami dies, good for us too. So Aiko, either Yagami or Kusanagi dies we benefit." 

"It happens here then?" Chizuru suspected that Geonitz knows something. 

"No. The place is not now and here, for the eclipse is soon upon us, yet three more players of this game await. But not here and not now. Take care Aiko, swords have no eyes. I do not wish to see you hurt." The voice vanishes like the wind that caresses her cheek. 


Red flame blooms forth from the center of purple as Kyo burst through, his sword burning like a mini sun. Perspiration wells on their forehead but neither would admit defeat and give up. Both young men on the ground, one hand pushing against the earth as they knelt to regain their breath. Both ignored Chizuru’s pleas to stop fighting and sprang forth once more. 

The two warriors leaps towards each other searing the air with red and purple flames as the sun sword and crescent moon scythe clashes once more. 




The five remaining warriors battle their way through the castle guards, not much of a problem to begin with. Nobody in high command was stopping them. They head to the only place where the concentration of power is the strongest. 

Arriving at the throne room, they saw a well built white hair man, he made no attempts to stop them. He ignored them, which caused Haohmaru to feel a little insulted. Yet the five were cautious as they moved pass Urien into the throne room. 

Seeing the way that Nakaruru and Rimururu was tied up Galford rushed forward in rage but Haohmaru pulled him back. 

"Watch and witness." He told Galford. 




Three paths placed before ChunLi, two defined and the third questionable. Even if she chooses now she would accomplish nothing. Mistress or slave the choice made no difference in the end, since it just meant who takes this mortal shell in the end. 

Yet in some way there was a difference. A small voice from that was confined within her memories begging her to choose one and choose right, but she ignored it. Her head held proudly and stately high as she watches Gill. Her presence is that of a queen, her mind is that of a warrior who would rather fight to until death. 

She knew she has everybody’s attention, like a snake her right hand moves again. Two flick of her wrist and two bluish flames came to life on the large candleholders where Nakaruru and Rimururu were tied to. She smiled again on seeing the worry filled look upon Galford’s face. 

In every sense of the word she dares Gill to make the first move, it was in her eyes and her body language that she taunts Gill to come up to the dais where the throne is. She dares him to reclaim the throne from her. 

But Gill had not move, for he was partly glaring at Ryu and partly fixated by the both of them. His right hand move beneath his cloak to remove a strange looking sword from his belt. All the time his eyes were locked on Ryu. 


The sword he removed seems unbalanced, in the sense that the hilt was that of a broadsword but the blade itself as thick as the blade of a fencing sword. He stab the blade onto the crack on the floor. Both hands hovered around the crossguard. 

Then it happen, fire from one hand and ice on the other. Each forming on one side with the needle blade separating fire and ice. The fire and the ice solidify to become a blade of flaming red and freezing blue. His blade was the legendary sword of Ice and Fire 


Ryu reached for his black sword but ChunLi slides her hand on his arm to stop him. Ryu glared at her, questioning her without words. ChunLi looked at him apologetically as she gently kisses his cheek. 

"Not now. Not now." She whispers in his ear as her right hand rubs his chest. 

Ryu was hesitant, in his point of view Gill had not only defied ChunLi, shown her no respect and most important of all he would never forget the fact that it was Gill who had separated them. Causing him to go through much pain of both the physical and emotional type. 

This challenge was directed at his ability to maintain his wife’s honor. Of course he still have that particular promise to keep. That of giving a slow painful death to the one who hurt ChunLi. 


ChunLi pressed herself closer to Ryu, the lily based perfume warm on her skin. The scent of it caused him to relent and the grip around his blade loosen. She rewarded Ryu with another shower of kisses. 

"Wait for it." She murmured in his ear. 


ChunLi swung her legs outwards, hopping off Ryu’s legs. The moment ChunLi stepped of the dais Ryu stood up from the throne, his eyes narrowed but made no further move after he followed her down the steps. ChunLi ignored Gill and walk towards Zannah. 

"Dearest Sijie (eldest sister in training)." She curtsied before the older woman. Zannah nodded in acknowledgement. 

"The grove is lovely around this time of the year yes?" she asked the older woman coolly as if nothing is wrong at all. There was a strange look in Zannah’s eyes, somehow she caught the meaning within. 

"Excellent. You do know where I’m going then Dear sister." 

ChunLi could feel the intense heat of Galford’s rage for what she did to the two sisters. She walk up towards him, her smile still on her face as if to mock the young man. Face to face and eye to eye she stood before him. As if daring him to hit her and invite Ryu’s wrath upon him. 

"Save them if you can boy." A hint of laughter in her voice, ChunLi turned and headed to Urien. 


"Have you no intention to help him?" she asked, there was a hint of curiosity in her voice. 

"You notice." Urien realised that the Jiu Dao Nu knows more than she should. 

"Naturally. Was very obvious. To leave out the enslavement circle and line." 

"And what will you do to me dear lady?" Urien knew that this question to get him killed 

"Nothing. Though One is unable to fathom such an act of treachery." 

"Well my dear lady. Like you one has to do what one must to achieve one’s goal. My thanks to you for removing that one obstacle." Urien was somewhat amused that the Jiu Dao Nu had left him alive, she had overlook that challenge, a rare act indeed. 

"May we never meet again my treacherous friend." ChunLi said and turned away. 

"Ah. But we will. Dear lady, we will." Urien mumbled when ChunLi was out of earshot. 


ChunLi stops behind him, a hand on his massive back. Her very touch sends an electric tingle down his spine. She demands attention and immediate answer by shocking him none too subtly with an electric spark in his heart. 

Gill jolted, his teeth bared. This woman had absolutely no regard for him at all. He turned to glare down at ChunLi. Defiant brown eyes stared back up at him. She dares him to make the first move. He would have killed her where she stood but he can’t afford to since she was the key to his ascension. 

ChunLi’s hand glided from his shoulder to his throat and down to where she believes his heart is, if he has one that is. Her deep brown eyes stared at him in askance, it then change to one that questions him. 


"What will you do for me?" ChunLi asked in a gentle voice, it was the one of two generic questions. 


Gill was thrown off guard, he was trained to rule not serve. How dare this puny little woman toys around with him and ask him to serve her. Gill looks towards Urien. No answer from his brother. 

"This was not part of our bargain." Gill started slapping ChunLi’s hand away, a dejected look on her face while Ryu’s fist clenched tightly, but he caught a signal from her left hand and held his ground as much as he hates it. 


"What will you do for me?" ChunLi asked again, still using the soft approach. 

"I made you what you are. I should be the one telling you what to do." 

"Ki…." ChunLi said softly, placing her right hand on Gill’s chest as he talks on. 

"And you throw me off that tower. You are but a mere woman. Just because you have gain some extra power of late. You do not go around beating your benefactor up!" Gill wasn’t finish yet. 

"Ko…." ChunLi placed her left hand on his chest. Her qi slowly gathering in her palms. 

"I will do nothing for you," 

"SHO!!!!!!" ChunLi screeched, unleashing the energy at point blank. 

"Grawwwhhhh!!!!" The force of it as it rams through Gill pulls him away. Pulling him towards the waiting Ryu. 

Ryu slid forward slightly, ramming his elbow into Gill’s spine and with a raising Dragon punch he sent Gill flying up the ceiling. Ryu ran over to ChunLi who was charging her qi again as she waits for Gill to drop. 


Realisation hits Galford, like the others he was momentarily awestruck on seeing ChunLi. When he gained his composure he knew that Nakaruru and Rimururu are in danger as well. 


Everything seems to be in slow motion as soon as Gill broke loose from the ceiling. 

Galford broke forth from Haohmaru’s grip and ran forward. He know he don’t have enough time to save both girls he had to stop ChunLi. 

Urien had a bad feeling and attempts to run out of the throne room. 

The others were barely out of their trance as Gill was halfway down. 

ChunLi throws her hands forward in a slow swing while Ryu who was behind her crouches low and blocks. 

"Cho…." ChunLi started. 

The other warriors realised what was going to happen and blocks the inevitable as Urien was almost out the room. 


"Noooooooo!!!!!….." Galford yelled as he reaches out to grab ChunLi. 

 "Ko….." Bright blue sparks raging, swirling and growing about in the palms of her hands as Gill was nearing the center of the blast zone. 

"SHO!!!!!!!!!" The Mega Kikosho (SFEX 2 – Super meteorite combo ) enlarges, covering ChunLi and Ryu. 


The qi blast hurls Galford away sending him flying out the main door. Gill was sent hurtling towards the throne. The energy was to much for the marble throne to take. It cracks and shatters when unable contain the force, Gill continued hurtling only to be be stop by a pillar. Nakaruru and Rimururu were screaming as they both got thrown against the wall. 

The pillars that support hall began to strain and started to crack and crumble. The other warriors who were nearer the fringe of the blast still couldn’t move for they risk injury. It didn’t take long when the ceiling collapse covering everything in sight……..