Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 20 


The minor earthquake had shook Gill out of bed, then again in Gill’s point of view ChunLi was not known to be subtle. Despite being rudely awaken he was excited by the thought that she had come running back to him. He always knew she would return to beg him to take her back. And now he could prove that to his brother. 

Urien was already outside Gill’s chambers, he was leaning against the walls with his arms crossed and thinking to himself. Wondering why the Jiu Dao Nu had return. He had a bad feeling and a hunch, coupled with what he learnt from Legrene and the book, things don’t look good. Urien made a mental note to keep quiet and keep out of the way. 

Gill left his chambers, as his strides with great plans to the hall he miss the smug look on his brother’s face. 




Around now 

The band of seven warriors paddled their boat towards Demon’s Island. None of fishermen were willing to ferry them to island, they had to buy the boat from the fishermen who taught them some basics of sailing. Galford was restless as he worries over Nakaruru and Rimururu. 

<  If those two demons dare harm even a hair on their heads….  > Galford swore silently, wondering why Haohmaru was still in the mood for drinking. 

They were entering the fog as warned by the fishermen, all hands on their weapons and eyes alert. Who knows what lies within the murky waters. The silence that they passed through was deafening. Half the time they were expecting something to reach out from the water. 

The fog before them slowly parted to reveal and island surrounded by trees, a castle of European design enclose by the greenery. Yet there was nothing beautiful about the island, a cruel emerald gem set in the middle of the cold sapphire seat. Out of place. 


Yet what was more out place was the red burning at the pier. The red of an insane man’s hair, he who stood over the lifeless hill of slain guards. Somehow he had escape. The moon shaped scythe glinted in his hands. His eyes narrowed as he awaits one warrior. 


Kyo narrowed his eyes as the internal fires of his body burns upon his sword filling the hollow of the blade with his orange-red flame. The flame surrounded the cross-guard and hilt like a golden sun. Kyo stood up. Like a coiled up spring he leapt. As does the red hair man whose seems to be holding a scythe of purple fire 



They both yelled as their weapons clashed in mid air. An explosion of purple and red fire repel them back. Kyo now leapt once again from boat to shore, once again locking weapons. The battle had move from the pier to the edge of the forest. 

The six warriors docked and disembark from their boat without any problems. Chizuru caught between stopping the fight and joining the others. She knows her place, she has to decide. 

“You go ahead! I have something to do.” She called out. Haohmaru gave her a thumb-up sign and ran off with the others towards the castle. 




As the two brothers made their way to the throne room Gill started thinking. He wonders why Jiu Dao Nu had came running back to him. 

“The harlot couldn’t resist me.” He mumbled to no one in particular. 

He heard from Urien that ChunLi had returned bearing gifts. Two highly respected young Priestesses of Kamui Kuten. Bringing in gifts to appease him? Or just to distract him so she could beg him to take her back in his arms? He wonders how she intends to grovel before him. Oh he’s going to enjoy pushing her to her limits. 


The two brothers arrive at the throne room, upon entering Gill continued his way to the throne while Urien hung back and watch, concealing his smile as best as he could. 

It wasn’t the two Priestesses of Kamui Kuten tied to the large candleholders flanking his throne that caught Gill’s attention. It was the man sitting on the throne, his throne! 


The man in white seems oblivious to Gill’s presence for he was busy enjoying the affections that were lavish upon him by the woman who was draped across his legs. Though her hair covered her face, Gill thought he knew her. 

The sanctity of his throne defiled by the impudence of the couple. He coughs once to attract their attention. The couple ignored him as they continued to increase the intensity their display of affections to each other much to Gill annoyance. 


A crystal of ice crackles to life as it forms in his hand, increasing in size rapidly as he brought it up in readiness to throw. The couple still remains indifferent to the large boulder size ball of ice. The veins on Gill’s forehead betray his rage as he tosses the ball of ice towards the couple. 


Like a coiled up snake that strikes, ChunLi’s right hand loosens itself from Ryu’s hand and flicked nonchalantly at the oncoming Cryo Kenesis. The Cryo Kenesis impacted a wall of air causing watery ripples in its surrounding. All the while her lips remained locked on Ryu’s lips. 

She gave no regard to Gill, another flick of her wrist causes the air that surrounds the ball of ice to compress it. As the ice shattered, little shards of ice were sent flying towards Gill. With a flick of his fiery hand, he counters with his fiery Pyro Kenesis. 


Moments later ChunLi broke off her kiss. She slides her cheek onto Ryu’s cheek, eyeing Gill with much nonchalance. Her right hand slides back up to Ryu’s forearm. Noting that her attention was not on him anymore, Ryu’s eyes’ shifted to follow her line of sight. Even as their glares locked, Ryu could have sprung forward and beat the living daylights out of the freak. But he waits instead. 

The two men stared daggers at each other. Sizing each other up. Both in competition for the same woman. One intends to keep while the other intends to take. Silence so strong that the slightest noise might invite action. 


ChunLi was coolly caressing Ryu on his face and chest, her cold brown eyes accessing the situation. Three paths that still remain unchanged place before her. No point in choosing so soon. 

At least now is still too early to choose, for nothing is set in stone until the time comes. Coolly she nuzzled Ryu’s neck, knowing that he would not be so easily distracted by her. She smiles, things seem to be in order for now. 


With one arm around ChunLi’s waist and the other resting in clench fist on ChunLi’s thigh, Ryu’s eyes remained fixed on Gill. Only ChunLi heard the low rumbling growl from his throat. Her hand on his arm was what held him back from the ripping that freak limb from limb. 

That freak was the one who separated his wife and him. This is the man who has designs on his wife. His eyes narrowed as he waits. He waits for just one word from ChunLi. Then he’ll tear that freak limb from limb.