Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 19Abandon Temple 


The sun sets without much of any incidents happening to the eleven warriors that day. Haohmaru had started a fire to keep warm. It wasn’t long when everybody gathered round the fire to share a meal and a pouch of wine and converse into the night. 

Hours later all yawned and decided to turn in for the night. ChunLi meanwhile had decided to go outside to relieve herself. Ryu had decided to accompany her since a thick fog seems to be rolling inland. Nakaruru pulled her sister aside. 


“We need to talk.” She said. 

“You’re going to say that she had change and she is evil and all that.” Rimururu sighed. 

“She’s trying to hoodwink all of us. Rimy” 

“But look. She came back and she looks okay. Ryu san is happy.” 

“Yeah but don’t you find it fishy that she could escape so easily.” 

“She’s a great warrior, Naky. She has ways to escape.” 

“Precisely. I’m going to prove something to you.” Nakaruru dragged her sister out. 

The sisters could make out the opaque shadows of the couple standing close together. Nakaruru bade her sister to stay hidden and keep silent and just watch as made her way towards the couple. 


ChunLi narrowed her eyes as Nakaruru intruded upon their moment of privacy. But in a blink of an eye her face turned neutral. 

“I like to speak to you in private. Please.” Nakaruru smiled 

“Of course. I’ll go back later.” ChunLi smiled at Ryu as her hand brushes lightly by his face. 

“I’ll be waiting.” Ryu planted a kiss on ChunLi’s lips. 

“I know. I know.” She pushes him away lightly, watching him disappear into the thick fog. 


“The weather seems odd these few days. Rain and shine within a single day.” ChunLi commented, watching the intent gaze that Nakaruru had on her face. 

“Let him go.” Nakaruru said firmly. 

“Hmm?” a puzzled look on ChunLi’s face. 

“Don’t change the subject. You did something to him.” 

“And why should I? Since he is what he is.” Her emotions unchanged, intently watching as she wonders how long the younger woman could hold out. 


“Don’t you dare harm him or the others!” 

“What I do is none of your business young one. Warn them if you wish.” ChunLi raised her right hand. 

“Let me go!” Nakaruru yelled, the fog was strangely swirling around her feet and spiraling its way up her body. A cold chill held her where she is. 

“I did nothing.” ChunLi said coolly as she lowers her hand, amused by the young woman before her. 


Nakaruru looked around but couldn’t see her sister’s shape where she thought the younger girl might be hidden. ChunLi smiled as she took note of the direction that Nakaruru glanced at. Moments later her smile was gone. She raised her hand again and Nakaruru yelped in pain. ChunLi wanted to get her attention. 


“…..Kill me ……if  that’s what….you want!” She was in pain as her heart felt like it was being crushed. Her very life soon to be squeezed out of her. Darkness fades in and out of her eyes. 

“And why should I do that?” She smiled again, she grabbed the younger woman by the chin. The anger in her eyes was entertaining to ChunLi, who was toying with Nakaruru like a cat before eating a mouse. 

“…” Nakaruru couldn’t speak. Her throat was robbed of her voice as invisible hands held her by the neck and lifted her a few inches off the air. 


“Indeed it is getting cold. We go now.’ ChunLi spoke to no one in particular. Nakaruru felt a chill behind her, she tried to turn but couldn’t. Silently she screamed unmentionable curses at the older woman. 

“Tsk tsk, such a gentle young lady with such a foul mouth. Have you got the other, Dear love.” ChunLi spoke again. A grunt from behind Nakaruru answered her. 

Nakaruru’s eyes darted left and right trying to see who ChunLi’s accomplice is. But still that accomplice was out of her line of sight. A large sack appeared by Nakaruru’s left. When open, within laid the unconscious form of Rimururu. Nakaruru screamed and yelled silently. 

“Yes yes. Whatever you say. Now just shut up.” 

Nakaruru felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck. Darkness took over her as consciousness fades away, rough hands bundling her into the sack where her sister is. 


“We go?” Ryu asked as he tied the sack and heft it over his shoulders. 

“Umm.” ChunLi planted another kiss on Ryu’s cheek. 


“They won’t know till I let them know.” Her hand lingering on Ryu’s face. 

“Him?” he asked again, not masking the contempt on his face. 

“Tut-tut! Have patience beloved. You’ll see him soon.” ChunLi pulled herself close to Ryu, warming herself up as even as the chilly air attacks their back. 


“Them heavy?” she cooed at him. 

“Them need to go on diet…” Ryu dropped the sack when ChunLi locked her lips on him. For a moment they were locked tightly in each other’s embrace as the two young women lay in the sack partly forgotten. 

Moments later ChunLi broke off their kiss and watches Ryu picked up the sack again. With one hand holding Ryu’s free hand ChunLi headed east using Gill’s qi signature to guide her through the fog. 


An hour later they stopped by the shoreline, the waves lapping against the sand. ChunLi and Ryu eyed each other in silence. ChunLi shrugged and raised her hand, a platform of water rose and she stepped upon it. With a smile she invited hesitant Ryu. 


“May I?” he asked, pointing at the squirming sack with his free hand. 

“My pleasure.” 

With the permission he required, Ryu flipped the sack forward, throwing it hard on the ground with a loud thud. The sack still squirmed and Ryu sighed, with his hands still on the sack he turned then flipped the sack forward, throwing it against the ground once more. 

This action was repeated at least twice for that’s when the squirming stops. Ryu looked up to see the look of approval on ChunLi’s face. She smiled again and invited him up the watery platform. This time he stepped up without hesitation. From there the surf carried them forward, ramming through any obstacles that would lie within their path. 




Within two hours they reached Demon’s Island. The pier guards rushed forward to stop them but with a wave of her hand, ChunLi struck them with lightning from the sky. 

“It was them or us. Isn’t it so beloved?” She shrugged to Ryu, who answered with a nod. 

Together they walk down the path that leads to the castle. Some guys followed them cautiously from a distance, those she ignored. The guards with bravado in their heads and attacked them, those she punished with suggestions from Ryu to spice up an old trick be it lightning, fire, ice, wind or earth. 


Arriving at the castle they were greeted by the raised drawbridge. Ryu glanced at ChunLi, she raised both hand and the earth beneath the castle shook but not violently. 


“I’d knocked. Since they don’t answer.” ChunLi left it hanging. 

She twirled her index finger in the heir to draw another rune. She brought her arm down swiftly, the rune blazes the air as a loud metallic sound of chains breaking and clanking down to ground loudly was heard. The drawbridge without anything holding it fell and fell fast and loudly. Raising a cloud of dust as it fell almost an inch away from the couple’s feet. 

“Overkill.” Ryu mumbled, raising an eyebrow. 

“You judge me?” There was a hint of curiosity in the anger of her voice. 

“Dare I?” 

“Would you?” she asked sweetly 

“You think?” 

“Only you would know. Beloved” 

“A thousand pardons then.” 

“Forgiven. Come now.” She patted his arm and walked across the bridge, cautious soldiers unsure to attack or not. 


Reaching the still empty throne room, ChunLi frowned and headed up the throne with Ryu. Ryu let the sack slip and fall from his fingers. Removing the two young women from the sack and tying them each to the two large candleholders by the throne. 

Ryu sat down on the throne. ChunLi sat on his legs, swinging her legs up so she that she drapes across Ryu’s legs. One arm across his shoulders for support and the other rested on his chest while Ryu’s arms encircled her shoulder and waist. She showered Ryu with kisses once more. 

“Now we wait.” She whispered in his ear. 




It was around midnight when realization hit Zannah like a sucker punch causing her to jerk up from the makeshift bed. Haohmaru was staring at her blankly from across the room, young Shizumaru and Kyo both had a strange look on their faces. Charlotte and Chizuru were both unclear of what to make of the strange feeling that had just passed. Galford stared blankly at the empty beds of Nakaruru and Rimururu. 

“They’re gone again.” Hoahmaru got up from his makeshift bed. 

“Well at least they took the sisters along.” Kyo yawned. 

“Come on people. Let’s go.” Zannah strapped her sword on. 

“Where are we going anyway?” 

“That island ChunLi mentioned.” Haohmaru said. 

“Since she was so intent on us going. Who are we to argue?” Zannah mumbled as she headed out. Noticing that the fog had subsided. A clear sign that ChunLi wanted them to go where she had wanted them to be. Zannah shrugged as the others joined her with sleepy eyes. No point going against a set path. With a general shrug they headed out.