Legacy’s Tale

Chapter 15Ryu 


Ryu and his group had stop for the night to camp. Even though Ryu and Zannah were almost reluctant to stop for the night, they were still in the middle of nowhere. Strangely there was a blood red tinge in the night sky. 

The night air was chillingly cold and sticky. Dark clouds heavy with rain moving eastwards when there is no wind. The weather seems to have gone crazy on this night. 

Ryu sat by himself, far away from the fire where everybody huddled around. His only protection from the chill was a woolen cape. But that did nothing to dull the chill in his heart. He prodded at his bowl of stew aimlessly. For some reason he felt that something was missing from his life. 


“Li…” He whispered as he closed his eyes. For the past few weeks he was worried for her sanity and now he worries for her safety. Since the day she was gone he had hardly a good night’s sleep. Yet how could he sleep when ChunLi’s life is in danger? 

Night after night he woke up with a jolt. He kept seeing things that he can’t describe. Things that he didn’t like. Things that made he even more anxious to be reunited with ChunLi at all cost. 

His worrying had isolated him further from the group that travels with him. They could try all they want but nothing will be much of a comfort till he has ChunLi back in his arms. 

“Ryu san…” a gentle voice called him. 

Opening his left eye to see Nakaruru sitting beside him, Ryu closed his left eye and ignored her. 

“Is that sword hers?” Nakrauru was trying to make conversation. 


Ryu ignored her, the sense of uneasiness was growing stronger by the minute. The disgustingly sweet chime like voice of Nakaruru was grating on his nerves. Irritated that she had treated ChunLi so coldy and now she dares fake concern? 

“Ryu san. Would you like more food?” She asked as sweetly as she could. 

Ryu open his eyes, his dark pupils slowly moved to left where Nakaruru sat. Nakaruru was taken aback by the piercing brown eyes that held her gaze. Eyes which seem to shout at her to leave him alone. The pupils moved back to their default position as Ryu  got up and walk away from the clearing. 

“Ryu san! Where are you going?!” Nakaruru exclaimed, worried that he might do something run off to go seek out ChunLi alone. 

Ryu turned around, his angry brown eyes seem to pierced through her very soul. 

“To relieve my bladder!! What?! You want to follow too?!” He yelled at her and stalked off. 


Nakaruru blushed in embarrassment when she saw that the others were looking at her wordlessly. 





Her eyes darted left and right, she was more than just trap like a rat. She was virtually tied up, her voice muted and worst of all her neck itch like hell because of that damn choker. They had laid her out on a litter, spreading the folds of the kimono out, her long hair was spread out too. 

ChunLi’s eyes darted around nervously as the two maids fussed about her. Four well built men presumably from Urien’s army stood by the door. She could feel their eyes stripping her and violating her even though they dare not do that very act. 


Once again her mind reached out for the little grass green dragon that was down in the dungeon but felt nothing. Which could mean two things of which one is an answer of permanent nature. 

<  I can’t give up like this.  > She kept telling her herself. 

<  Am I not the strongest woman in the world? Am I not the heir of my father’s Psycho Power? Am I not a highly trained Warriorwitch? Am I not she the Dragonlady for that matter?  >  ChunLi asked herself. 

<  Of course I’m all that and more perhaps. I have to give it one last shot!  > She was determined. 


The four men came forward. Each taking to one corner of the litter and lift her up. Placing the weight of the litter on their shoulders they followed the maids out. 

ChunLi was concentrating as hard as she could to muster all the strength and will she has as they carried her carefully up the spiral staircase of the tower in the courtyard. She ignored the pain in her head, she ignored the screams of joy as she ascended the steps. She ignored the laughter of Gill when he saw her appear. She ignored the gloom and the scent of death that gathered strong in the tower. 

As they placed her on the center of the marking that Legrene had drawn, she felt someone lending her his very last ounce of strength and will. Her eyes shifted left to spot the little grass green dragon incarcerated by the iron chains. 

The little grass green dragon was screaming his last scream as Gill plunged an iron dagger with strange runes on its blade and hilt into the little dragon. He pulled the dagger downward to create a larger opening in which his hand went into and ripped the poor little creature’s heart out. It was the little green dragon who at its dying breath gave her the very last ounce of it strength. 


Combining with that very gift and the strength she has, sent her thoughts out once more. She ignored the pain that hits her when the choker tried to reign her in. She kept ramming against the invisible barrier even as a trickle of blood escape from her mouth. 

The iron choker cracked slightly under her iron determination. Allowing one thought to escape before ChunLi suffer from exhaustion. But one thought was more than enough for it has what it takes to reach its destination. 



<<  RYUUU!!!!!!!!!!!  >> 

That one thought rushed westwards, going through space and time with such ferocity that it nearly ripped apart the fabric of reality. It picked up so much speed that if it was a physical force it would have punch through its recipient 





It hit him like the force of a thousand fists combined causing Ryu to jerk up. A trickle of blood escapes from his mouth and dripped on his white vest. Crimson flowers bloom on snow-white vest. 

“LI!!!!!!!” he yelled as his eyes were wide open. He knew she was eastwards but now he know exactly where she is and how far away. He leapt to his feet, as do the others. The men of his group leap forward pouncing down on him. 

“I’m not going crazy again!!!! I know where she is!!!!!” he yelled under the weight of the four men as the women went to get some ropes. No use, his companions thought that he lost it again. 


At the very thought of ChunLi, he gathered his strength and heaved throwing the men off of him. He roared as four lassos tightened at once. He grabbed the ropes and dragged the four women towards him. The four men got up to help the women pull him down. Ryu gritted his teeth as he ripped the ropes apart and ran east. 

Suddenly Ryu was eating mud as Haohmaru tackled him from behind, he struggles but Kyo, Galford and Shizumaru joined in to overwhelm him. The women worked fast this time. Tying his wrists and and ankles together, using the tree as a weight they wound the ropes around two trees a few times. 

The men got up from restraining Ryu but he still struggle, ignoring the fact that his wrists were bleeding. He had to free himself! ChunLi was in danger and he needed to be by her side. His struggle became so violent that the two trees he was tied to started to tremble. Birds flew away from their roosts in panic. A bad sign, a very bad sign. 





Her eyes were glaring at the Legrene, the woman with the red tint in her hair was sprinkling some rice powder in a clockwise direction. ChunLi was laying on the eight points star that contain the character ‘Tian’(Sky). Legrene was creating a circle that starts at the tip of the northern point that touches the southernpoint of the circle for ‘Shen’(God). Legrene went around clockwise to complete the first circle. 

ChunLi didn’t even winced when Legrene pricked her thumb to draw out some blood into a vial that contain a drop of Dragon’s tear. Legrene kept the vial and continue with creating the second circle that would join the eight characters together. A short line that links circle to circle in a clockwise direction. 

And now Legrene moved to northern most mark she had made earlier. She stopped a moment as a thought entered her mind. Urien had told her to toss out the sixth line, which means she had to change the final circle to match the lack of the sixth line. Carefully as she started, she made sure that she would be outside the diagram when it is complete. 

So instead of drawing a circle, she drew an octagon,. The first side a straight line starting at the point that is between ‘Shen’ and ‘Er’(Vice), joining the point that is between ‘Er’ and ‘Mie’(annihilate), to the point between ‘Mie’ and ‘Kuang’(Insanity), to point that is between ‘Kuang’ and ‘Mo’(Demon), to point that is between ‘Mo; and ‘Xie’(Evil), to the point between ‘Xie’ and ‘Ba’(Tyrannical), to the point between ’Ba’ and ‘Sha’(Kill). 

The moment Legrene complete the line when she link that point to the one between ‘Sha’ and ‘Shen’. ChunLi’s fate was sealed, as is any hope of escape. 





“LIIIIII!!!!!!! Ryu. Kept screaming himself hoarse. Something bad had happened to his wife and he knew it. He didn’t want to think of the worst case scenario but it kept haunting him as there are no other explanation he could think of. 

“NO!!! LI!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!” Ryu yelled as tears streaked down his face. He knows that he can’t contact her via their Mindlink. But he alone was always the only one who could sense her very presence on the face of this earth. Now he can’t sense her at all, it felt like ChunLi had dropped off the face the earth 

Ryu could only think of one reason for this, but he found it hard to accept. He kept mumbling to himself, while the others watch quietly. There was nothing they can do for him. 

“No.” Ryu seemed badly traumatized that his eyes stared vacantly in nothingness. The gentle soul who he had spent his life with was extinguish moments ago, cruelly torn away from him. He can’t even save her, he don’t know, he has no answers anymore. 

Suddenly everything in life has become meaningless. This pair of fists had failed to defend the woman he loves with his very life.  He felt like dying so that he could join his beloved wife in the next world. 

The eight warriors sat slumped together trying to figure out what is happening to Ryu. Though four of them have a rough idea of what might be going through Ryu’s mind they were trying not to jump to conclusions. They had to keep Ryu from hurting himself. 





Moments later ChunLi woke from her exhaustion, her eyes darted left and right. She spotted Gill handing the dragon’s heart over to Legrene. Urien took out the nine pieces of Tianzai and put them on a table in front Legrene. 

ChunLi could hear that same voice howling in excitement as the hour draws closer, she realised that the scream that she kept hearing had came from the sword. Ominous and dark is the feeling she get as the spirit scream with both pain and pleasure the moment the dragon’s heart slides into the indent of the sword that sits between crossguard and blade. 


The spirit danced the very air as the sword pumps the blood from the heart into its viens, Legrene held the black vertebra hilt near the crossguard. The blood snake out with a life of its own and grabbed the hilt pulling it in and sealing the joint eerie black glow. Six pieces, two which makes up the curves horns of the crossguards and four that makes up the blade. 

One thought came to ChunLi’s mind as she saw the six parts greedily grabbed by the blood to make it whole once more. That sword was as ugly as the spirit it held. Her eyes darted around wildly in hope of a miracle or two but there was none. She whispered Ryu’s name wordlessly like a prayer against the inhuman screams of Tianzai and Gill’s laughter. 



ChunLi watches as Legrene came over the sword in hand, the woman stopped in front of her and took out the vial that held her blood and the Dragon’s tear. As the liquid touches the pulsating heart it turn cancerous black in colour and drops to floor with ‘plop’. 

There was disappointment in Legrene eyes as she swept her almost reddish hair away with her free hand. She had expected to see fear in ChunLi eyes but she shrugged for some reason and proceeded on to her task at hand. While she was taking her time the spirit that gathered by her side were screaming anxiously. 


Nine planets aligned as the first drop of black inky liquid drops like poisonous dew onto ChunLi’s forehead. She screamed in silent agony as it burns into her very soul, she felt cold as the Tianzai ram itself into her. 


“Ba Tian Xie Mo Kuang Er Mie Sha Shen (Tyrannical, wicked sky demon and crazed god of annihilation and killing).” Legrene began. Lightning ripped across the blood red sky. 


The second drop of inky liquid drops on her forehead again the clockwise circle begins as the wind began to pick up. 

Legrene was careful to intone each and every word carefully, the wrong word could kill both of them. She waits till the third drop of liquid burns into ChunLi. 


“Mo jian Tianzai zhi zhu tong yi tian xia (Wielder of Tianzai rules the world).” Legrene watches intently as ChunLi jolted when the forth drop of blood touches her. The spirit of Tianzai was back out again. Pleased with its host. 


“Jue xing ba! Kuang er mie sha shen! (Awaken oh crazed god of annihilation and destruction).” Wispy strands of energy dance around ChunLi’s body as the fifth drop of blood. 

Tianzai swirled and swiveled and danced along with the energy as the sixth drop of blood marks ChunLi’s flesh. It throws a bold challenge at the universe itself. 


“Ba tian mo! Kuang er shen! (Tryanical demon! Insane god!” Legrene demanded and called as the seventh drop of blood oozes it way down from the sword. At the eighth drop, 

Tianzai gathers all the energy and drives it back into ChunLi. All was deathly quiet, ChunLi’s eyes were closed, perspiration drenched her, Her forehead throbs as the eight drops of inky dark liquid pulsated with every beat of her heart. 


“JIU DAO MO NU JUE XING BA!!!!! (Awaken now demonic lady of nine blades)” Legrene screamed, watching the ninth and final drop of liquid hung precariously at the tip of the dark blade as if time had stop. 

No sound, no movement as one final scream came from ChunLi as the ninth drop burns and taints her very soul. Ripping most of her memories aside for the emotions she held dear to. Legrene placed the sword hilt first in ChunLi’s hands as it lies upon her body. She got out of the way as quickly as she could. 


Silence, dead silence all around, till the wind picks up speed.  Like oil on fire, the octagon glows red as the energy spreads from the center to the outermost regions. ChunLi slowly hovered up. 

ChunLi screams as the iron choker breaks and embedded its fragments into the battlements. Still holding the sword she turned so it looks like she was standing on thin air. The feel of Tianzai in her hands felt so right and so familiar in her hands that it felt like it had no weight at all. 

She held the blade aloft attracting the lightning. It struck her but she remains unscathed as the energy travels into her body, sending her senses tingling with such delicious pleasure of power. Her kimono seems to take on a life of its own as it wavers about in the air. 


The cries of the souls of the dead cry out much to her delight, she drank in the awe of those who are watching her. Her soul now confused and tainted, she felt reborn, as she was unable to grasp certain concepts. 

There was this strange feeling she felt in the west which took her interest.  There was something about this presence that interest her greatly. She made a mental note to find out later about this strange yet interesting presence that amuses her so. 

Her eyes open as the power left a red glimmer. Slowly and steadily she returns to the ground with Tianzai still in hand and the dark spirit lies dormant within her.  She is the nearest thing there is to pure power. 

Like a cat ChunLi gracefully returns to ground, with curiosity she observed her right hand, turning it this way and that as if this hand was new to her. It sizzled and tingled as she plays with a little bit of lightning in her hand.  As easily as bending straw the tiny bolt of lightning turn to a crystal of ice. Her powers fascinated her. Her head was titled to the right as she observed her powers. 


Legrene seeing that ChunLi was distracted, decides that it was in her best interest to leave and take the bag of gold and her two maids with her. She suddenly see the need to take a holiday, now is not a good time to stay. She has other plans as she quietly slips away. 

The beauty of it all entranced Gill. He walked towards ChunLi, nearly stumbling. The slight movement caught ChunLi’s attention. She turned and looks at him with one eyebrow raised and curiosity in her eyes. Gill eagerly took her hand and kisses it. ChunLi pulled her hand back but then reach up to touch his face much to his delight. 

An odd feeling awaken in her, there was something about this freak of blue and red that puzzled her. Pure qi gathered in her palm as she moved her hand back a little and with a decent bit of strength she slaps him hard, exploding the pure qi in his face as a tongue of flame burns on his face sending him flying. Crashing through the parapet of the battlements and hurtling towards ground. ChunLi smiled at the strange satisfaction it brought her. 


“So eager to embrace chaos. So eager to embrace your doom.” ChunLi said as she walked towards Urien. He showed no emotion whatsoever. Suddenly she was looking at the world in another perspective but whose was it? 

She grew bored and headed over the western part of the tower. Amused by the feeling she felt. She smiled at the thought of a new playmate. This world is so full of intrigue. She laughs as she sat on the parapet. Fascinated by the presence she felt from the west.