It took him awhile but Satsui no Hadou Ryu finally regain conciousness. He shook his head to clear some of his thoughts. He remember now what he was suppose to be doing. On seeing the possessed ChunLi, he growled a little. 

He didn’t like the idea that someone else would get his prey or the fact that his mate is in danger. When he saw his dark mate is charging her qi. He knew at once what she had in mind. 


"KIKOSHO!!!!" She screamed as she shoved the full force of the energy into Gouki’s face. 

"RRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!" The demon screamed as he lost his hold upon the bride of darkness. Gouki was sent flying, while Satsui no Hadou Ryu ran towards him, with a wicked grin he let his dark qi dissipate for just enough time to bring back the regular Ryu. 

"SHIN-SHORYU-KEN!!!" Elbowing the older demon in the spine and sending him up the air as the Dragon punch follows. In the blink of an eye Satsui no Hadou Ryu returned, he warped over to his dark mate as soon as he landed. 

"Chun-Chun. You okay?" he snarled when he saw the wound on her right temple. 

"Would you prefer it that I was not?" she retorted. They attention return to Gouki as the older demon raise once more. Together the Twisted Pair rushed him, giving him no chance at all to counter 

Blocking Satsui no Hadou Ryu’s harder attacks would leave Gouki open to Shin ChunLi’s combos. Both ways he suffers. Gouki targeted his attacks at her but she was fast in avoiding him, constantly slamming him into Satsui no Hadou Ryu’s attacks. 


"Chun-Chun Dai chet jiu (Combo Seven)!!" Satsui no Hadou Ryu shouted, he charged his qi. Slamming the power of the Go Hadoken into his mate. She absorbed the energy blast and channel it into her Kikoken. When Satsui no Hadou Ryu leapt in front of her, she finally released the powered up Kikoken right into him! 

"RRAAGGH!" With a snarl he absorb the qi while Shin ChunLi push Gouki back with her Hyakuretsu Kyaku. 

Satsui no Hadou Ryu gathered the combine qi as he rushed towards Gouki. With a roar he let the let fly the combined qi projectile. Shin ChunLi flipped Gouki and knee him in the spine sending him to stumble into the path of soup up qi projectile. 

"GGAAARRGGHH!!!" Gouki screamed in pain as the double dosage qi burns him, it weaken him but he still has the ablitlty to fight on. 


"SHINKUU HADO KEN!!" Ryu shouted. But Gouki warped around the large blast of qi and Satsui no Hadou Ryu. The older demon was adamant on getting rid the witch first. 

"KIKOSHO!!!" But Gouki was ambushed by Shin ChunLi. The force of the Kikosho hit him hard, sending straight him back to the Shinkuu Hadoken. But it was not over. Gouki got up. Wispy strands of energy danced around him 

"I grow tired of such childish games. This will end here and NOW!!!!" 

"SHUN GOKU SATSU!!!!!" Gouki roared as he warped towards the Twisted Pair. 

"DOUBLE DEMONS!!!!!!" The Twisted Pair shouted as they headed into the Gouki’s attack. 

Upon contact there was a blinding white light, only the sound of pummeling punches and stampeding kicks was heard. There was too much concentration of power as the energy of the attacks builds up. 

All kinds of animals and birds fled from the overly strong concentration of power. The large sphere of concentrated power started to show signs wavering. There is a limit to how much power there is before it would overload 


"BOOOOOOMMM!!!!!" There was a loud explosion from within the light. Sending a large shock wave of concentrated power outwards, throwing up water, tearing up the ground and uprooting some of the younger trees, for a moment or two the earth seem trembled…….. 



When the light clears all three of them were laying in the crater unmoving. The wind swept s few leaves across the area. Not a creature made any noise, just silence and the sound of the waterfalls and the wind. Half a day passes in this ominous silence. Not a single creature dared approached them. 

It was almost sundown when Gouki rose. It was one of his rare precious moments. A rare moment of sanity that the Satsui no Hadou allows him to see things clearly for what they are. Gouki limped over to Ryu. 


<<  HMPH!!…. I must be getting old and useless. I used to be able to take down all Ten Apprentices at the same time without breaking a sweat. Now just two of you have cause me to tired myself out……  >>  Gouki shook his head. He noticed that his prayer beads had shattered. 

<<  Very well done, my boy. You have shown me your full potential today. Utilising your Satusi no Hado like a tool. Letting your emotions fuel your will to fight on. Hmph! You’re just like that stubborn fool father of yours. Your son takes after you, Sho. Always exploring new ways in old arts.  >> Gouki sent a thought to Ryu. 

<<  I know the both of you can hear me, boy.  >> His attention turn to ChunLi. Though she is not Shotoken, he was rather amused that such a woman could fight so well. In a way he felt the couple seem to compliment each other well. 


<<  She is a most remarkable woman, my boy. Living up to her reputation as a warrior. It must have being worth your while to train her up. You are an interesting woman, ChunLi. To have powers that are on a level that is equivalent to Ryu’s. Maybe it would have being easier for me if I had taken both of you as my disciples from the start. HA! You are even more powerful than that father of yours. You best remain faithful to the boy, for I’ll be keeping an eye on the both of you.  >> 


"Hmph! I look forward to fighting your children. Train them well. I expect a good fight from the One who was meant to kill me." Gouki said as he limped off. 

He could see a shadowy figure darting about in the trees. He recognised it. It watched him while perched on a branch as he passed by. He was unable to sense any qi coming form it. It made him realised that the creature had being here watching the fight all along. 

<<  So you are a solid creature. I look forward to pitting my skills against you one of these days.   >> Gouki said 

<<   I’ll make it worth your while to fight me.  >> It promised, watching him go. 




It was sunset when the Shotoken Master awoke. Looking around him he realised that ‘he’ is still in control instead of him. He smirked wondering why he was still ‘here’ after the battle. 

<  Best not look a gift horse in the mouth. Heh heh.  >  Sastui no Hadou Ryu thought as he dragged himself over to his mate’s side, or is she his "soul brother’s" mate? 

Combing away her hair from her face he saw that the wound cause by the Tengai no Ten was slowly healing. Satsui no Hadou Ryu licked the semi-dried blood from her wound, leaving a salty coppery aftertaste on his tongue. 

<  My little Chun-Chun which aspect of you will return? But does it really matter which aspect return…Oh yeah it matters…Of course it matters….It matters a lot..   >   He continued to stroke her face. 

Satsui no Hadou Ryu suddenly look up as though as he sensed something. His line of site landed on a groove of trees. The shadow faded away as he growled a name. 



It was not long when the Wushu Mistress open her eyes only to meet the fierce intense gaze of the Satsui no Hadou Ryu. He smirked on seeing the pair of defiant eyes before him. It seems that ‘they’ are still in possession of their bodies. 

"AH HA HA HA HA!!!!" They laughed breaking the twisted smile they had on their faces a moment ago…..